28 Weeks And May Have Lost Mucus Plug HELP

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Jaime - December 22

I am only 28 weeks and last night I think I lost my mucus plug.I called my doctor and he said as long as I have to contractions I shouldn't worrie.Well I'm scared to death,and he really didn't offer anymore info.Can someone please tell me if they have lost a mucus plug so early,or has heard of anyone who has.I also heard that you can lose it and it will grow back,is this true?Please any advice would be great.


rachel - December 23

hi my waters broke at 28 weeks with my last daughter and my baby was born at 30 weeks she weighed 3lb but she was fine she was in hospital for 4 weeks then she came home when she weighed 5lb so my advice is even though you have lost your mucus plug even if you have this baby early your baby should be fine so you really need to stop worring about this because you are stressing yourself out when you should be resting good luck to you and your baby


Jaime - December 23

Rachel-Thank you so much for answering back.I was begining to lose faith.I have been checking to see if any one has answered back every hour or so.I'm scared to death....Could you please tell me if you lost your plug before your water broke.Once again thank you for your help.


rl - December 24

can i ask why you think you lost your mucus plug? You may have just had some heavy discharge the mucus plug looks like snot with in most cases blood running thru it, if you have lost it, it just means you could be open for infection and you should not have s_x and be careful if I were you I would go to the doctor first thing and get checked or you could always go to the hospital you really should not stress that is not good for you either take care


Jaime - December 24

I went to the doctors and he said it was the plug.But not to worry unless I have contractions.I am scared to death and trying not to freak out but it's hard not to.Thank you for your help.Merry Cristmas,I hope all is well for you and your little one.


lab tech - December 26

Jaime, if your MD said that you are ok w/o your plug, then you are ok. I lost my plug almost 14 days before my OB finally induced me to have my baby. Granted, the mucus plug does prevent bacteria from reaching your baby, the amniotic sac is a secondary deterrent to bacteria. As long as that is not broken, your baby is fine. You'd know if it is broken because you'd think you had peed your pants. Of course, it is your right to seek a secondary opinion. (Depending on your insurance plan, you may have to pay for it.) If you feel anything like menstrual cramps with a twist of diarrhea and lower back ache, go to the ER at once!!! At 28 weeks, you really only have a few more weeks to go before you can have a baby which, although may not have completely mature lungs, is perfectly capable of survival. Just take it easy, relax, and don't do anything you are not used to. If you can be put on half days at work, I would recommend it. I hope that all goes well for you. Keep us posted. Merry Christmas.


JAIME - December 26

lab tech-Thank you,and I will keep you posted.Have a great New Year!!


lab tech - December 31

Jaime, I haven't heard from you for awhile. I will chalk it up to the unpredictablility of the holiday season. I hope that all is well with you and your baby. Have a happy new year!!!


Jaime - January 3

lab tech-Sorry I haven't posted sooner.Well so far so good.However my doctor called me today and said my gestational diabetes test came back alittle high.I have to go and take a 3 hour test fri.I was so upset I forgot to ask if this hurts the baby.Any how,glad to know you were thinking of me.Thank you so much.Also if you have any input on the sugar thing that would be great.Hope you are well!!


RG - January 7

Jaime I lost my plug around 32 weeks and freaked out about it. However, my nurse said that as long as you haven't started dialating (or water breaking), a new plug will take it's place. Good luck to you!


To Rachel - January 7

Don't a__sume just becouse your baby was fine does not mean someone else will be so lucky. Some babies will have a mult_tude of life long problems due to being premature.



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