When Did Your Baby Drop

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Rosie - March 2

I've been having some pretty bad bone and hip stretching, and false labor contractions for a month now. Not just the average BH contractions. Two of my doctors have checked my cervix, and/or floating. I haven't dialated, or effaced. And the baby hasn't dropped any. So I was wondering when other's babies dropped, and stayed in "position", and how long after the drop did you have the baby?


Luna - March 2

I don't recall exactly when my first baby dropped but I do remember waking up one day and noticing a big change. I carry very high and it was obgvious the baby dropped, my b___bs weren't touching my belly any more :-) I think it was about a month before I delivered. Also, my doc says make sure you are not constipated because that will make it harder for the baby to drop (less room).


nblanton - March 3

You and your baby should be ok. Try to feel for your baby to move, even a tickle in your tummy is good. If that doesn't work drink a soda eat something really seet or drink something with caffine in it, lie on your back and rest if the baby doesn't move in about 45 min. go to the hospital or call your doctor and tell them that you haven't felt your baby move and what happened to you. In the future you anytime you pa__s out in any kind of way always go to the hospital, always. I think your ok. But I'm not a doctor and neither are you! Keep me posted. God bless you.


nblanton - March 3

sorry wrong post


Bonnie - March 4

Well, people will say that the baby an drop during labor. But I can only tell you what happened to me and what my OB's view was.......The baby was VERY high on me. On my due date my OB said that generally in his experience, when babies sit up real high and do not move down, there is a reason. In my case we expected him to either be too big or me too small. He wanted to give me the weekend to see if he dropped and scheduled a c-section for Tuesday if not. That weekend my water broke, I went to the hospital. The on-call doctor thought it very odd that my OB would push for a c-section without even trying to induce. I was not dialated and after walking 2 hours, no change. They really pushed for me to at least try induction.Since I did not have my doc to speak to, I said okay. So they induced me. I was still in labor by morning. I pushed for 2 and a half hours!! Baby never dropped. My doc finally showed up and did the c-section. The baby's head was totally bruised because I ended up being too small for baby to fit through. My doc was right all along. Anyway, it's just one doctor's opinion verses another. But he was right on target.


Kate - March 6

My baby didn't drop until I was in labour, but that was probably because he was back to back, still delivered a day early though!


Erin1979 - March 6

My little one dropped about 3 days before I had her. I started noticing that I was having more pain, and I was waddling a little more. When I went to see my MD, she said that the baby had dropped down and she could tell when she did my internal exam. 2 days later my water broke, and then voila (22 hours later!!) I had my beautiful daughter! You have to remember that everything is preparing for the little one to pa__s through. Everyone is different. I hardly had any BH until the week I went into labour.


Tab - March 7

One thing you can do to get your baby into position and have the baby drop. Get on your hands and knees and do pelvic tilts. This should put the baby into position and have the baby drop. hope this helps Tab


deadlyxdistress - March 11

From what I've read/heard, everyone's different. If it's your first you can drop anywhere between2-6 weeks before you deliver, or you can drop during labor. In my experience my baby started to drop about a month ago, and it was pretty gradual over 2 weeks period of time. I went to the OB last week and my MD said she was in position and she could feel her head. (I'm 50% effaced and hardly 1cm dialated). I'm having prelabor symptoms, but my doctor said I could have her anywhere from a week to 6 weeks. It all depends, and it's true.. everyone is different. Good luck


:o) - March 11

My back has been killing me in the lower area for a couple of days. I can't even sleep without a Tylenol. Is this a sign of the baby dropping?


jen - March 13

my baby didn't drop until i started labor it took her a while to come down during it.


San_dee - March 15

my son didnt drop til labour, i was carrying high through out pregnancy, i think thats why i was in labour so long, my midwife told me that it happens quite often


Smilefull - September 18

doctor said the reason labour hasn't started is because baby is not engaged---any of you girls know how to make a baby drop??


tmaria - September 18

my baby dropped at 37 weeks. i had just bought a birthing ball and i sat on it for 2 days instead of sitting at the computer desk. by the 2nd night, the baby was completely dropped (i could barely walk because he's so low!)


Smilefull - September 19

update: she's not engaging 'cause she's the wrong way around. don't want her to engage sunny side up. grrr.



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