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niki - November 29

i went 8 days over with first child but didn't need inducing, i was wondering will this mean i won't need inducing second time round and will i go closer to due date or not


Christine - November 29

Good question but I'm afraid noone can answer that one...You will go when your baby is ready to come...probably any day now since I remember reading you only have 4 days to due date...have lots of s_x...lol try some nipple stimulation...these are the safest and most natural way to help get a move on with labor...good luck and let us know how everything goes..


niki - November 29

yep trying those tricks, but so far nothing, will keep trying though. hoping doc will do membrane sweep on fri, although this achieved nothing with my first. Will have to try hot curry also at weekend. But your right he will come when ready. will keep you posted. x


Christine - November 29

How far are you niki?


niki - November 30

i am 39 weeks and 3 days


Christine - November 30

God I wish I was almost there...I'm only 20 weeks and 4 days...a ways to go yet with this one...You'll be going any day now, good luck and keep us posted as best you can


niki - November 30

thanks, hope your right.just bought raspberry leaf tea, will give this one a try( fingers crossed)


niki - December 3

just bin docs and head is engaged, plus i am 1-2 cm dilated. had membrane sweep, so hopefully things my progress. if not got my induction date for in 12 days time. Really dont want to go too far overdue, my pelvis feels like its breaking in 2, and doc not happy to induce me earlier.


Christine - December 3

I'm surprised they are not going to induce you for another 12 days if you last that long...I'm sure its coming..the rasb. tea I heard helps labor...not put you into labor..but hey either one makes it worth trying....how is it...I'm wondering if thats a habit I should pick up myself...I hope you go soon..keep me posted..good luck


niki - December 4

had lots of watery discharge yesterday after sweep, and today my plug is well and truly coming away all thru morning, but i hear this can happen and labour may still be a week away, didnt hav this with my first till i was in full b__wn labour, although i was in agony with my first and wasn't even dilated, and now i'am 1-2 cm and pain free(weird how each one is so different) was planning to hav a curry tonight but not sure, wouldn't like to go into labour and have dirrhoea too. raspberry tea is nice.



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