2nd Possible Miscarriage

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Stefani - February 7

I am a wreck. I think I am losing yet another pregnancy. This will be my 2nd miscarriage. I have no children, and I am afraid it will never happen for me. I feel embarrased....like I can't even have a baby. I had some really dull cramping, and this morning I have brown discharge. It reminds me of last time. I feel so depressed.


ekay - February 7

Hey, Stefani, go to the ER or call your doctor or something! Don't wait for someone to post a reply-just go. Besides the fact I have heard a lot of women on here report spotting/dicharge/bleeding in the 1st trimester, you really need to demand answers from you doctor and tell them what is going on. Don't get depressed-you aren't even positive you are miscarrying. Please let me know how everything goes. Good Luck-ekay


stacey - February 7

Plus I have read on here brown spotting isn't necessarily bad, it could be old blood...I agree with ekay, I'd def. call my dr! Good luck :)


Stefani - February 8

Hi~ I went for an US yesterday. No heart beat. But this new doc said theya re not even sure the last heart beat they saw was the baby's. Crazy! I don['t know what to think. I go back Thursday for confirmation of either a miscarriage or maybe...just maybe my baby is still ok. My gut says no...but maybe that is because I have been here before. I am not cramping...only a very little bit of brown spotting. I really don't know what to think. I guess I just wait till Thursday. This is crazy making. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the helpful words. God Bless!!


stacey - February 8

what about your symptoms, have they been the same as the beginning?


Stefani - February 8

You know I am not sure. I still feel pregnant, but your mind has a way of playing tricks. I just don't know. I am preparing for the worst, and if the best happens that would be wonderful. I will let you know how Thurs goes.



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