1 Binge Drinking Episode At 4 And A Half Weeks HELP

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cmckay - December 3

Hi, i'm in a real dilemma over whether to terminate or not. I have read a single episode of drinking will lead to FAS or learning disabilities if it occurs in early pregnancy. I drank at 4 and a half weeks not knowing i was pregnant because i was on the pill. We aren't talking 'light' drinking. One evening, 1.30 hours, 5 bacardi shots!! I wasn't actually really really drunk but i was buzzing with alcohol to the point of eurphoria, i'm sure baby was very drunk. I felt really queasy about 6 hours later, not throwing up just bad nausea, and went and stuffed my face full of food (i was drinking on a full stomach), and from that evening on i've had terrible morning sickness. I never drank before this, not a drop for months, and i haven't drunk after it. I would terminate because i don't want the risk, but on the other hand, my partner has just left me (finding out i'm pregnant), getting rid of it would be a victory for him, and another loss for me... I've been taking multivitamins for years but i doubt that will stop the effects of a poison on my baby, i've truly done it this time, badly... i'm always messing up, my partner bribed me into terminating what would have been a very very healthy pregnancy a while back.... And as for this one...At four and a half weeks the neural tube is developing and the internal organs and facial features too; the baby is most vulnerable at this time. I've doomed it to be mentally challenged or physically disabled haven't i? The doctor said he doesn't really know, he's just a gp, but it might be ok, it might not. He said 40% of danish women binge drink before they are pregnant and it doesn't matter whether it is bicardi or beer because the alcohol content is the same, but seriously, i drank so much in such a small amount of time! (i can't figure why it didn't effect me that much actually), unless i had less than i thought but i doubt it.


iona - December 4

Well if you want to terminate the pregnancy let it be for other reasons rather than your one episode of drinking. There are hundreds of posts on here about woman who drank HEAVILY up until week 20 and even more not knowing they were pregnant and all babies came out fine. FAS is caused by CHRONIC ALCOHOL ABUSE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PREGNANCY, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Anyway have you taking a pregnancy test? If you were on the pill, how did you suspect you were pregnant...? Good luck!


mandylee4christ - December 5

Why would you terminate without knowing for sure something is not right? Coming from someone who miscarried in July, that is completely foolish. I have a friend who binge drank her entire pregnancy - her son is now 21 years old and a bright, healthy young man.



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