2 Stillbirths And 2 Miscarriages

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kiza - May 1

Hi everybody, I just recently joined this forum after searching the net for answers as to why I am now having trouble with having a baby. I feel blessed that I do have a 6yr old girl and 4yr old boy/girl twins. Both of those pregnancy where quite troublesome and they both ended with premature deliveries. My husband and I decided to try for number four. No probs got pregnant a few months later, this pregnancy was quite different to my first two, with this one I felt great ,no morning sickness,no running to the toilet every 5 minutes, just generally well. I had a strange feeling though that I couldn't shake that something was wrong with the baby. My husband said I was just being paranoid, my doctor said the same thing, but my body was saying something different. I found it hard to talk about my pregnancy, when friends congratulated me I would change the subject or play it down as no big deal. One night at about 13 weeks I woke up in the middle of the night after having a horrible nightmare, once again there was something wrong with my baby. Anyway after many weeks of convincing myself everything was fine it was time for my 20 week scan. The sonographer asked if my dates where correct because the baby was measuring smaller than what it should have been. She then informed us that there was no heartbeat and our baby had died. All I could say to my husband was I told you so. So after many tears we where informed I needed to be induced so I could deliver our baby. After a very painful and exhausting 14 hour labour I delivered a baby girl. I was then rushed off to theatre as I could not deliver the placenta. We had every test under the sun done and an autopsy and they could not give us an answer as to why this had happened. But they assured us it was just one of those things and to try again. That we did. I got pregnant a couple of months later only to end in miscarraige at 8 weeks. Once again we tried also ending in miscarraige at 7 weeks. More tests where done and was told it was just bad luck again.So we waited for a year and then decided to try again. I found out I was pregnant at the beginnning of the year and I couldn't of been happier. I was monitored very closely this time and after my nuchal scan at 12 weeks I started to relax a bit. Everything was going great and by 15 weeks I could feel the baby moving. That was the biggest relief of my life, my baby was alive and it was going well. My poor husband had even started to get excited. Last Thursday was my 20 week scan, and we where all laughing as we watched the baby jumping around on the screen. The sonographer was having trouble getting measurements because the baby was so active. After what seemed like an eternity she said that the body was measuring correct but the head was a bit smaller than it should have been. In comes her boss and he scans for another eternity, there is definately a problem with our baby. Another head honcho comes in and tells us they will send down the obs/gyne people to talk about our options. My heart sank I thought no way could this be happening again not after last time. We were tols our baby had some serious abnormalities that amounted to trisomy 13 where there is an extra chromosone and the heart gets affected, the head, and the baby has a cleft palate. We had another appointment today with my obstertrician who has said the baby will probably not survive till term and will definately not live once delivered. So I am now once more faced with the prospect of having to go into hospital on Monday morning to be induced and deliver yet another baby that I can't take home with me. My obst today said it was just another one of those unfortunate things but I am just wondering how much a person can take. I would love to try again for another baby when the time is right , but I am so fearful of what might happen again. Anyway I'm sorry I went on for so long but I just needed to tell someone and get it all off my chest. Thanks for taking the time to read my story and best of luck to you all with bringing those bundle of joys home safe and sound.


Kristin72 - May 1

Dear Kiza, Your story of your pregnancies and losses are so heartfelt.I really feel for you and your hardships with regards to pregnancies. You are right.. how much can one person take? I know our lifes are meant to be filled with trials and tribulations but my heart is broken just from reading your story. May I ask how old you are? I am 38 and I have had one miscarriage and one missed miscarriage as recently as Dec 22/05. I am now currently pregnant again. I have my IPS on Thursday and I too am worried things are just not right. I think it is my way of preparing myself for the worst. But I don't think we are ever ready to find out about problems. It is hard for me to try and remain optomistic as I have had spotting and I have a hard time thinking I can actually bring a baby to term..because I never have before. Yes, you are fortunate to have the children you have..But what you have been through is alot for you and your husband to take. Often people say try again...get back on the horse. That is what I did. I had no idea that after 13 weeks 6 days my babies heart would just stop beating...and after chromosome testing was done on the fetus they found there were no chromosonal problems..they told me it was just one of those things too. I just want to know you are in my prayers..and yes your chances of this happening again are very slim.. I just hope you can find peace in your heart and have the strength to go on and be a wonderful mother to your children..and if you can possibly try again..God will be waiting for your try... All the best to you for your future and please except my condolences for your losses. Kristin


kiza - May 1

Thankyou so much Kristin, I turned 33 last week so they have a__sured me my age has nothing to do with what is happening. I am so sorry for your losses as only people who have been in that situation would know. Your story of your baby's heart stopping for no rknown reason is so like my first loss. What makes it all the worst this time is that this baby is just so active it breaks my heart everytime it kicks cause I know there is just no chance of survival. I am keeping everything crossed for you that this pregnancy is ok, but I really do understand how you are preparing yourself for the worst. No one wants to think negatively but your mind just takes over and you just run with it. Please let me know how you go on Thursday you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Best of luck .


Lynne - May 2

Hi Kiza: I am so sorry for all of your losses. I went into premature labor at 24 weeks with my son and was on bedrest with a cerclage that lasted 3 day. I delivered my son via emergent c section at 25 weeks. He pa__sed a month later in the NICU due to a infection called NEC. Are you seeing a high risk doctor or just a general ob? Also, has your husband been tested for any abnormalities on his side? I love my ob but when my hubby and I do become pregnant again I will be seeing a high risk (perinatologist) instead of my regular gyn. Once again, I am so sorry for your loss.


kiza - May 2

Thanks Lynne, yes we are under the top ob/gyne people in the hospital due to previous complications with my other pregnancies. My husband and I have both tested fine with our genetics they sre just putting it down to bad luck. How much bad luck can some people have. We are discussing trying again, we are both eager but very frightened. It is amazing how many things can go wrong that you wouldn't normally think about. Will keep everyone posted on the outcome form my induction on Monday. Thanks for your kind thoughts.



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