12 Weeks And Spotting Is This Normal I M Scared

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Lizzie - August 7

I am 12 weeks and for the last 3 days I have brown and pink to red spotting but only when I wipe but not all the time. I have no cramping. I am so scared! Anyone have a similar experience?


Mrs l Price - August 8

I to am 12 weeks and for the last two days I have had brown spotting then turning to pinkish then slightly more red today with more menstral sort of flow but not heavy as I normally would in a monthly ,also slight cramping at the base of my stomach. I'm scared what shall I do?


Justine - August 9

I bled 10 times (without pain) between week 6 and week 14 and am now 27 weeks so you may well be fine but you need to get it checked out. You both need to see a doctor asap and get an ultrasound done.My bleeding at 12 weeks was red varying from light to heavy and lasted 2 days but I had no pain. It was the worst bleeding I had. When I called the emergency doctor he said at 12 weeks if I didn't have cramps (and as I'd had a u/s before which showed a heartbeat) I'ld be fine. Hope everything works out for you both.


Julie - August 10

I don't want to scare you, but I started spotting on August 7th...it was brown no cramps. I had a u/s scheduled on August 8th for nuchal transluncy genetic testing and when they went to do the u/s...my baby had no heartbeat. I was suppose to be 11 weeks and 4 days, but the fetus measured 6weeks and 3 days. I was heartbroken. My doc gave me some pilss to speed up the m/c and I started bleeding red that afternoon. I hope this doesn't happen to you! It's devastating.


Lisa - August 10

I have been experiencing something similiar... every woman and two doctors i spoke wiht a__sured me that 1/3 of preg women have some spotting or bleeding. It's easier said than done but i would just embrace every moment of the pregnancy and pray ... whatever God's will is ... that is what you want anyway!! Take good care.


Lynn - August 13

I am 12 weeks also and the exact same thing happened to me. Last night when I wiped I had a good tablespoon of pinkish red blood and I was so scared! It turned brown after that and I still had some this morning, but the brown doesn't scare me as much. I know this would be when I had my period if I wasn't pregnant, so I hope it's just hormonal. It's Sat. and I have an appt. on Monday, so debating whether or not to call the midwife, but I'm nervous. No cramping for me either, so I take that as a really good sign. Has anyone been to their doc/midwife after experiencing this? What did they say?


Evy - August 13

Everytime you experience bleeding you should call your doctor. It is important that you go through some of the questions they have for you. Last time I called with a concern like this they had me come in right away to check the heartbeat. It really makes you feel better and it is a simple call.


Lynn - August 13

Thank you, Evy. I did call after typing this morning, around 9:00AM. Still haven't heard back from the doc on-call. Had a little more red spotting mixed with the brown, but still no cramping. Still "feel" pregnant. It's amazing how much you become attached to your baby even while in-utero. I have 2 children, 12 and 10, and no history of miscarriage, so I am just praying. And waiting for a call back!! :) Thanks again, Evy.


maria - August 28

i am 12 wks pregnant and have had cramping and occa__sional bleeding since my 5th week. this is my third pregnancy and i had no complications with my other two pregnancys. I have had 2 ultra sounds and the first picked up the sac and the second one the following week at 6 wks showed the babies heart beat so i was very pleased. I have had bad cramping with brown discharge when i wipe after going to the toilet has anyone else experienced anything similar ?


Robbie - August 28

I am 11 weeks pg after IVF and had the exact same thing happen to me this weekend. I spotted a small amount of red blood Friday night after some brown spotting (all very light) during the day. Nothing previously. I was very upset and called my obstetrician who got me in for a scan first thing Saturday and (thank God) everything was fine. This is my second pregnancy after a miscarriage eighteen months ago and I was terrified of losing it, so I understand why you would be scared. Push for an ultrasound, it will set your mind at rest. I hope everything goes well for you - sending good vibes your way.


jaimie - December 6

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw blood in my panties. Not like a menstral, but before I went to bed I did have light cramps in my abdomin. Is this normal??


