30 Weeks Lots Of Pain

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Kelly - August 23

im 30 weeks and for bout 4 months been have cervical and lower abe pains my doc said im fine but this pain has me in tears an many many sleepness nights ne ideas?


amber - August 23

i have yet to hit 30 weeks, but im sure your doc knows what s/he's talking about


melissa - December 1

i am 34 weeks 6 days and i had an ultrasound for pain that nearly puts me in teras it feels like a constant pain, he told me my amniotic fluid was high 2 weeks ago it was 17cm and today it was 25cm.


stephanie - December 1

I have found the same thing..I just hit 30 weeks & lastnight I woke up with this pain in my right side that was unbearable...I could barely walk...I always think the worst, specially when you hear that when the placenta rips there is pain ... but as far as I can tell, as long as there is no sign of bleeding & your baby is still moving around some then everything must be okay, that's what ppl keep telling me anyway, if you hear anything else, post it, I'd like to know what else it may be as well...but think there is only 10 weeks to go, so we have to pray for the best


Liz Sanderson - December 12

I am 29 weeks and I have started to experience the same pain. This is my second pregnancy and I did not experience this kind of pain with my first baby. I had a C-section because my son was breeched. My friends have told me that this usually happens when the pregnancy starts to stretch your C-section scar tissue. I have an appointment with my Dr tomorrow so I will ask.


kristina - March 7

im 35 weeks on friday and have had the same pains in the mornings they have been there from 22 weeks the doctor says it nothing but i dread getting out of bed as i cry waking up from the pain i cant walk and when i first get my hips crack real bad it is stressting me out and i just want the baby out so i can get a little sleep instead of none i have trouble getting up to my 15 month old little girl cause i cant even move my leg cause of the pain please help i dont know what to do


leann - May 4

for stephanie...i have pains in my right side as well that have me in tears. i just found out that i need my gall bladder removed. i seriously think you should have yours checked to be sure. they plan on giving me my surgery at 34 weeks. pray for me.


sue - May 5

I had a lot of pain deep in my hip/back and it was diagnosed as SI joint pain, and physical therapy really helped


Teri - May 5

I had the same pain when I was pregnant with my son and with this pregnancy. I went to the hospital with my son because of it, and they told me the pain is being caused by the baby pushing on the nerves around my cervex. what I did was when I went to bed at night i would place a pillow under my belly and one between my legs. It didn't take the pain away but it helped to releave some of it and it releaved a lot of the pressure


tami - May 29

I would talk to your doctor about the pain. If you are in that much pain, something has got to be going on. I am 24 weeks and started having horrible pains on my right side last weekend. We went to the doctor and found out I have problems with my gall bladder. Since they don't want to remove it as there is a chance I'd lose my baby, I am on a special diet and have to just deal with it until she is far enough along. If your doctor continues to insist nothing is wrong, you might want to go to another doctor-one who isn't and OB and find out if it is something besides the pregnancy causing the pain.


Mandi - May 29

Your Dr. has most likely told you your pain is your ligaments stretching. These can be very painful.I suggest you change positions until you are comfortable. If you have had a previous baby by c section I suggest you make your Dr. check for stress on your uterus. I had some pain in my last few months of pregnancy and had a uterine rupture at delivery. This rupture nearly cost me my life and did take the life of my son. It is nothing to play around with.If you think there may be something wrong push your Dr. to check you out.


Mimoza - June 2

Girls have you had any internal exams? do you know how far are you dilated?!


LACRESHA - August 28



k - September 19

I am 30 weeks pregnant and have had extreme lower back pain for at least the last two months. I also have restless leg syndrome for which my Dr. prescribed a low dose of Ambien to be taken at bedtime. I did get checked for my pain and was told that most pregnant women do have this pain but it is not always so severe. Try watching your posture and the things you do during the day. You can put pressure on your lower back without realizing it and remember that you already have pressure from the baby and weight of the pregnancy gain. I still wake up in tears but have found that if I have not overdone it the day before that the pain is much milder than usual. For some women standing up to cook dinner is too much for the lower back to handle. Hang in there!!!



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