When Will I Go Into Labor

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Nicole Kah - November 24

Hi im going to be 38 weeks on Monday and im thinking I lost my mucus plug last night i was 50% effaced on Monday and then I had lots and lots of mucus in my underwear then it just went away today so i would guess it is gone. I have had to wear a panty liner through out my whole pregnancy so its just weird that now im dry. Anyways my Doc said im 1cm. dilated also so im just wondering when im going to go into labor? This is my second pregnancy and the doc said that the baby is super super low in his own words. People say as well as the doc that your second always is faster so I just want to know what the odds are that I will have to wait til my due date which is December 15th.


Christine - November 24

Unfortunately losing your mucas plug is not much of a sign...you can lose weeks before you deliver...50% effaced is a good sign, but that can happen early as well...1 cm dialated, well that can happen months before...chances are if the baby is low and all of this is going on now you will go soon...but two weeks is soon...just be glad its looking like you will be on or before your due date...some woman go after thiers...good luck to you and let us know how it all goes...


Dez - November 24

yea like christine says good thing your going through that now at 38 weeks, I am now 41 weeks and barley experiencing those signs. I am scheduled for induction on friday, but I hope i go before then. good luck


Jennifer - December 9

I am in my 38th week and my due date is dec 20, 2004. I have only dialated to 2 cm I am becoming fustrated what can I do to go into labor or have my water break ?


leann - December 9

to jennifer, my due date is the 20th also, i saw that and thought that was cool. my doctor is going to induce on monday, though. congrats and good luck to all of you with your pregnancies!



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