Woohoo Dialated 1 Cm

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Bonnie - December 29

I'm 37 weeks today and found out I am dialated 1 cm! I'm so excited. :D How long can you stay dialted like that for? I'm not miserable or anything (might even miss having im in there), but I'm just so excited wondering when it will all happen, lol.


Ashley - December 29

I was 2 cm at my 36 week appointment. I am now 39.5 weeks and dialated 2.5- it seems like this is taking forever! So there really no sure way to tell how long you will be there...


Bonnie - December 29

Aww bummer, I had a feeling you could stay dialated for weeks I just wasn't sure. I'm doing okay, just getting really excited for it all. ^


ashley - December 31

I was so excited when they checked me and I was 2 at 36 weeks- we thought well it can't be long now! But I'm still waiting. I think its just training for things no longer being on your schedule anymore- its all about your little guy now!


jessica - January 5

I am 3 days from my due date and have been dialated 1 cm for the past 3 weeks. I am being induced on Monday because I am not progressing. I was excited too, but here I am almost 40 weeks and still no further than 37 weeks. Hope you move quicker than me!


alicia - January 5

i had an appt today and when the midwive checked me she said your dialation really doesn't mean anything. im not dialated at all but she said she felt his head. Does that mean im effaced? Because if the cervix was still long and thick she wouldnt have been able to feel it, would she? But she did say with dialation, one person could be dialated to 3cms for weeks and i could go into labor tonight not having been dialated at all so who knows. i guess it all depends on the baby and your body. good luck ladies.


C - January 5

I had my baby 9 months ago, but this is what i remember being dilated 1..it took me 2 months to be dilated 2. grR!


Bonnie - January 6

LOL yeah well, one week later and I am still here dialated at 1 cms till. >< Not onyl that he is still up very high and won't drop. Doc thinks I really need to have s_x but I am sooooo not in the mood for that right now, lol. I thought for SURE I'd be going early (not to mention, baby is very big already). But apparently the baby is quite comfy where he is and doesn;t want to come out. ~sigh~ Maybe I should start bouncing around the house. >:I


ashleync83 - January 6

I know the feeling, I was 1 cm at my 36wk apt, the 2 at my 37wk, since then nothing, walking and s_x has done nothing for me, neither has the castor oil. The doc says my cervix is still very high, that was today, my due date. Never gonna have this kid!!!


alicia - January 6

Wow bonnie you've already began dialating and he/she hasnt dropped yet? Iv been dropped for almost 3 weeks now, just started losing my plug last night but yesterday wasnt dialated at all...go figure...pregnancy is very odd. lol.i cant get over how differently it affects each one of us. before you get pregnant you think its the same for everyone..lol u get fat for 9 months your water breaks and after screaming and pushing for hours you have your bundle of joy. lol what i'd do for that innocence again. good luck ladies.


alicia - January 6

oh yea at least you're not dropped lol...everytime his head hits a nerve it just stops me in my tracks. lol it hurts so bad feel like a knife going through an area you DONT want sharp objects lol. that and the peeing every 10 minutes is awful.


leeums - January 6

I was 1 cm at my 37 week visit. I will be 40 weeks in 3 days and have had NO changes. The baby hasn't even completely dropped into position yet, so being dilated means nothing until you are at a 10.


ashley - January 6

Just an update- I'm still stuck at 2.5 cm. My due date came and went. I go in Monday for a biophysical profile to make sure baby is ok and then they plan to induce Wedneday at 7:30 am. So at least I know it can't be much longer now. Thankfully I'm not miserable- I'm still working (thank God or I would be driving myself crazy at home).


Cat - January 7

I was 50% effaced and 1cm dilated at 34 weeks and didn't go into labor until nearly 38 weeks. I was even "high risk of preterm labor" durning the pregnancy. My water broke on it's own, but it still took pitocin and 12.5 hours to dilate to just 3.5 cm. Dilating and effacing just means things are getting started, how slow/fast it goes from there varies. I wouldn't hold my breath. Congrats though!


Kris - January 7

I went into preterm labor at 30 weeks and dialated to 1 cm. I am now 37+6 weeks and just got checked yesterday. Only 1-1/2 cm. I have been having a lot of contractions for the past 24 hours though, and some really strong. So hopefully this means I have dialated more.


angela - January 19

im 1 cm and im 36 weeks this is my second child and the first child i was induced . and then ended up with a c-section . this pregnancy i want a c-section again but if i go into labor on my own i wont have a c-section so im kinda scared. im hoping i can lay down and relax till my c-section date.


Bonnie - January 19

Heh, well here I am 3 weeks later still not dialated anymroe and baby is sooooo high. I am due tomorrow but looks like he's not coming out of there anytime soon. And I got so excited that day too, rofl. Oh well, I suppose he's got 2 weeks to get his b___t in gear and then we're goin in there after him. :P



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