10 Weeks And Losing Brown Discharge

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angelgabby84 - December 4

I have been losing some brown discharge for two days now and have been having cramping pains for three or four days. I had an u/s last night and baby looked fine, womb fine, ovaries fine. So where is this brown stuff coming from. I am currently taking some bedrest and hopefully things will get better quickly. But for now I am a little scared.


annab - December 4

some of my firends that were pregnant (and now have healthy babies) also had the brown discharge and some blood in the first trimester and then it stopped in the second trimester...the doctors couldn't give a reason as to why there was blood or discharge ? so as long as you keep the doctors informed ..you are doing everything right.


ShoppingForTwo - December 4

Brown discharge like old blood or brown discharge like clear brown? If its not blood then maybe it could be an infection. Call your doctor about it hun. Better safe than sorry right?


abi_77 - December 4

Having spotting or brown discharge is OK. But if it is accompanied by cramps and pain it not a good sign (this is what my doctor told me). I had some bleeding at 7 weeks with some cramping, ultrasound was normal that day. Then I had brown discharge with some cramping on and off. My baby died at 9.5 weeks. I don't want to scare you, I just want to give you an honest answer. Don't stress over this, its not good for the baby. Think positive and be confident. Good luck.


angelgabby84 - December 5

Hey girlies thank you for your answers. I didnt want to call the doc again because i didnt ''want to make fuss''. (I know stupid especially since i am high risk pregnancy). So i woke up this morning already knowing i would take a day off work and there was blood there, actual blood, like the first day of a period. So i called the Early Pregnancy Unit and they said to go along straight away............ The consultant was wonderful and said we would do my first tummy scan wahooooo (i dont like the internal ones).... She said she would look for a minute or so and then tell me and show me what was there. As soon as she put the doppler thingy on my tummy she said the baby was fine. There is a bleed at the neck of my womb but not near the baby and we can actually hear the heartbeat with our doppler at home so in future that will be the first thing i check. So all good so far.


ash2 - December 8

Did he mention anything about a subchorianic hematoma ? When i was 12 weeks pregnant i had some spotting for about 4 days and minor cramping like you did. Then one day i had this big gush of bright red blood......i thought i had lost the baby, but it ended up being a hematoma.....Thankfully the baby was fine, but i am almost 17 weeks now and still spotting. I have had 4 ultrasounds, but the blood is almost gone according to what the nurse said . She said it will absord itself back into the body.....Im sure it will be fine, but just take it easy and get frequesnt ultrasounds to make sure. Also ask the doc about an abruption......anytime their is bleeding it more than likely is one or the two.....



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