2nd Miscarriage Can T Seem To Hold On Past 5 Weeks Advice

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M - January 26

I just had my 2nd miscarriage in 6 months. Both occurred around week 5-6. My thyroid and progesterone were "normal" and my blood type isn't a concern. Does anyone know how I can hold on to a pregnancy whether its oral meds or suppositories??? Any advice is appreciated!


Jenna - January 26

I think progesterone helps? Haven't used it myself, but have heard that.


M - January 27

Thanks. Anyone know of other reasons for my body not allowing it to continue?


Karen E - January 27

Hi M; I have had 3 miscarriages but I also have 2 very healthy children and I am 6 weeks with 3rd child. Most miscarriages occur before 8 weeks and most likely yours was just bad luck. I also had 2 in a row and then conceived again and I had a very healthy 7 1/2 pound boy. I too thought there was somthing wrong with me. My doctor told me it was probably just bad luck. I do have a word of advice though, with both my miscarriages I drank tea heavily. I knew of course that alcohol was dangerous but I had never heard that caffeine was too. With my son, I swore off tea and just drank decaf. I don't know if it was just coincidence, but that was my experience. Good luck to you and don't give up!!


M - January 30

Thanks for the info. you know, I didn't drink caffeine with my first m/c, but with this second one I didn't know I was even pg so I did whatever (caffeine, alcohol 3 times). I don't know...I just wish I could pinpoint this problem. So after your 2 m/c Karen, did you do anything when you got pg after that? Like take a progesterone suppository or baby aspirin daily?


Karen E - January 30

Hi M - but that is the point, after 2 miscarriages there might not be "a problem". It was probably just bad luck, as I think mine were. I don't think there is necessarily anything you can do to prevent a miscarriage. Most miscarriages are as a result of something very wrong with the embryo and is natures way of removing it. I don't think, once there is a problem, there is anything you can do to reverse it. I didn't take anything as I listened to my doctor who told me that it was probably bad luck. I had my first miscarriage very young, then went on to have a very healthy girl years later. Then I had a miscarriage after having her. Then I had another one before I had my son, who was also healthy. So it was one, and then a healthy child, then 2, and then another healthy child, and now I am pregnant again. I am very, very nervous about losing this one, but if I do I know it wasn't meant to be and I will try again. I don't think it is anything you are doing, or not doing. Most miscarriages happen before 8 weeks so yours were quite typical. Good luck to you!!!


M - January 31

you are right that the m/c's happen for a reason. I guess I'm just hard on myself thinking that I should've done something, whether it was the aspirin or progesterone. I hear so many women talk about the progesterone and in a way wish that would be the simple fix to my "problem." I know I'll try to get pg the next opportunity since I'm ready both physically and mentally. Hopefully this third time will be it!!! :)


Karen E - January 31

Hi M; I am going to have my levels checked as I never knew about progesterone until I checked this site. I guess if your levels were/are normal then that isn't a concern for you. I am worried as I am still spotting. I had my HCG levels tested but not sure if he checked my progesterone levels, which he should have. Good luck to both of us!!!


M - February 1

Karen, that's good that you are going to have them check both progesterone and hcg. Someone on this site told me to demand that at the beginning of a pregnancy to get the hcg AND progesterone. I think having the prog. too would bring piece of mind. Yes, Good luck to both of us!! :) You are so kind!


M - February 1

by the way, keep me posted!! :)


Jennifer - February 1

Hey M, sorry to hear about your loss! I know they probably have done blood tests, but when they took your blood did they screen it for a lupus coagulant? If you have a higher level it means that there's clotting, resulting in m/c's. The only way I know to treat it is an asprin a day. So if you haven't checked that, you might wanna look into it.


Jennifer - February 1

Hey Karen! I wanted to tell you something from my experience. I had 2 m/c's and then they finally did a progesterone level on me and they found the problem. It was really low and they gave me a pill for it. It's easily fixed. Good luck!


M - February 2

I go to the dr. on Monday and have a list of questions. I really hope he will do tests to find out why I keep m/c'ing!!


M - February 6

Had my appointment today and my dr. ordered that thromobolytic panel and chromosome testing on me and dh. I'm so glad he didn't sugar coat this 2nd m/c like he did the first. So hopefully we'll get some answers with all these tests!


ItSaGuRl - February 9

My mother in law had 3 miscarriages before giving birth (in a row) to seven healthy babies...so i hope that is encouraging


cjay - March 6

My doctor told me that the main reason i had 2 miscarriages in a row (mine were both 5 or 6 weeks too) was because i didn't wait long enough in between trying. He said there was only a 30% chance to have a successful pregnancy if i waited 1 cycle, a 60% waiting 2 cycles and about 90% if i waited 3.... All i know is that i don't want to take any more chances,so you might want to see what your doctor says about that. If you find anything out good, i would appreciate knowing! Thx and Good Luck!


Jax1809 - April 15

Hi M. This thread is quite old so i'm not sure if you will respond to this but i am in the same boat. Just had my second miscarriage and would love to know what you found out about why you could not hold onto them. I see mto fall pregnant quite easily but i can't get past 5 1/2 weeks. I had a D&C in Jan and had 2 normal 2 cycles before falling pregnant again so i dont think it's that.



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