13 Weeks Pregnant And Bleeding

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Ash - October 30

About 5 days ago I went into work feeling perfectly fine, went to the bathroom and noticed a quarter sized amount of bright red blood in my underwear and also when I wiped. I was extremely scared so went straight to the ER, the bleeding had gotten worse and when they told me to go to the bathroom and pee in a cup afterwards they had to get someone to go into the bathroom to clean up because i was bleeding so bad it was actually running down my leg, but i was having no pain or cramping. I was almost sure i was having a miscarriage or that the baby had already died, but to my relief after having an ultrasound, the baby was still moving, had a strong heartbeat of 180, and had no abnormalities. About an hour later they did an exam and my cervix was closed and the bleeding was now only oozing . They gave me a shot of rogame or something like that but didnt even explain what that was for and sent me home, saying that if i was going to have a miscarriage there really wasnt anything they could do for me in the hospital to stop it. By the following night my bleeding had completely stopped and when i wiped i didnt have any spotting. The bleeding was gone for a whole day, i got my hopes up and figured everything was ok, then woke up in the middle of the night to a pad covered in red blood, much like my period. Now Sunday night 2 nights after that episode, the bleeding has all but gone away again. I havent had any cramps or pain, also passing no clots or tissue, and feel perfectly fine, besides being scared beyond belief. I go in tomorrow for the results of the hormone level test and go in on Tuesday for another ultrasound. This is my first pregnancy and im hoping everything goes ok. Has anyone else had anything similar to this, and experienced the bleeding rather than just spotting ??


Angela - October 31

During my first pregnancy I woke up one morning, during my 13th week, and there was blood everywhere. I went to the ER and kept bleeding I even pa__sed a large clot. The doctor informed me that miscarriage was a very common event and I should be preapared(not very good bedside manner). I got to see the baby on the ultrasound and everything looked great. There was nothing anyone could do, I was just told to rest. There was never any explanation, but I now have a 19 month old son! I hope your situation works out like mine. Best of luck to you!


Niki - November 8

I too am 13 weeks last week i just finished work and went to the toilet there was blood every where, i went straight to the hospital. they did an ultrasound and it showed i had a slight hemorrdge i have had another ultrasound since then and everything is still fine, i know how u feel as i am a huge worrier and probably wont stop until i have my baby. Good Luck to u and i know its easier said than done but try not to worry.


Rachelle - November 9

Have your doctor check for placentia previa. I started bleeding when I was 14 weeks and it ended up being p. previa. I now have a beautiful 8 month old daughter! Hang in there and Pray! it helps!


kim - December 2

This post is old but, I had a subchronic bleed that started this way and I lost my baby at 12 weeks. This is where a hemotoma forms under the placenta sometimes not allowing it to attach, which is what happened to my baby. This can be determined by ultrasound. Not all pregnancies that have this will end like mine so don't over stress. Bleeding in early pregnancy can mean Placenta Previa, when the placenta covers the opening of the cervix rather then being high in uterus. Or could be from hormone changes, but probably shouldn't be heavy like it was. Definately rest and don't lift anything heavy. Good luck and I will pray for your baby!!


Mindy - December 2

Kim- the same thing happen to me to. I'm still real sad over losing the baby at 12wks after seeing that the baby was doing fine on ultrasound about five times. The hematoma got to big though. Never had it with my other three healthy pregnancies.


Kelli - December 4

I had the same thing happen to me last year during my second pregnancy at 14 weeks and 3 days, November 2004. I started bleeding really bad while just laying on the couch at home. I sat up and felt a huge gush. I am such a paranoid freak that I just knew I had lost the baby. I had a 13 month old daughter at the time who had to go with me to the ER. My baby too was fine and I had a subchorionic hemorrhage and placenta previa--the placenta ripping away from the lining of the uterus early. They said everything would be fine and it sometimes happens. My doctor said I should be on bed rest. This was not possible for me-being that I had a 13 month old daughter and had to pick her up to carry everywhere. I chose to terminate my pregnancy at that time. I now hear about how all kinds of people have this and end up with perfectly fine pregnancies, i.e. the nurse at my doctor's office who is now probably in labor, but the last time I talked to her was about 32 weeks. The point is, don't stress, that is the worst you can do. Just let it be. You will probably be fine, as this new bleeding during pregnancy is the hot new trend. I am now 13 weeks this week and still worry every single day. I wipe till I am raw just looking for any tint of blood. I, however, was bleeding during the early part of my pregnancy also and had a couple of episodes of spotting at about 10 weeks or so. did you have this or is this all of the sudden??? Good luck to you really, God bless.


nancy - December 8

Hi I have had the same problem I was at work got up of my chair and had a huge gush of blood I have never seen that much blood before, but everything is fine that was 6weeks ago I am now 13 weeks and feeling great. so don't stress I know it's hard to say but you will be fine I thought I was the only one out there that had this.


afreeman - December 28

I am 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant and we had to make a trip ourselfs to the hospital.Was on my way home from work and coughed and noticed something wet between my legs,thought that it was just urine,but it was blood and lots of it.Made it to er and heard heartbeat and saw baby and midwife informed us we had a buised placenta and everything would be fine.


