10 Wks PG Bright Red Blood

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orim5 - July 12

yesterday i woke up fine then i started to have pain in my lower ab, i went to the store and felt faint with sharper pain, i thought it was gas or i had to go to the bathroom but nothing helped, i was to go to my first DR apt later the day, but i went to the ER, in the waiting room i started to bleed, it felt liker a period, i knew it was over , they checked me and i still was bleeding with no clots, and i had pain in my side , But the pain subsided after i started to bleed, anyways i had an ultra sound and the baby was good hearttones and size but the tech told me i had a cyst on my overy right side that burst ,well the dr didnt say that to me he called it a treatend miscarage so i had asked him about the cyst, he didnt seem to concerned, i go tomorrow for my beta to see how everything is, my pain is less and im taking it easy and i have bled again, has anyone had this happen before? i know bleeding can happen in the fiorst trimester but this was so weird


lisahope - July 16

I had the same thing- bright red gush at 6.2 weeks and then again at 9 weeks(the second time was really scary- soaked through some towels). I then took off work and rested at home. I continued to spot through my 12th week and now have had 2 weeks of no spotting and am going back to work. The baby seems to be doing great despite all the worry. My placenta must have had a slight tear on one edge that wasn't properly seeded. After a while that spot reattaches/heals. Some people are diagnosed with subchorionic bleeding (see the topic heading- you'll read a lot of people with bleeds like you; or read "spotting" and you'll read a lot there too). My doctor never saw any cause on ultrasounds for my bleeding, but it was most likely a placental detachment at one edge. Take it easy- no lifting, sleep a lot and pelvic reat(no s_x). ANd pray it heals.


orim5 - July 16

thanks for responding lisahope, i stopped bleeding that day and then i had my beta done 48hrs later and it had gone down 2437, so i freaked out bout that but i read the placenta takes over after 10 weeks so im 11 now , i dunno thank god for not bleeding anymore thats a horrible thing to go through being prego, NOT knowing ya know, i go to the dr tuesday, so well see, and congrats on your baby



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