Why Am I Being Talked OUT Of Natural Labor

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Maddie - May 23

My best friend has been very helpful to me, as far as giving advice for my pregnancy questions. She was a young mom too (19rs.old) and she had her baby about a year ago. Well...I'm 21 and my due date is June 15th...I am thinking of NOT having an epidural...she is just beside herself about this. She can't figure out WHY I would want to do such a thing. I told her I want a quick labor...and epidurals sometimes slow a labor down. She comes back with...yeah but they give you pitocin to speed up contractions. I tell her that I want to be more ACTIVE in my labor...she says "you'll be fine...they tell you exactly when to push, and you just do it". She also told me that you have to have an IV stuck in you for fluids anyway...so why not have an epidural. I didn't really know what to come back with. I don't want on because I thought there were more pros than cons. Every woman I've ever asked whose had both types...medicated and unmedicated...say they'd go natural over epidural any day. I just want to know why?


ree - May 23

You should do what you want to do. I am going to have a epidural just because I am so afraid of the pain. I will be the first to admit I am a baby myself when It comes to pain. I wish I had the guts to do it without any pain relief. I say if you want to do it then don't listen to anyone. This "best friend" of yours should be giving you encouragement not telling you how your crazy not to use a epidural. Good luck and don't listen to others that try to tell you what to do. It's your body and your baby do what feels right to you. Peer pressure is something you should not have to deal with when it comes to having your child!!


Tracey - May 23

I just had my baby in March and i was planning on having a natural birth. However, my water broke at home so they had to give me pitocin to get the contractions started. By the time i was 4 cm dilated, I was SCREAMING for the epidural. I didn't care what I had originally said. I wanted it and I couldn't be talked out of it by that point. Every woman is different though in how she handles pain. Maybe it won't be so rough for you if you don't need pitocin (my contractions were coming every 1 minute for hours). My advice is to do what you want, but be open about it.


Toya - May 23

Maddie, you have to ignore all the negativity. A lot of people told me that I wasn't going to be able to have a natural birth...but through meditation and relaxation I was able to deliver an 8lb baby out of my size 0 hips with no medication! You can do it! I don't know why friends/family say things that aren't very encouraging...but everyone's labor is different and you have to do what's right for you! You can do it Maddie...


Anna - May 23

My sister-in-law swears by the epidural and says she cannot comprehend why anyone would go without it unless there were a medical reason. A lot of it has to do with how you perceive the pain of childbirth . . . is it "good" (ie. it represents a natural process) or is it "bad" (ie. it represents an unnecessary discomfort). I don't really think one is right or wrong so much as a reflection of one's upbringing and world view. I think it hurts like hell, but I love feeling strong and energetic after natural birth. My sister-in-law felt better without the pain, even if she felt numb for hours afterward. Think about how you approach pain in general and you will get a good idea of what you will prefer in childbirth.


Maddie - May 23

Wow...thanks everyone for the encouragement. I go tomorrow to see how big the baby is (36wks.& counting). If he's already huge (I think he is). I might decide on epidural. We'll see!


Stephanie - May 23

Maddie, instead of making a final decision, decide how you feel while you are in labor. Whatever you choose, it is up to you, and like Toya said, ignore all the negative comments. Maybe your friend is a bit upset...maybe she wanted a natural. My hubby and I are ttc and I had an epidural with my first, and this one I am going to try and go natural. Do what feels right to you!!! Good Luck.


Maleficent - May 25

i have noticed that alot of women who have the epidurals feel it's nessisary to talk them up and say c___ppy things to moms who don't want them. i've had a WAY over medicated birth and a natural birth, i'm going natural again. i guess it's my inner control freak. i hated being attached to monitors and iv's, i think i had about 7 different monitors and tubes stuck all over me. it was my first time and i a__sumed it was normal because the doctors said so. YOU get to have a say in it too. so long as the baby is not at risk you get the FINAL say. learn what you can, think about what is going to be the least stressful on you and try to have the birth you want.


