10wk Ultrasound Showed Fluid Around Neck Now A CVS

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Bron. - January 8

Yesterday I had my first ultra sound, 2 days prior I`d had small amount of brown discharge and pain, hence the ultrasound, but what they found was a swollen neck/ more fliud then there should be.They suggest its possible down syndrome, I`m 29 yr old not the usual age bracket for this.I now have an app. for a CVS diagnostic test, does anyone have experience with this or the results being clear on whether I wil have a healthy baby?This is our first pregnancy and we are quite devastated....


Julie - January 15

Hi Bron, On my first pregnancy, I went for my routine ultrascan and blood test at 12 weeks. I was only 21 and the blood test came back fine and showing a low risk for down syndrome. When it came to having the scan, they measured the amount of fluid around the babies neck, and it came back that I was at a very high risk (mine was about 3.4mm, and the normal was about 1.4mm of fluid). So I was told there was I high risk of Downs, and told to have a CVS. I had the CVS, and had to wait a very long 10 days for result. To my relief the results came back fine but was then told there could be something wrong with babies heart (because of the amount of fluid), I then had to go for test to check out babies heart, which also came back fine. I went onto have a very healthy little girl on 27 December 2002, and she has just had her second birthday. I'm now due my second baby on 12 June 2005! So don't worry, have the test done and hope for the best, it's better to know than take a chance. At least you can prepare your life if there is something wrong. Let me know how you get on. Julie


Bron - January 17

Thanks for replying Julie, It is good to hear that everything worked out fine for your little girl and it gives me hope.The fluid on our baby at 10wks was 4.6mm, then one week later when I went for my CVS it measured 2.2mm so this was good news, however they couldnt proceed with the CVS because my uterus had contracted and the placenta had moved to a position above the baby and it was unsafe to do it without piercing the babys sac.....so now we try again this thursday, and hopefully it works out otherwise the doctor says I will have to wait and do an amniocentesis.I will keep you posted. Thanks again, and congratulations on you second baby coming, you must be excited! Cheers Bron.


bron - April 8

I had an aminocentisis and all is fine i had 7weeks of a nightmare waiting to do the test and get the results!



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