clare 20 - June 30

iam 13 weeks pregnant also and spotting like a brom come red colour went to a&e they said it was normal but to me this isnt normal as i have two other children and it never happened then is this normal has any one been through this help!! i was told to rest but how can you rest when you have a 2 and 3 year old runing around


jen327 - June 30

I am 35 weeks preggers now, but when I was 6 weeks I had my first hemmorage. I bleed a total of 5 different times, at 11 weeks, I bleed so bad I got weak and almost fainted. I ran to the ER each time. And each time they said if it was a m/c well sorry go home and wait. Finally on the last time, the tech said she saw what she thought might cause the bleeding but I had to talk to the dr. The Dr just sent me home on bed rest for a week and said it should be ok but to see my regular doctor. So I called and called and they never responded. So I sent my mom to the hospital and she got the records, it said I had a 2cm subchorionic hemorrhage. I had no idea what that was. I finally got in to see my OB and she said it was nothing and to go back to work, I would either loose the baby or not, but nothing would make a difference that I did. Luckily I had my 13 week u/s with a perinatolgist to do the NT scan. the following Monday. So I went in to them and told them what had happened. He said Bed rest would absolutly make a difference and ordered me 5 more weeks of bed rest. He recommended I switch OB's if my OB was so uninterested in my care (she did not even bother ot get the ER results, I had to bring them). So I went to the OB he recommended. I LOVE HER. After 6 total weeks of bed rest and no more bleeding I was allowed to go back to work with light duty. It has been 20 weeks since then and I am happy to say our baby boy is almost ready to be born. The SCH hung around but the last u/s the Peri said it seems it might have reabsorbed. Due to the fact I had a past c-section and the SCH I am having another C-section in 27 days! My advice is to rest, listen to your body and if you are getting direction from your OB you find conflicts with your gut, switch doctors. I actually saw 3 before I made my final choice. 2 thought bed rest would help and 1 felt it was a waste of time. In the end I did not know what the right answer was but I knew that I would never be able to live with myself if I did not do what I FELT was right. If I still lost the baby at least I would know I tried to help him live. Apparently SCH's are more commen then people realize. 1 in 8 people have them, but only 1 in 50 every bleed and of those only 1 in 150 every get diagnosed. If you have reoccuring bleeding it is most ilkely an SCH. They can be caused from scar tissue, or having had multiple abortions or just plan bad luck! There is really no real answer as to why it happens it just does. But I am STILL not allowed to carry anything heavy and not allowed to have S_x. I figure at this point it has been so long I am just going to wait till after the c-section. Good luck.


DeeD - June 30

With my 5th pregnancy, at 13 weeks also...I pa__sed a huge golfball sized clot and had quite a bit of bleeding as well. I was sure I had mc but went to the ER with similar results as you. Baby was fine. I carried to term and the best thing they could tell me to explain it was that it could have been a twin sac that never developed. So I had a great ending. She is 4 now. GL, and try not to worry. Easier said than done...but best wishes to yoU!


Mommiex20803 - July 8

Hi i had something pretty similiar in my second pregnancy...in my first there were NO complications at all so when i started bleeding in my second pregnancy i was scared to death.....well heres my story....i went to go pee and when i wiped i noticed a string of blood...so i freaked..got my husband and went to the E.R. and even though the hospital made me wait almost 10 hours or so in the waiting room (ridiculous)...i finally got seen by a doctor and they did an internal exam and didnt see well feel anything wrong and they told me that my levels were still high so they were pretty sure the baby was fine....and so they gave me an ultrasound and the baby was great and moving and heartbeat was normal and everything! so that was a big relief...and so they just told me that i had a threatened miscarriage and to go home and rest...(they put me on bedrest for about 2 weeks)....and just like you they told me there was nothing that they could do for me if i was going to miscarry....i mean i didnt bleed quite as much as you....but just like you i didnt have any cramps or anything pain...i was just bleeding...and after i believe a day or two i stopped actually bleeding and was just having brownish discharge (sorry TMI) and so i called my doctor and had another ultrasound and everything was still fine...and im happy to say that i am currently 36 weeks pregnant and waiting on my second little boy!....(OH the whole threatened miscarriage happened at 10 weeks...and i do believe i stopped having discharge that was brown....about 13 weeks or so)....so i hope that everything works out for you! they rea__sured me and told me that more than half of women who bleed end up still having a healthy pregnancy! :) good luck!


Chelly123 - January 10

Has anyone gone on to have a "normal" pregnancy after a miscarriage due to subchorionic hemorrhage?


safiyyah mohammed - December 4

i am 13 weeks pregnant now and i started spotting at 7 weeks of pregnancy. Within the 12th week to now the bleeding has gotten heavier. I have polycystic ovaries and the dr gave me progesterone injections during the 8th and 9th week, however the bleeding continues. when i questioned he said to take lots of bed rest.......... thats all........ however that does not seem to be working. When he tried listening for the heart rate today, he got none. he said not to worry and probably the baby is too small stll. Somebody please tell me if my baby will be ok.


doja89 - April 23

am new to this forum but really all your posts are such a relief.am 14 weeks and yesterday i bled during the night a heavy bleeding i guess and this is not my first time during my pregnancy i always spotted and bled once before this time and it was a placenta detachment it ended up fine but this time am so scared could it be the placenta again?i cant see my ob till monday i had i cerclage a week ago and did an us the next day every thing was fine..and a day before this bleeding episode i was at the doc and i heard the heart beat with a doppler....plz any relaxing info



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