Jessica - May 25

I am gonna go natural. And you should do whatever you think you should do. your friend may not think you should do it but you both have different pain thresholds. my mom had 3 natural child births her best friend had an epidural with the first and had to go natural with the second cause she was too far along. Basically you should just keep your options open. Basically tell the nurse that you don't want them to ask you if you want pain relief and that you will let them know if you decide to have one. But do tell them to let you know when the window is closing. They won't give it to you after a certain point in your labor. I too have been asked if I was crazy or why I would want to go natural. I like you want to be active and epidurals DO make you more sluggish and not be able to react like one who hasn't used one. Just don't let them push and if she keeps on I'd tell her that the subject isn't going to be talked about anymore. Change it to baby names or something


holly - May 25

I liked the pitocin speeding it up. It made the labor go by faster. I didn't have an epidural but I did have nubain. I was still able to feel how to push, and deliverd after 35 min of pushing. I thing that the epidural can cause labor to slow or not progress because you don't push right. The needle and the side effects scare me more that labor. Just go in there thinking you don't want it but be open minded. And relax. If you don't get the epidurl just relax let your body do it's thing it knows what to do. Either way it's the most wonderful experience you will ever go through!


Linda - May 28

Well, you know, she is probably looking for validation of her own choices. If you say, "hey yeah the epidural all the way!" it's going to be more comfortable to her than if you say, "that doesn't sounds so great to me." Maybe she feels like you wanting to go natural is an implied judgement of her for getting pain meds.


Sophia - May 28

I am 35 wks and I am thinking on going natural, however it all depends on how I feel at the time. This is my first baby and I have no idea what it would be like. I have heard that every birth is different. So just follow your feelings nobody else will feel the pain but you.


Reyna - June 1

I think your friend should just mind her own bussiness. Do what your heart tells you. i had the epidural myself and my baby is fine. good luck with your desition. only you can make the right choice


Denise - June 2

Would you have your tooth pulled without novicane??? Just kidding, it's your choice and also one I fumbled with when having my son. I did eventually have the epidural and it was great. I could still feel everything but it took the edge off all the pain. Contrary to what the information you have already recieved it doesn't always slow labor down. It actually made mine go faster. Due to the pain from contractions I was unable to relax (which is what your body has to do in order for labor to progress quickly). As far as your friend saying you mine as well have it if you have an IV anyway, that doesn't quite make since. It does go in your arm with the fluids from your IV. It's separate and goes in your back. My experience was great with mine. First pregnancies can sometimes be very long and draining. I would suggest you have a sit down with your Doctor at your next appointment. He/she should be ab;e to help you decide


Dawne - June 2

You need to do what you feel most comfortable doing, but if I could give you one peice of advice it would be, WALK, WALK, WALK, when you are in labour, it may sound crazy but I have two kids and I had a total of 5 hrs of labour, not each that is combined. If you get an epidural you can't walk around, you have to stay in bed and every is still. When you are mobile your body is moving and gravity does help. Sitting in a hospital bed not moving for hours, will of course slow things down. Walking also helps you to cope with the pain. Good luck


C - June 3

I went into labor with the att_tude that I'd get an epidural if I needed one. My sister in law used to push the epidural on me too. I would just always tell her I was pretty sure I was getting one because I knew her opinion. She wasn't going to be there. If I didn't get one, then I'd just tell her afterward that it wasn't needed. Well, I was induced so I'm not sure if this is why my contractions hurt so bad. I just remember my back killing. I had high blood pressure so they forced me to lay on my side. I wanted to walk around so bad or sit up. I could barely switch sides because it would mess up the monitors. Anyway, I think if you aren't induced, and you can do all the things you learn in lamaze, natural childbirth is possible. For me, I'm so glad the epidural was available. I wish you a somewhat painless delivery. It does happen for many. Just not me!


Maddie - June 3

C - I heard that when you're induced...the contractions DO hurt way worse. I think that if I have to be induced...I'll definately consider the pain medication. =) According to my last visit (yesterday) my doc said I was really "tough" cause I hadn't even noticed I was having contractions. She said normally women call when they start dilating. So, hopefully my pain tolerance is high.



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