13 5 Weeks And No Baby In Sac And Hcg Levels At 5600

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Amber - August 5

At 5 weeks my levels were 8600!! Then i didnt get a check up until yesterday and the doctors didnt seem to know what they were doing. They found no heartbeat and no baby in the sac, but I dont think they used the right Ultra Sound equippment because I was in the ER. I know that HCG drops after 12 weeks or so is this why my HCG levels are so low?? I thought I felt by baby move a couple of times but when i got the U/S they said they saw a sac but no baby. Im worried because I want this baby so bad. ANy ideas about what is happening??? I am sure of the dates and everything, PLEASE HELP!!


Amber - August 5

I forgot to mention i should be at 13.5 weeks right now.. and hoping for a healthy baby!


Marivic - August 5

It sounds like it could be a blighted ovum or a "missed miscarriage" (they call it spontaneous abortion, even if you haven't expelled the products of conception yet). Did they mention miscarriage or D&C? I've had ER ultrasounds and the ultrasounds they use in the clinic, and they were both far superior to the Labor & Delivery ultrasound machines they use, so I doubt it's the machine - did they use the transv____al conducer or the abdominal one? The v____al one will pick up a lot more in early pregnancy. All I know is that at 13.5 weeks they should have detected the baby and a heartbeat, I'm so sorry. And if it was ectopic you would've shown symptoms by now (ectopics rarely go past 6 weeks). I would follow-up with your OB and get testing on the fetus, if possible, as it could help identify what might have gone wrong (and prevent future problems). Again, I'm so sorry if that's what's happening. Take care and let us know how things turn out.


Amber - August 5

Today i went in again to get another ultra sound and they said the sac measured 8 weeks and they couldnt see a baby inside. They did see a small particle in there which could have been the fetal pole they said. Didnt find a heartbeat and no head or anything. I just dont understand how I could have had morning sickness and a missing baby?? At least there isnt a dead baby in there, unless the baby is hiding somehwere?? I go in on tuesday for more information about whats going on...


Marivic - August 6

Early in pregnancy your body handles the hormones the placenta needs to sustain pregnancy. So, unfortunately, you would have all the "symptoms" that hormones cause, as the placenta still functions. I understand you hope to be off on your dates, but could you be off by a full 6 weeks? I'm not sure what the statistics are, but it's possible that if you psychologically refuse to let your body "not be not pregnant" the symptoms can continue and your body won't naturally miscarry. I know this probably isn't what you want to hear, but what you're describing sounds like a blighted ovum and if you haven't had a period in 14 weeks your body needs some help getting back to healthy. Good luck with your follow-up, take care of yourself.


Amber - August 7

Thank you so much. It feels like my uterus is growing so I have no idea whats going on. Will wait until next week to find out for sure. I Hope for the best so I can share a success story with all of you hoping for babies out there....


to amber ~ - August 11

good luck with what you are going through, I hope that you are okay, and that things work out for you . God bless...


J - August 11

I am very much interest to know what happens... You'll find a lot of people read posts but don't know what to say so they don't say anything... You are in our prayers and please, let us know what happens


Brandi - August 11

Amber- I'm sorry to say but your baby is most likely gone. Speaking from experience having had three miscarriages you need to go for the D&C as soon as possible so that your body can start to heal and that you can begin your emotional healing process. Your HCG levels do start to level off but by 12 weeks you should have been somewhere between 200,000 to 300,000 and they do not drop that dramatically. You are still feeling sick because you still have some of the hormone left in your body.


Amber - August 11

Ok, Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I go innext week for more blood work testing to test my levels. And after that a v____al ultrasound. Then a D&c if no baby. I pray there might be a baby, but no hope as of now. I wonder why my body isnt miscarrying. Will update you on what they find..


Amber - August 25

Update, They found a yolk sac and gestational sac measuring 15 mm but no baby.. my hcg levels were down to 2000 so not sure whats going on, will find out in a week...


Lindsay - August 26

Best of luck to you and keep us posted. I am very sorry to hear about what you are going through but hope for the best.


Becky - August 27

Sometimes the sac will continue to grow even though there is no baby or the baby has died. My baby died and my sac kept growing. I still felt pregnant and didn't know anything was wrong until I went for my scheduled ultrasound and found the sac was the correct size but the baby was a few weeks too small with no heartbeat. They had died but the sac kept growing anyway-it was huge compared with the tiny baby inside. If you have had a blighted ovum (Anembryonic gestation is a more modern term) the sac may have continued to grow without a baby being there. This is termed as missed miscarriage. I am truly sorry-I do believe in holding onto hope as long as possible-but your hormone levels are getting so very low it really seems this pregnancy will not succeed. Also at 15 weeks you cannot miss the baby if they were there you would see them. I can't even say how sorry I am to hear this. I wish it was different for you. All the best.


Becky - August 27

Sorry I misread it was a sac of 15mm you saw not 15 weeks wasn''t it - 15mm is not nearly big enough for the sac at your stage of pregnancy. At 13 weeks the baby themself measures 7.62cm. At 15 weeks the baby measures approx 12.5cm. That is not including the size of the sac around them. Levels dropping as drastically as yours are a sure sign of failing pregnancy-I almost feel it is cruel that the doctors are continuing to scan when it is so clear it is failing. It doesn't help you. I am so very sorry Amber please take care


Amber - September 1

Thank you becky! I do understand that my pregnancy failed and everything im just making sure so i dont accidentally do an abortion. I want to be sure. I went on vacation last week and still no miscarriage so i go in tomorrow to get answers. Hopefully I can finally find out for sure! One of the doctors mentioned that I got pregnant again and i was only 6 weeks along. But that doesnt explain my falling hcg levels. So i am convinced its a miscarriage just need it to happen so i dont have to go have a DNC. Thanks for the kind words!


Becky - September 1

Thats ok-you take care of yourself. its alot to go through. I think they would cla__s this as a "missed miscarriage" the baby dies but stays in the womb. That happened to me too. I am so sorry take care and don't so anything until you feel ready-but remember it's not good for your body to put off things too long. Some women are given pills to bring on the miscarriage rather than the d&c. The doctors will advise what is right in your case though when the time comes. all the best...


Amber - September 2

They did 3 ultrasounds, 2 v____al and found that my gestational sac is 50 mm , 3 times the size it was. They said im about 9 weeks which means i got pregnant again in july somehow. They still couldnt find a baby and my hcg levels are now down to 700, so i should be at 0 pretty soon. THey said i need a dnc because they should see a fetal pole at 9 weeks. I am skeptical and am waiting until i know for sure. Im still doubtful.



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