18th Week 2nd Child Heavy Set And Had Have Increadible Pain In Abdomin And Crotch After Light Walking House Work

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Jennifer - August 17

I am pregnant with my second child and have alrady found this one quite differant. After walking around at a street fair, shopping, light house work; I found my self experiancing alot of pain in my lower abdomin. One evening while walikingonly about a block and a half I had to turn around and go home because of my pains. Infact it was so bothersome and uncomfortable I found myself having to stop and wait a few momants after only a few steps. I have also been incesingly tierd and experianced the sharp pains when I sneeze. With my first pregnancy I never had such difficulty till I was in my 9th month. I thought maybe I just need to get out more and get some more exercise however the more I do the more pain/discomfort I feel. If any one has a clue or similar story please respond. At this rate I worry how I will make it to the 9th month. [email protected]


anna - August 12

Hey I am almost 35 weeks pregnant, how far along are you? It sounds like you need to try and stay off your feet until you start feeling more confortable without the cramps, and maybe take it easy for a while I am no dr but if I were you I would take it easy. I also have been having cramping in the abdomen and slightly in the v____a, does anyone know what that is from, I am almost 35 weeks and am having cramping in the v____a?? Well good luck to you honey.take it easy will you..


Anonymous - August 17

It sounds quite similar to what I experienced with my first pregnancy. I was told that I had "pelvic instability". It hurt to move my legs at all, including walking, changing position, or rolling over in bed. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about this... I just had to learn to live (and suffer) with it until delivery. I even walked every day for 20-30 minutes, despite the pain, to try to keep my weight gain down. One positive note though, it totally disappeared after delivery.


Melissa - September 22

Hi there, Also sounds similar to myself. I am only 18 weeks. however this is my 3rd child. When I was pregnant with my 2nd I made the mistake of lifting my oldest daughter, then 2. On my knee. I pulled a groin muscle. It was the MOST painful thing I have ever done. So needless to say this time around I am in a lot of dis comfort. I started taking water arobeics. I think its great because it's low inpact & with little pain. I will hopefully be able to strengthen that muscle.


uslovebug - October 1

I am short and heavy set also and in my 15th week of pregnancy and I am feeling the exact same discomfort. This is my firt pregnancy and I am always scared but I just went to my doctor 5 days ago and she says it is normal for some women to feel this discomfort. And my baby's heartbeat was beating stong. I would just take it real easy and don't over do myself. S_x is not alot of fun either so I have almost given up in that department until I start to feel better. But, my husband is very understanding. All I can say is take it easy and. As long as there is no bleeding I would not worry.



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