2nd Miscarriage Can T Seem To Hold On Past 5 Weeks Advice

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Jax1809 - April 15

Hi M. This thread is quite old so i'm not sure if you will respond to this but i am in the same boat. Just had my second miscarriage and would love to know what you found out about why you could not hold onto them. I see mto fall pregnant quite easily but i can't get past 5 1/2 weeks. I had a D&C in Jan and had 2 normal 2 cycles before falling pregnant again so i dont think it's that.


cjay - April 17

Basicaly until you have 3 or more they just say it probably b/c of the chromosomes. And you can always take a chance and have tests done,but i guess they're quite expensive,so i'm just going to see if it happens again,and my doctor is giving me progesterone the next time i find out im pregnant. It sure does suck having to wait! And it's starting to stress me out! :(


lyn33 - September 4

I am so sorry to hear about your loss, I know how devastating this is!!! I myself am going through my second miscarriage at 5 weeks however I haven't started the actual miscarriage. I went to have my HCG levels checked wednesday and they were at 400, then on friday they dropped to 360, and my doctor said it will end in miscarriage within the next 2 weeks. i am so frustrated and hurt I don't understand why I can't hold a pregnancy for longer than 5 weeks, my doctor is going to order some testing in 2-3 weeks in hopes to find the problem, but I am just wondering if anyone has taken the herbal supplement chatse tree? i took it when waiting for a period after my 1st miscaarriage and it seem to help it come, but I don't want to affect the testing that i have to go through in a few weeks! if anyone can help i'm all ears!!!!


Lindyk - February 26

Hi Lynn33 I know u posted this last year, but I am going through the same thing now this will be my second miscarriage but I also have not yet started the actual miscarriage. My doctor just picked up my levels had dropped and said that I will probably miscarry. I just wanted to ask you if they ever found our why you could not carry past 5 weeks, and if so please share your advise?? Kind Regards' Lindy


lyn33 - February 26

sorry to hear about your loss! they never found out exactly why, and i did not have a D&C but i did have my progesterone checked during the second miscarriage (i asked them to do it) and i was at 9 whereas i should of been over 20. so i now have progesterone suppositories that they prescribed and i am to start 2 days after ovulation. I just had a feeling that it was a progesterone problem, you just know your body, but again you have to ask for them to check. the progesterone doesn't have any harmful side effects to the fetus so it can't hurt! good luck and i wish you the best! I am currently trying and waiting for the O so that i can start the progesterone, i will keep you updated!


Lindyk - February 27

Hey lyn Thank you so much for the condolences and your reply. I am absolutely gutted at the moment. have you had any more M/C since September? My doctor was tracking my progesterone and my hcg. My levels at their highest was prog - at 104 and hcg at 289. So that was very good. I will ask my doc tomorrow if there is any other testing that we can maybe do. I started bleeding tonight so that's probably that for now. I am also tracking my bbt. Do you know how long your cycles are? **Lot's of sticky dust for you**


Holsas - June 24

Hi there - I know these posts were quite a while ago bit I just wondered if anyone from the above ( after the 2nd miscarriage) has managed to get pregnant again? I have just had my 2nd mc...i had one three months ago both were early, 4/5 weeks - we waited after the first mc until had one cycle and tried again - got pregnant the 2nd month and the same thing happened again - both were natural miscarriages after about 5-6 days of getting the positive pregnancy test. we want to try again soon but worried itll happen again! i asked the dr to test the progesterone this time with the HCG levels but they said it wasnt necessary! would much prefer to know if something was wrong ( eg progesterone levels)so I could put something in place for next time, but its the not knowing and thinking it may happen again....know from this forum that quite a few people have had numerous early m/c in a row - has anyone managed to have/ or currently have a successful pregnancy? Just need some encouragement!


Cosa - February 7

Hi, I'm 38 and also going through my second miscarriage in week 5. Progesterone levels are "excellent". I thought it was obviously chromosomal due to my age and my partners age (47) but I'm asking my RE to run immunology and killer cells tests. I've also been treated by a fertility acupuncturist and doing herbs for 6 months, on top of Ubiquinol, Vit D, Omega and Thorne prenatal. Also no caffeine at all and fertility diet. Not sure what more I can do.



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