Would You Eat Your Placenta

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lou - April 12

would you? have you? or do you know anyone who has eaten their placenta after giving birth?my aunt froze hers and then minced part of it to make spaghetti with, and ate the rest as a steak....her husband ate it too..i find this very odd and am wondering if it is common..


Kaz - April 12

Goodness No Way. I've read about it and for sure it's a natural thing to do. I couldn't bring myself to cook it nevermind eat it. Cheers though to all those who can. It is full of goodness though, apparently.


Common? - April 12

I suppose it depends on where you are. Not so common in America, so it sounds odd.


What i heard - April 12

No i would not but some people do in some contries they eat it its a very common .I still do not understand why but yeah there are those crazy people out there that just eat anything.Also Ive heard some people keep them and then plant it in the ground


Donna - April 12

alot of people eat it, its supose to be really good for you, but i couldnt bring myself to do it, also alot of people plant them


lynn - April 12

There's otc pills that contain placenta... Look at one of those vitamin stores...!


Brandy - April 12

Whether someone eats their placenta depends on the culture. In some cultures they bury them, either outside the home or under the home (depending on the s_x). However, some cultures do eat the placenta. They are actually very full of nutrition. (Thus this how the baby has been getting it's nutrients and oxygen).


k - April 13

its not all cultural, it sems to be quite a fashionable thing to do in the u.k..i wouldnt boast about it tho personally..


Maleficent - April 13

i know a woman who saved hers and used them to plant a tree for each of her kids.


dt - May 1

I wouldn't do it, it sounds sort of gross, no offence meant to other cultures. It seems on the same page as eating bogeys or, well, you get the idea!


B - June 29

OMG!!!! I have never heard anything like that...ughhhhh!!!


V - June 30

I've heard of planting them but not eating them....ughhhhhh!!!!!!!


Me - June 30

I am planning to eat mine. I think it is a God-given portion to moms after birth. All female mammals know to eat it right after the birth of their young. I haven't seen one that would intentionally discard it. Only humans. And the ones who suggest women not to eat placenta are men. For other cultures that allow placenta to be consumed, it is also men who consume it. -- Lets face it, pregnant moms, we don't need a man to tell us that placenta is gross. Our own babies have been eating from it, and this does not make babies carnivoirs. If God would create something to be thrown away, this is the first flaw that I see in His design. I wouldn't think God would want it to be wasted. Even animals know better than humans.


Melisa - June 30

I don't think I could ever bring myself to eat it! I was thinking about bringing it home and planting a tree with them. A distant relative of mine has planted a tree for each of her children using the placenta and when she pa__ses away she wants to be buried right by the trees, she feels they can be together helping the trees grow. I think it is kind of nutty myself, but to each their own!


PAM - June 30

Oh my gosh, I have never heard of such a thing, WOW...to be honest, my stomach turned at the thought of eating part of my own body!! It's not something I could do, but to each his own though. I believe God creates the placenta for the purpose of our growing baby, mainly for the fact when they are so small, they literally can not eat like we eat, and it is vital to have something provided to them for their nutrition. Once the baby is born, I believe it has already served its purpose as the Good Lord intended...


Jamie - July 1

Eww, gross. I'm sure it's quite nutritious and normal in some cultures...but you don't see me eating dog, ants, or monkey brains, neither.


not me - July 1

i couldnt eat it but i read on another site about una__sisted chilldbirths and that people eat a small piece if they are hemoraging and it is meant to stop the bleeding! If i found myself stranded after giving birth with no help in site and i was bleeding heavy i may consider it as a last resort but since i live in a city with medical help close by i hopefully will never have to try it.



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