When Do I Know I Am In Labor For Real

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Christina - January 18

I just wanted to know how do i know the differnec from braxton hicks and the real thing.Want to know this beucase about 6 times today i got the tightning of my stomach and also it felt like i had cramps like as if i had my period also my back is killing me it hurts really bad and also my legs have really shooting pains mainly on the top.also i did have watery discharge but only like a drop a tiny drop that i noticed.Could i be in labor and by the way i am only 32 weeks pregnant going on 33.


kim - January 20

Those are definate signs of labor approaching. If you are only 33 weeks I would be at the Dr. office getting checked out right now, not asking online. Wish you luck.


jennifer - January 20

you should call the nurse. 9/10 times you will know when it's labor for real - very different from braxton hicks. I was told to call the dr. even if you're having braxton hicks if you're having more than 4 in one hour.


sally - July 10

that sounds like your inlabor. time the contractions and feel for the difference inpain. If it get's harder on pain it got to be labor.


rosa - July 10

Those tiny drops could be urine from the baby putting pressure in your pelvis. I am 38 weeks pregrant and been having those drops for a while now. Also, I been experiencing tightning of my stomach without back pain. You might be experiencing preterm labor. I think you should call your Doctor. I


Mel - July 11

The pains will come consistently every so minutes. The time b/t them will become shorter and shorter.


Christina - July 11

Thank you everyone those were jsut braxton hicks and i already had my baby 4 months ago but i just got this in my email saying that someone has replied to my message, i had the baby at 39 weeks actually a day before she was born and she could have actually been born a few days before that i was in labor for three days and in the end i had a c-section because the babys cord was to short and thats why i was not dialating becuase she could not move down that far after three days and twelve hours in labor the day i had her they found this out after tweleve hours i didnt change from 3-4 centimeters also i had a narrow pelvis they found out so i had to have an emergency c-section it was the worst pain ever and i had a rough labor but in the end it was defintly all worth it i wouldnt trade my little girl for the world shes so beautiful and healthy and i look forward to spending my life with her.Good luck to everyone that is pregnant now if its your first i can't tell you the way i felt when i first held her in my arms it truly was amazing, i still can't belive shes mine it feels like a dream.Take care everyone and good luck.


Courtney - July 15

I've been having extremely bad pain on and off through my back, lower stomach, and legs. It's almost like a strong burning sensation or something, it kills! I've been losing my mucous plus for a couple days now too. Am I in labor?


Christina - July 15

I lost my mucus plug for a few weeks befroe i actually had my daughter it might be possible but the back pain and the mucus plug can start a few weeks before it means it is apporcahing but i don't think you are in labor yet but be prepared it's coming soon.Good Luck



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