28 Weeks Pregnant With An 8cm Hematoma PLEASE HELP

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damiansmamma09 - November 25

I am 28 weeks pregnant, and have a 8 cm hematoma. The first ultrasound that revealed this was done back in September, where the hematoma was a little over 8cm big, and around the placenta. I had another ultrasound done on October 31st, and there was a very very small decrease in size, but its still around 8cm big. I have had no bleeding at all since I became pregnant. This is my first child, and I am very very scared. The doctor that I have at the moment is really bad. She didn't fully explain to me what the bleeding was, or how serious it is. I live upstairs and have been going about my life as normal, not taking it easy at all. I am moving in 2 1/2 weeks, and my new doctor questioned me about the hematoma after he received my records, and told me I should take it easy and really be careful about what I do. I am very upset that my current doctor didn't inform me of the risks. I have continued having s_x and exercising and am really really scared that I may have made things worse. I am going to see my new doctor as soon as I move, but I want some information before then, and my current doctor is anything but helpful. What can happen to my child with this hematoma? How serious is it? I know it may cause miscarriages early on in pregnancy, but I'm 7 months in. Everything else has been fine, I can feel him move around all day/night. Are there increased risks for brain damage or anything like that? What are the odds that something bad will happen this far along? Someone please help me, I'm trying to stay calm but am finding myself more and more stressed. Thanks!!


Ms.Sarah04 - November 29

Hi. I think I know what you are going through. I was hospitalized just this past week for hemmoraging. I am 18+ weeks pregnant. Im kinda confused to everything myself. I believe I have a 4cm hematoma on my placenta which is causing the bleed along with a small placental abrubtion. I have 2 doctors on my case right now. My OB who has kept me positive and is great and than there is the specialist from Chicago. Im not really happy with him right now, but my OB has rea__sured me he is the best but has been really irratatable lately. Anyways my instructions are, Pelvic Rest, absolutely no S_x. No lifting, no strenuous activities, and lots of fluids. Any bleeding that runs down my leg (TMI). Back to the hospital I go. Right now my bleeding is on and off all day what you would call mild. My OB said it could be weeks before it stops. This is the only advise I can give you. With you moving, be extra careful, leave the lifting to someone else. Take lots of breaks and relax. It may take you longer to unpack or move but it will be worth it in the end. I know how hard it is about the lifting thing. I have a 33# son who is 22 months. I cant even lift him. It rough. Hope everything goes well for you and good luck with your move.


JessLane - December 2

Hey... Well I wouldn't really say I have any good or bad news, I'm only 5wks and a day along.. But I recently started spotting that was dark blood, lower back pain and had some dark blood whenever I whiped (sounds like TMI I know..LOL) but I went to the ER to check things out, my doctor wasn't in any hurry to get me in (Jau 13th).. I've had cervical cancer so to me anything is a big deal..LOL I think with first pregnancies we all tend to look at everything like the be all end all... My blood work came out good with a 12,000 mIU/hcg, the ultra sound showed the sack to be where it was supposed to be and looked healthy, but I couldn't see the embryo (is that weird? or am I reading into too much??) Anyways I was told before I was released that they found a subchorionic hematoma (i want to say it was 1 cm, and basically from what I've read and been told that it can cause some bleeding wether its the dark brown or bright red-- it can clear itself up but it is also possible that it can cause the placenta to pull away from the uterus lining and probably early on cause miscarriage.. I'm not sure what to think of all this myself and am probably setting myself up for the worst in my case since I am very early in my pregnancy-- I'm worried and curious if what I'm going through is normal or what to think? But as to the post I've read, unless your having some bleeding or actual problems I would suggest you just take it easy.. You seem to be having a good pregnancy in my oppinion if your baby is moving and you haven't had any problems.. Just read up on the possiblities. But from what I understand most of the complication happen in the early stages... So keep your fingers crossed for me! LOL


Nat22 - December 10

damiansmamma, I am 20w5d and had a hematoma by the placenta for the first 14 weeks (it luckily resolved on it's own) and my previous pregnancy with my daughter (she is 13 months) I also had a hematoma that resolved by 18 weeks. I also had a stillborn son a little over two years ago, that was due to a cord accident not a hematoma. I know how worried you are. Just try to take it easy... no heavy lifting (which means don't even lift anything while moving), drink a lot of water, and stay off your feet as much as possible. I dis countless hours and hours of research when I found out that I had a hematoma (called a subchorionic hemorrhage) and from the research I did it says that the hematoma itself causes no harm to the baby's development or health. The risk is the hematoma growing and the placenta detaching... which is what your doctor should be monitoring. It is good that you are switching doctors though. Just try to get as much bedrest as possible and let your new doctor know that you want to be monitored closely.



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