When Can You Ask To Be Induced

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Sylvia - November 11

Im 39.3 weeks pregnant and am sick of being pregnant, I was wondering if you could ask the doctor to induce me if so, when can this be done, is it too early to ask to be induced only at 39.3 weeks???


mama-beans - November 11

Wait it out... believe me, you do NOT want to be induced. It was the worst experience I could imagene... it is SO worth it to wait out this short time! I spent my last few days going to the movies, sc___pbooking, that kind of thing.. just taking my mind off of the wait. I ended up having to be induced anyway, and I would give anything to make that whole situation go away.


For Sylvia - November 11

You are so, so close even if you're not having any signs. Inductions can go smoothly, but often they're more painful and longer.


Alissa - November 11

I went to the doctor today and I asked to be induced im 38 weeks and she wants me to come back on tuesday and see if im ready or not.


Ashlie - November 11

You can start being induced at 39wks because of lung developement unless there is something wrong with you or the baby, and I was induced with both of my children and I had 2 very good expierences with it, first labor was 8hrs and second was 5hrs. All you can do is ask, I asked at 37wks and she induced me at 39wks and that was with my second baby.


C - November 11

I too was induced and it was long a very painful. The pitocin makes your contractions stronger. If you are planning on getting an epidural, it might not be too bad. Every person is different and every labor will be different too. I had to be induced because of my blood pressure. Next time I will watch my diet better and exercise so hopefully I don't have to go through that again.


Dani - November 12

Everyone is different. I was induced with my 3rd this past July. I was 38wk 5 day. I was so scared. I went natural with my other 2. I kept hearing horror stories. It took exactly 2 hours from the time the pitocin was hooked up until he was born. The contraction were no more painful than with my natural labors. I did it with no pain medication (I had asked for it but by that time I was 10 and ready to push) But....I was at 4 cm/70% for over 2 weeks, and I think that made it go fast since I already had the first part down. I think it makes a difference how dilated you are and whether this is your 1st or 4th baby. Good luck!!


Jess Cowen - November 13

Inductions can be really scary, and I will share my story with you. I was impatient, too d__n impatient for my own good and requested an induction and at 38.5 weeks I was booked into hospital. I'd simply had enough of being pregnant! I had the pitocin drip and contractions started straight away and were tremendously difficult to deal with. When I was 8cm dilated, the pitocin caused my uterus to rupture, it was soo soo painful, like one long contraction which didn't stop. I had to have an emergency c/section under general anesthetic, I was lucky to have not had a hysterectomy, however I did haemorrhage. My bub required intensive care treatment for 25 days because of the lack of oxygen to his brain and was failing to breath on his own, because HE WASN'T READY TO BE BORN. This all happened because I was stupidly impatient. My son is now 3 months old and very obviously showing signs of long term brain damage. I have to live with this guilt for the rest of my life.


mel - December 1

i dont know where u are from but in new zealand they will not induce unless u are overdue or have a medical requirement for it - trust me wait it out - babies come when they are ready and induction is SOO NOT the easy way out - my first child was induced and the labour was vry long and vry painful and took quite some time to get over - trust me wait! natural labour is far more gentle on the body and u will need to conserve all the energy you have for afterwards .


Shell - December 5

I agree - wait it out. Let your baby arrive when he/she is ready. You have come so far and only have a little bit to go.


Jessie - December 5

Im almost 41 weeks pregnant and only 2cm dialated and not experianceing any signs that the baby is ready to come out...I dont care if being induced is long and painful..i ready...and at this rate they will probably have to induce anyways so why not sooner?..Less time i have to waddle around with my big baby belly lol


Michelle - December 6

I did. There answer was only if the cervix was favorable. I was 3cm and 50% efaced and they agreed to induce me 4 days early, but this was my third child. It doesn't hurt to as, the most they will do is tell you no. But I do agree.....you DO NOT want to be induced. This was my second in duction and they are horrible. The question is..is the pain you are going through now worse than the induction pain. And my answer with my third was yes.


Tami - December 6

I was induced due to low fluid (I was already overdue, but they don't induce unless you are favorable until you are one week overdue here) It was awful. I was in labor for 27 hours and the epidural kept wearing off, then my baby got stuck. I would wait until you go into labor by yourself if possible! At least don't ask to be induced until you are at least a week overdue. Good luck!


Terri - December 10

I was induced with my first child because I had hit the 42 week mark and still nothing was happening... the doctor first tried the gel but nothing happened there... and than he induced me and broke my water... talk about the worst pain in the world... the contrations came strong and fast... no building up to where the were mild to harder and harder and my son was born within 3 and a half hours and it seemed like 50 hours.. lol.. but it was alll worth it to me.. now in second pregnancy and due on jan.1st and hopign everything happens on its own this time... dont really wanna be induced again.


crylar - December 12

I have been told you can be induced any time after 37 weeks. I was induced at 38 weeks with my daughter, and she was born healthy. I don't understand what everyone is talking about it being so painful, and harmful to the baby. If the docs feel the baby isn't getting enough oxygen then other measures would be taken. You see, those who've been left with bad results can't really justify that it was from being induced, there is much more too it. I went into the hospital 6pm New Years Eve, and I had my daughter 1:14pm the next day. Oh and I didn't even have any pain medication either.


Carlouise - September 2

Can someone please help I'm 38 and 2 days pregnant and just been admitted to hospital with moderate pre-eclampsia first they spoke about inducing me but now another doctor is saying they won't cause me cervix is closed so they just want me to stay here and wait! I know everyone hates hospitals but I'm am in a terrible state at the thought of it, if she's late I could be in here for a month!! Could I say I really want to be induced? Will they do it?....if not what can I do? Please help



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