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ree - June 14

I was just wondering how you ladies felt before you went into labor. Did you feel lousy or good. Was the baby moving a lot. Were you having a lot of braxton hicks?? Just kind of wondering what to expect. Right now I feel like c__p. I am crampy, having tons of braxton hicks, and I have never felt my little guy move more. I was just curious if I was going to feel this way until I delivered or if it gets any better. Oh and how could I forget. Everytime I get up it I dribble on myself!!!!! Does it get better or worse


c - June 15

i felt like absolute c___p. i felt sick. my braxton hicks hadn't really gotten stronger. nothing changed in that respect until i was actually in labor. sorry ree it doesn't get any better until the baby is OUT. but you know what... you will think back on this time fondly. i promise. anyway to answer your question the day that i went into labor i had been shopping all day and felt very nautious and tired. when i got home i went with my mom to the beach where i lost my mucus plug. (nice huh?). anyway i went to the hospital and right when i got there my contractions started. don't even ask because there is no way to describe them. it's just like when you know... you know. and the rest is history! now i have my beautiful baby girl. it was all worth it! in fact... this is so sick... but i miss being pregnant and i kind of want to do it again. oh yeah and i had a lot of leakage the last few days. more than normal. hope this helps.


Maddie - June 15

Ree...I feel the same way. Actually today (the 15th) is my due date. I'm so discouraged, i've done all I can think of to bring labor on but not much more than cramping has happened. I don't really want to get induced...but I don't want to go another week either! When are you, or WERE you due? And also...do your FEET hurt when you walk...and when you turn over in bed do you get the worst pain in your v____a? I do! =*(


ree - June 15

Maddie and C thanks for the anwsers. Maddie I still have 6 weeks to go and I can't imagine it getting worse. I dont really have the energy to walk to the bathroom. And yes my feet do hurt to walk. It feels like I have walked a marathon on them they are so sore. I hope something happens for you soon. Walk, walk and when you get tired walk some more. Everyone tells me that really helps. But I think our little one's have a mind of their own and will come when they are ready. I wish you the best of luck.......Take care. Are you having a boy or girl??


Maddie - June 15

I'm having a boy...we're naming him Caden. How about you?


Christina - June 15

Maddie, you still haven't had that baby yet? My goodness girl!! Hope it happens today for ya!!! :) I am only 30 weeks, but I totally get that rolling over in bed v____a pain you are talking about!! It hurts all down in that area and my inner thighs. I hate it!! We are having a boy also, naming him Dylan. I like the name Caden, that was on our list as well! :)


ree to maddie - June 15

We are also having a boy naming him Noah Scott.....I really like Caden. Anything new yet, any contractions yet??


Melissa - June 15

Hello ladies... This is not really on the subject... I am only 7 weeks - just a liiitttlllee less pregnant than you guys =). Anyway, I would just like to say, I'm happy that you're all having boys, because what are the chances of me having a boy when all the others in this post are having boys!? (I really want a baby girl). So thanks! =p


Christina - June 15

Lol...I suppose we are due a girl Melissa!! :) Good luck!!!



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