Where Do You Get Castor Oil Help Is It Safe

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Missy - September 13

i am almost 38 weeks and I have been dialates to a 1cm and 50% effaced for over 2 weeks, I also been having some contractions daily, I was just wodering if anyone out there has had any experiences with castor oil to please fill me in, is it safe? How much do I take? and where can I purchase it at? I am starting to get desperate to go into labor here.. thank you for your response....


Missy - August 26

Oh and I also lost my mucus plug over a week ago.......


Lee - August 27

My friend used it, and it worked, but she DOES NOT reccommend it to any one, she said it gave her bad gas during labor and it made her feel funny for doing it...


kellie - August 28

i took castrol with my first dont do it...causes gas and you are in the bathroom for at least a day or so....it is nasty and believe me not worth it in the end.....i have 3 kids and i am working on #4 right now at 31 weeks and i will never take that stuff again. just let that baby come the natural way the way you concived Try s_x


Kiri - August 30

Have s_x... if its ready to come out then this will help...Good luck.


me - September 1

Girl, I know your desperation. I was there too and thought about using castor oil myself cause I wanted to have my daughter already. You can get castor oil at the pharmacy and you would have to buy the 4oz bottle and drink all of it. I would not recommend it at all! I've heard stories..instead, try s_x, if your cervix is ripened, the hormones in s____n will speed things up. It did for me and it worked. Note: husband and I did it 3 times in one day just to get the ball rolling..but it will happen. Just hang in there and lots of luck. I really dont recommend castor oil...it just makes things a helluva lot worse, the gas, the runs in some cases, the stomach cramps...you get the picture.


Nikki - September 2

You can also buy castor oil at the dollar store or any convenient or grocery store---its pretty cheap. Comes in a small brown bottle usually with a pink label. Anyways, I've heard a lot of bad stuff about castor oil. BUT if you want to use it---you only take about two table spoons every 4-6 hours and don't take it by itself. They say the best way to use it is to cook it in some scrambled eggs---use it instead of grease or oil---that way you don't taste it. I also heard that if you ma__sage it into your stomach its supposed to work (personally---it doesn't work---i tried that first) I'm 37 weeks and ready to go too!! I know how you feel!


NATALIE - September 13



Jessi - September 30

Oh beware of Castor Oil. I am 41wks and I took some on Tuesday at 8:00! I am still pregnant. My stomach is still crampin' from the oil and I still feel very sick! My head is slightly banging from the discomfort that my body is going through!


Marissa J - October 13

I used castor oil 3 days b4 my due date....i was tired of being pregnant. i started contractions that night and had the baby the next day...i personally never experienced gas...so i suppose its different for all...i got mine from Wal Mart in the drug section


Tracey - November 14

I got castor oil from the local pharmacy...took 2 tbsp. when i was 2 days past my due date..no cramping either...my son was born the next morning. So, I guess I am one of the fortunate ones. Sincerely sorry to those who had it bad.


Liz - November 15

I'm 38 wks now and I took castor oil w/ my 1st @ 39 wks. Had baby next day. I did have the runs, but just like the usuall pregnancy bowels. And it saves you the worry of going on the delivery table since you're already cleaned out! I took two tsp in am and pm.


Holly - September 21

I just had some today about 2 oz with some oj and I'm still waiting... yeah I've been to the bathroom a few times but it's not as bad as it seems then later found out that castor oil can cause your baby to have a bowel movement in the tummy and cause an infection.... TOTALLY NOT TRUE... I panic and cried, called the hospital and they said thats not true the castor oil goes to your intestant not the babies.. so it does no harm to your baby


courtney - September 22

hi you can find castor oil at stores like walgreens or the grocery store. you could also take enemas they would be in the pharmacy part....


~ - September 22

Holly, it CAN do much harm if baby isn't ready. It might not be the castor oil directly, but it isn't without risk.


holly - September 22

~: I don't know where your getting your info from, but I spoke to a Prof. Doctor and got second opinion and they all said the same castor oil will NOT harm your baby. The dose goes into your system not the babies, the only reason moms might go into labor is cause alot of them take it when there close to their due date and because castor oil causes dehydration which can cause moms to have contractions this can happen any time in your pregnancy.....


Ma - September 22

Missy, this is what ive learned, ive taken it 3 times, if you take it will alot of food you are going to get diahria but I also had contractions (ended up being stopped cuz I wasnt dialating) the 2nd time I didnt eat anything and I had a few soft stools but nothing else and the 3rd time I ate only a little and drank alot of water and nothing happened, didnt even go poopy. It probably will work for you though cuz you are already dialating and effaced, you can buy a small bottle at walmart by the laxatives for under $2, take no more than an ounce with some type of juice ( I used cranberry grape). all you can do it try and see what happens.



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