Why Am I Being Talked OUT Of Natural Labor

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Maddie - June 3

C - I heard that when you're induced...the contractions DO hurt way worse. I think that if I have to be induced...I'll definately consider the pain medication. =) According to my last visit (yesterday) my doc said I was really "tough" cause I hadn't even noticed I was having contractions. She said normally women call when they start dilating. So, hopefully my pain tolerance is high.


To Maddie - June 3

I did not get to the hospital until I was dilated to a 6!!! The only reason I went to the hospital was because my water broke. I apparently had been having contractions all day and was dilating, but had no idea!! I got into the hospital at 4:30 p.m., and my daughter was born at 6:44 p.m. Apparently I take after my mom and mean business! My mom had three kids and with each one, the delivery time got shorter.


Bump - June 3



toni - June 5

with my first baby, i swore it was going to be natural all the way. i even almost had myself talked into a home birth (my husband talked me out of it by pointing out what a mess it would make). when i got to my dr's office that afternoon, after having contractions all day, i was dialated to a 3, my water had just broke, and i could barely walk. i had no idea how painful it would be, or would continue to get. we went straight to the hospital where i immediately demanded an epidural. i was 9 cm when they finally got it in me and going (against my dr's recommendations), but i couldn't bear it any more. it completely stopped labor and they had to hook up pitocin to get it going again. but it was so worth it. i have already decided i want the epidural as soon as i get to the hospital this time (i'm 38 weeks now). no waiting. everyone is built differently on the inside, though. and all birthing experiences are different. you'll know what you really want and are able to handle when you go into labor. don't feel bad if you change your mind when you are in labor. but you may be able to handle it and survive on your own. more power to you!


heather B - June 27

Everyone is different. Some women can't understand why anyone would WANT to go through all the pain if they could avoid it. That's all. Just remember that the end result is the same no matter how you go: your baby cradled at your b___st staring up at you with pure adoration. There are more risks a__sociated with NOT having an epidural, to my understanding; for example, if the pain is too bad, you could exhaust yourself to the point where you can't push anymore and HAVE to have a C-section...or you could have a heart attack, stroke, brain aneurism, etc. because of it. Just remember that the doctors know what is best for you; they have studied for years to be in the position to give you this kind of advice. Having your baby born safely is much more important than worrying about what's natural when it comes down to it. If you can have a safe, natural delivery, go for it... but if there are complications that require a few things be "unnatural," just ask yourself what's more important: nature or your health.



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