2nd Miscarriage And Losing Faith

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jiffiner - January 2

I have 2 beautiful healthy girls. In April of 07 I got pregnant and had a miscarriage. I was only about 5 weeks. Had a D&C. I finally got pregnant again in October. LMP was 10/26. Had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and the ultrasound said I was only 5W1D but according to LMP I should have been 7W6D. Ultrasound only showed a sac. No baby or heartbeat. He told me to come back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound. I started bleeding last night, with small clots, so I went to the doctor this morning. I was scheduled to go in for an ultrasound Friday morning. The ultrasound only showed me at 5W6D and he said that is not enough growth for 2 weeks time to have passed. He told me that I could either have a D&C or not do anything and let it happen. He scheduled me an appointment for next week to look again but he, as well as I, know what is happening. I am beginning to think there is something wrong with me. Obviously I can get pregnant but not all of a sudden my body won't keep the pregnancy. Last healthy child delivered was 2002. Maybe something happened since then in my body. I don't know if I can go through this again if I get pregnant again. What is wrong with me??


shazzie_87 - January 2

Hi, I have had 2 miscarriage's. One at 6 weeks May last year and ther other was at 5 weeks September last year. When I had my second miscarriage I was feeling just like you and did not want to put myself through it all again. However I now think I am pregnant again as having all the symptoms. I'm a little worried but really excited and hope I am. If you read some of the articles on this site you will feel better as some people have gone on to have 4 miscarriages + and still had a healthy baby. Its made me feel much better. My doctor told me its normal to have 2 or 3 miscarriages.... Hope this helps! xx


ZenGirl - January 2

oh my goodness you sound exactly like me.. your name is what my mom calls me too! i know and feel your frustration. my son was born in 2002 with no problems, etc. we have been ttc #2 for just short of 2 years now. we had had 1 chemical pregnancty and 1 m/c in may 07(6 weeks) and one m/c in Oct07 (7 weeks-blighted ovum). so far we don't have any clear explanation. my eggs are fine, his sperm are fine. we are now seeing a very well respected fertility Dr. and we are undergoing what seems like the 2nd tier of fertility testing. Have you had any testing done? what is your current dr willing to do for you? i agree with shazzie to not lose faith but if you are like me, you like to know that you are being proactive not waiting to be reactive. i felt like seeing a specialist was so "extreme" but then again having to go thru 2 miscarriages is extreme, right? sometimes the answer is so simple and sometimes it takes more to find it. don't be afrid to speak up to your dr about which path you want to take to get to your baby. Good Luck to you!!


jiffiner - January 2

After my m/c in April my doc said, "remember the only thing another pregnancy will have in common with your m/c is the same father", so after he said that I felt a little better. But after this m/c I am not sure. We chose to not do anything and let it happen and now I am starting to hurt. I don't know how I could deal emotionally with days of bleeding and bad cramps because I know what it is. No tests yet. We go back next week for another ultrasound, he said just to ease my mind. I will talk to him then. Aren't tests expensive?


ZenGirl - January 3

they can be if you don't have insurance. if you do have insurance, you need to call you insurance provider and ask what they cover for fertility testing, etc.


ms. optimistik - January 5

I'm sorry if this is too late. First I hated when people said I'm sorry to hear about the m/c. But from one who has gone thru it, I understand. I have 2 healthy kids....9 & 10 yrs old. I was on the depo shot for over 8 yrs. When I got off, I got pg before I even got my period back and m/c 5 days after I found out I was pg. I was so upset....my OB told me to wait 2 months.....I don't even remember having s_x, that is how little I let him touch me afterward cuz I was so scared of getting pg so fast...The doc told me keep taking prenatals and an extra folic acid tablet daily along with 81mg baby asprin. Research it, ask your doc,....I have heard great success stories....They say it helps thin out your blood and therefore prevents m/c caused by blood clots that prevent the baby from getting oxygen. I have been taking it since I left the docs office that day, I am 14w3d today...I got pg 3 wks after I m/c and everything is perfect....Really I heard a story that this girl had 7 m/c and her doc never told her about the baby asprin and when she started taking it cause a friend told her about it she had an 8th pg and delivered a healthy baby. Ask your doc. it could be something as simple as that. Good luck!!!



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