10 Weeks And No Heartbeat On Doppler

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Ell - February 28

I am 10 weeks pregnant (first pregnancy) and my doctor wasn't able to hear the heartbeat 4 days ago with a Doppler fetal scan. I haven't had an ultrasound yet and he seemed to think that at 10 weeks not hearing anything was normal. Is anyone familiar with the dopper scan and is this normal? I'm just so paranoid about everything I've read and heard that I'd like to hear some other stories. I'm scheduled to go back in a week to be checked again. Thanks to all for any advice you can give me. God Bless


sara - February 28

i am 10.5 weeks also and i went to dr this morning, he could not pick up heartbeat on doppler. ( i was scared to death) but the dr said it was normal not to hear this early on, so 20 min later i had a v____al u/s and right away we could see the baby swimming around actively, and heard the heartbeat. it was very strong 176. i think everything will be ok for you. the u/s tech said the baby was towards my back and my uterus was a little tilted and that was why the doppler could not pick it up.


Ell - February 28

Thanks Sara, that definitely helps! Did you have to request the ultrasound or did the office suggest it? I also asked for one last week but was told to wait...just wondering if these are issues I may need to push. Thanks again and I'm so happy that you and baby are doing great!


E - February 28

Doctor was unable to find the heartbeat for me either at 10 weeks. The doctor told me that it is normal not to be able to hear the heartbeat at 10 weeks thru a doppler. So she told me I had a choice. An ultrasound or wait four weeks. I chose the ultrasound and saw the heartbeat. Dont worry everything will be fine.


erica - March 1

Me also. I was 12 weeks and they couldnt hear the heartbeat. so they did an u/s and it was fine. The baby was just moving around alot. I then went in at 15 weeks, and they could pick it up very quickly with a doppler....



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