When Will I Finally Be In Active Labor Fed Up

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confused????????? - May 17

Okay I lost my mucos plug like about a week ago. I was 2 cm dilated when that happened. I went to my doctor today and she told me that I was 2-3 cm. I'm not in that much pain to stay in the hospital. I drank red wine and started dancing and I'm feeling alot of "period cramps" when do u think I will be going into labor


Just as fed up - May 18

I really wish I knew the answer. I myself am 40 weeks on my 2nd child and have been experiencing nonstop contractions for a few weeks now along with big time "period cramps". Either the contractions are strong enough but not close enough together or they are close together but not strong. Therefore, every time I go to the hospital I am sent home. I have been losing my mucous plug a little at a time for the last few days now and I was also 2-3 cm at my last doctor visit. I have another appointment later today and plan to beg my doctor for some answers or a way to move things along because I too am "FED UP!" I will be sure to post any good information that she provides.


Christina - May 18

I can't tell you when but have s_x.. It can help by releasing a hormone called oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract. Additionally, s____n contains a substance known as prostaglandins, which will help soften the cervix. By the way... Did your doctor tell you to drink Alcohol???? ( not judging just wondering )


Just as fed up - May 18

Christina...I have actually been having s_x as often as possible. I have also been walking a mile every night, doing lots of nipple stimulation, and eating tons of pineapple. Usually, my contractions will pick up for about 1 hour and then they go right back to where they were. I'm goin NUTS!!!


Reba - May 18

I heard about the red wine too! I have not done that myself, and I am not sure if it is to progress labor or if it is to relax the mother or what. I heard it from a midwife. Anyways, I too am 40 weeks and very uncomfortable. At my last doctor visit I was fully effaced and dilated 1 cm. The baby is engaged at station "0". I have done the nipple stimulation, walking, and s_x and nothing has happened. My contractions come on very strong for an hour, then stop!! It is very frustrating. I have finally given up with trying to induce labor naturally. I just can't do that nipple stimulation anymore! Anyways, good luck everyone!!


Just as fed up - May 18

OK...I just saw my doctor and I was still dilated 2-3 and 60% effaced. We proceeded to schedule an induction for the end of next week just in case...I really do not want to get to that day. I really want to go into labor naturally. Anyway, I begged for recommendations and she was unable to tell me much more than walk and have s_x. When I asked her how I can get these contractions to let up until my body is really ready, she responded with "Alcohol!!" I told her I was serious because I couldn't handle the constant contractions anymore, and she said "I am also serious!" So, I a__sume that the red wine theory is to relax mom. I'm going to have a gla__s and I'll let you all know if anything happens.


Christina - May 26

Have you had your baby yet?? i am in the sameboat you were now... i was dialated to 2 on monday ( it is thursday) and was 80 percent effaced then... just wondering if you had yours yet and what helped you along if you did?? (the s_x i told you about gee it didn't work for me ethier)


Jennifer - May 26

I am 38weeks and 4days and i am so tired of being pregnant i could scream! I am dialated to 2,and i am not effaced at all, i have been walking my b___t off and nothing,so my doctor told me lots of s_x, that there is some chemical in it to soften the cervix, i dont know if it starts contractions,but all i been having is braxton hicks! ughhhhh!! but when i go in to my next visit wed, i'll let ya know if it works, i been having s_x with hubby about 6-10x a day!! its thursday now, let ya know in 6days! wish me luck...Jenn


Used to be Just as fed up - May 28

I had my baby on Monday, the day after his due date. I'm really not sure what exactly it was that kicked things into gear for me. I had been doing lots of walking, s_x, etc and nothing. After I tried the red wine, my Braxton Hicks went away and I got my first good night sleep in weeks. Apparently I needed to relax I guess because the next day I completely lost my mucous plug. I had anopther gla__s of wine the next evening and the following day I went into labor. The contractions that I experienced were no different than the Braxton Hicks I had been feeling for weeks. The only way that I knew it was time to go to the hospital, was that I was no longer able to walk during the contractions. So, not sure if it was the red wine or maybe it was just a coincidence.


Taz - May 30

Hi all: I am now 38 weeks and really greatful you all wrote in. I am really going insane as I am wondering about my house in limbo waiting for this baby to come out. I am soooo sick of being pregnant. Although I am quite surprised to know how much energy you all have to have s_x and walk all the time. I go grocery shopping and my back hurts and I find that s_x is very awkward and mostly my husband enjoys it but it doesn't do much for me. I suppose I am getting to the point I will try anything. Also this is my first pregnancy and I think I have braxton hicks but not sure ( I wonder if its like an orgasm...you definately know when your having one) and the baby is soooooo low that it feels like its all gonna fall out...it is so uncomfortable it almost hurts. Well Thanks again for the tips guys.


Sharon - June 7

Don't drink wine. It relaxes your system and slows down any prelabor you might have. My midwife recommends it along with Ibuprofen and a hot bath to slow prelabor. It's also a test to see if you are truely going into labor--if your cramps stop, then it's prelabor, of your cramps continue to increase then you are ready. The formula above also helps slow true labor down so you can get some rest if it's late at night and you need rest before going on with the rest of labor. You've probably had your baby by now, but just wanted to reply. I am in the same boat. I am now a week late, 3 cm and 80% dilate as of last week.



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