Will Tailbone Pain In Pregnancy Lead To A Back Labour

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M.B. - December 15

Is there anyone out there who had reeeaally bad tailbone pain during pregnancy and went on to give birth without pain medication??? I am 23 weeks along and suffer from pain in my tailbone - I am worried that this will mean I will have a 'back labour' which are said to be much more painful. I would like to give birth in water using no pain relief, however, I would love to hear from others if this pain in my tailbone might be an indicator of excrutiating labour pains to come (I might reconsider going natural if I know I'm likely to break my tailbone or something like that... Read about one woman who had this happen to her!)...


agtemt - December 17

I had back labor with both my son and daughter. And at no time during my pregnancy did i have pain in my tailbone. I did have bad hip pains however. I was told by my doctor that the back labor is due to the babys position everytime you have a contracton the babys head moves back and puts pressure on your spinal cord. Back labor is pretty bad...but i dont have anything else to compare it to. Maybe i'lll get luck with this one and i wont have back labor.I hope that you dont either. Good luck with the water birth and let us know how it goes.


twist - December 21

I don't know if your early tailbone pain will cause problems, but you can try to avoid "back labour" by encouraging your baby to get into the correct birth position. Do a search on "optimal foetal postioning". Back labour is caused by your baby facing the wrong way, his/her spine should be towards the front of your tummy, straight up and down with your bellyb___ton for a quicker labour. The exercises used to change babies position might relieve some of your tailbone pain as well.


angiemama - December 20

I had really bad tailbone pain with my first pregnancy and I did have back labor. I also went on to give birth naturally without any medication. I actually gave birth at home in water with the a__sistance of my midwife. So yes it can be done and I wouldn't have done it any other way it was a wonderful birth. Good luck. Another note is that I am pregnant again now and had more tailbone pain with this pregnancy. I found a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women and she has made a huge difference. She helps get you aligned so that the baby is in the right position and also for a easier birth. If you are up for it you might try to find something like that.


falafal0 - December 26

I have four children, 10, 7, 4 and 4 months. The last two pregnancies were the worst for tailbone pain, more so my last pregnacy. All four were back labours, yep, that's right. And honestly, they were bad. But I managed to have no pain relief with any of them except my first, which was pethedine but given to me too late. I have fast labours (thank God as they're almost violent) so it was given to me about an hour before he was born and it just made me sick. The third pregnancy with my daughter, the tailbone pain and lower back pain got bad enough towards the end that I had to constantly lean on something to take the pressure off if I was standing more than about 10 minutes. I gave birth to her sitting up in a car, and she dislocated my tailbone while coming out - 40 minute labour so there was no option if I wanted drugs..And she's been in a rush ever since, Because of this, the pregnancy with my son just recently was the worst I've ever had. Pain started about 23 weeks and got worse and worse. The SPD started about 26 weeks as well. I think the SPD was the winner out of those two. I couldn't walk by the end and after wards thought it would get better, but for two weeks sciatica made it impossible to lift baby from the cot, get dressed, the works. I had my niece live in and help me. I was really worried that the tailbone thing in the last labour would complicate the next labour. Because I had planned a homebirth because of the last labour, my midwife would visit me each month and we talked extensively about it. She said that when the contractions started and i wanted to lay down, to make sure I stayed off my back, lay on my side to give birth. Don't put any pressure on the tailbone. I have to say, though, the labour was no worse compared to the last one, and both pregnancies had tailbone pain. My husband delivered our last baby in a 25 minute labour (midwife was too late!) and even he reminded me to lay on my side in the heat of the moment. I barely made it though. Pains were no worse, just closer together, a few to tstart with, then one long contraction basically. I used to sit on a book with the tailbone hanging off at the back when it was back to take the pressure and pain away. Same geos for a wrapped up towel with a gap at the back. You can buy things to sit on, but can also make them at home with no fuss. I'm sure you'll be ok. Also, as the other posts suggest, the position of the baby is paramount as well, so have a look at that. Good luck....


Angiconda - December 29

I has super bad lower back pain and bad siatica and tail bone pain and I didn't have back labor


Snowy - December 31

for my 4th i had horribale tail bone pain too, couldnt add any pressure to it, didnt knwo what was worse standing or sitting. And i did go to have back pain. It was the worse of my 4 deliveries, but like the 2nd and 3rd, it was drug free as well. The way I look at is.,.. one way or another that baby is coming out..... with pain meds or not... so i opted not.



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