Where Did Your Water Break

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Brooke - November 1

I know that only about 5-10% of women begin labor with their water breaking. However, if any of you had your water break in previous pregnancies, I was wondering where your water broke and what time of day. Just curious....


My answer - November 1

With my second pregnancy, my water broke at 3:00 pm in my back yard (I had squatted down to pull up a weed). I had my son at exactly midnight that night!


kate - November 2

it about three week before i was do and the night before i was having be pains, but didnt think anything of it, because i was early. then next day i called my mom told her how i felt, she told me to walk, so we went to the mall we need to get thiings for the baby, i still had bad pains, so we where on our way up stairs. when i felt like i was peeing my pants. so i wen to the bathroom, and it did stop, i put a pad on, when to the baby section, then all this water just ran down my leg. i was so scared. it was like 4 in the after noon, so i call my docter when in and had him 26 hours later, but i didnt think i would go early or my water break, because none of my sisters did, they all went late. so good luck to the rest of u


Me - November 2

Around 3:30-4:00am, while sleeping. Nothing outstanding happened beforehand, very unexpected.


Steph - November 2

Mine broke at about 3:00 p.m., when I stood up from the couch, and I had my daughter at 6:44 p.m. She meant business and wanted out!!


Jodie - November 2

With my first they broke in bed. I woke at about 2am with what i thought were wind pains so i squirmed around in bed trying to shift them when i felt a pop and fluid rushing out of me


Liz - November 3

On a tuesday night it felt like my cervix was being stretched out really far (a tee bit painful)alot and often. My water broke wednesday morning at 4:45am, contractions started at 6:30am and I had my son at 10:39am.


C - November 4

I was induced with this stuff that they make you lay down for 2 hours. I had to pee so bad and the second I got up half asleep (2 am) it broke. I stood there and said I can't make it and thought I was peeing. Finally my sister said I think your water broke and the nurse confirmed it. I'm just glad it happened in the hospital because there was a lot of it.


Ashlie - November 5

With my first son I had to have my water broke at 41wks, and with my 2nd son I was induced at 39wks and it broke right in the middle of a contraction at the hospital, then 15 minutes later I delivered him. So both mine broke at the hospital.


andrea - November 8

I woke up one morning with a wet bed. I wasn't in any pain, so I just went about my day. Got in the shower, did my hair and makeup. Every time I would bend or squat or lift a leg(to put on undies) a little bit would squirt out. But still, no pain. I called some friends and family and we all decided that I should go to hospital just to get checked-of course everyone was telling me "oh, you'll get sent home-you'll know it when the baby is ready". Well, we stopped at McD's on the way thier. Waltzed into the waiting room where I was wheeled to the maternity floor. The nurse told me I was in labor and that I would be having a baby today(sept.10-2000). Labor was tooooo easy. Recovery was not so good. I know it won't be that easy the 2nd time around-mar13th.


me - November 10

my water broke at the lawyers office at our closing on our new home. It was not fun at all, i guess you can say that was probably one of the quickest closings we all been to.


Rebecca - November 11

I was induced at 38 weeks with my daughter due to toxemia. after several hours of laying in bed at the hospital i begged the nurse to let me get up and go to the bathroom. Half way to the bathroom my water broke all over the floor. When I told the nurse she actually asked me "are you sure you didn't just pee on the floor?" She eventually did confirm that my water had broken and my daughter was born several hours later.


Lesley - November 12

With my 1st I can't really remember much about it. I know they had to break them in the hospital towards the end of the labour. With my 2nd they didn't break untill I was pushing her out. It was really funny! The midwife said 1 big push so I give her 1 and they just splattered everywhere, all over her, all over my partner . If i wasnt in so much pain I would of laughed. With my 3rd they had to break them just before I started pushing. Each contraction Iw as getting I felt I needed to push, but I was only 8cms, so they broke my waters and stretched it the last 2, then 9 mins later he was here. My waters have never went untill they were broke by the midwives. One thing I would hat is to be outside in public! My friend was due around the same time as I was with my 1st baby and she was standing looking at CD's in woolworths and hers went. Gushed out too, soaked her clothes and made a bit of a puddle on the floor. That would be so embarasing.


bump - November 13



Michelle - November 13

My water broke at 1:00am. I thought I had to to pee and well, when I stood up, I thought I was peeing myself, but there was a little more than a bladder can hold. No longer than about 3-5 minutes after that my labour pains started. Just after 10:14pm she was born by c-section. I was 5 days over due too. That was with my first child.


kelly - November 14

my water broke while i was sleeping at about 8:00 in the morning


Jenn - November 17

My water broke at 3:30pm in the middle of my baby shower. I had had cramps which felt like menstrual cramps for ~ 1/2 hour on the each of the previous 2 days but no other warning pains. I didn't think much about them because I was only 35 weeks along. After my water broke, I had bloody show and progressively painful contractions. My son was born at 1am that night.



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