JuJu - December 7

Jaimie- how many weeks along are you? I would highly recommend that you go see your doc immediately - it maybe fine but go check things out in case. Many women bleed during pregnancy, but it's not considered 'normal' - especially if you had cramping the night before. Hope everything is ok-juju


Sarah .T - December 15

I am now 14wks+5 days. I had a big bleed about 3 weeks ago. Was kept in the emergency room for a few hours but the bleeding stopped and I was allowed to go home. Have had heavy to light brown/coffee coloured discharge on and off since then. It is worring me everytime I go to the toilet and see the brown colour coming away. I have had 2 ultrasounds since the trip to the er and the baby has been fine and all looks normal. Also had an internal examination and the gyno can't tell where the bleeding is coming from and says it all looks normal. Still it is very worrying. There are lots of reasons why there might be bleeding that don't mean you will miscarry. It helps me to read the stories on this site about many women who bleed for weeks but then write in to say they have had their healthy babies. Keep in regular touch with your doctor. I also call the midwives at my local hospital if I need some expert advice. They have all been rea__suring about my problem which is similar to yours. Rest during problem times is the most common response from my doctor and midwives. Best of luck!


Jamof3 - January 5

I'm in my 13th week and starting spontaneously bleeding heavy and pinkish red this morning. I soaked a pad within about 20mins, but no cramping and then it lightened up. Still bleeding a little right now. This is my 3rd baby, and I've never experienced bleeding like this with the other two. A bit scared, but after a visit to the doctor this morning, the ultrasound showed the baby to be fine. The doctor said, try to be on bedrest and no intercourse. Getting to see the baby on an ultrasound was such a relief. I definitely recommend to anyone experiencing this to see your doctor right away. I'm not completely in the clear, but so far so good. Its also so comforting to be able to read everyone else's experience with this and know I'm not alone.


feliciasturner - November 11

I have never posted on anything before, but this string helped calm me down yesterday (it is the first google result for "spotting at 12 weeks pregnant), so I wanted to tell my story to help others feel better too. I am about 12.5 weeks pregnant. I'm 41 and have never been pregnant before. My finance and I were not doing anything to prevent it, and surprise! I spotted lightly very very early on (at about four weeks) for 10 days, but that stopped as soon as the doctor put me on progesterone, which I just stopped taking at 12 weeks. I saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks and heard it at 10 weeks. Then, yesterday, the day before my big official first trimester ultrasound to screen for Downs, I started spotting again (bright pink). It was not heavy, but not really light, no clotting, no cramping. My doctor said to get some bed rest and wait for my ultrasound today, saying it could be from having s_x the day before. At my ultrasound today, the baby was alive and well and moving and in perfect little shape (and no Downs markers)! Whew. I told the doctor about the spotting and he immediately showed me why. I have a little pocket of blood in between my uterus and placenta at a point that is "good" in terms of having blood pockets. He said about every other patient has this, and it should resolve itself in a few weeks. In the meantime, I have to quit the gym and s_x for two weeks while my placenta finishes attaching at that spot. Wanted to share a positive story to put future readers at ease. And, FWIW, I believe in prayer and I had a lot of friends praying!


MrsKari77 - December 14

After reading these posts I feel a bit more relieved. This morning I woke up feeling like my pregnant self. I brought my daughter to school, came home to relax for a bit. I started feeling something that felt like the lotion discharge that I had been having. I got up to go to the bathroom and saw a little pink stain on my panties. There was very little pink on the tp when I wiped as well. I decided to put a panty liner on a new pair of panties, I went to the bathroom again within an hour and nothing on the liner only when I wiped. I am having my normal nausea and other pregnancy symptoms with no cramping at all. My first OB/GYN appt is tomorrow and I do not want to over react and call today when I will be there tomorrow. Any Advice would be great!



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