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ggg - January 31

hiya this is my first baby and im really looking forward to seeing her, im just worried about actually feeling them first contractions, im a softy when it comes to pain but to think that im going to be going through something huge like this is scary but exciting at the same time...im just scared on what to expect and i guess everyones labour is different some people struggle some people fly through it, but i just wrote in to get it off my chest but if anyone has any ideas on how to not worry as much will be apriciated..also i booked for breathing and relaxation classes the other week and that really didnt help me so im just left worried now thanks for listening


to ggg - January 31

how far along are you? when is your due date? how are you? please keep us posted. do you need someone to talk to so you can be less worried? congrats and good luck.


ggg - February 1

hiya im just past 7 months my due date is April 22nd, loads of people are telling me i'll fly throught it but its a different story once your there actually doing it hehe, i just panic alot, but if you want to keep in touch with me for a chat then just leave me your e-mail address and i'd be glad to e-mail you some days :)


to ggg - February 1

my email address is: [email protected] hope i can help. good luck


to ggg - February 1

feel free to email me 24/7. good luck


Keira - February 2

I just had my first child 1month ago and its amazing.... im not going to lie to you, labor is not easy but i did it withot any drugs so i dont know how easy it would be with them.... the thing that got me through it was the thought that i was doing all that hard work to recieve somthing amazing at the end of it. Labor can be very long and somtimes you feel you are going through all this pain and doing all this hard work and its not leading anywhere just remember at the end of all that hard labor u get to meet you beautiful baby, and thats the most gorgeous gift anyone can give you. I wish you luck.



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