32 Weeks And Was Told Baby Was In A Deep Sleep

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gkristi - February 26

I took my daughter in today because baby has not been moving very much in the last three days and only once today. They put her on a moniter and the heart rate was a flat 131 and not going up or down so they put a thing on her belly to as they say to wake up the baby. Which it did get the babies heart beat start to do the normal up and down, but she has been having a lot of cramping as well they say it is normal. Has anyone ever herd of a baby going into a deep sleep? I have never herd of anything like this.


time4more - February 26

did they do the test to check for preterm labor?


gkristi - February 26

No they did nothing more the hooked up and monitored the babies heart rate.


JuJu - February 27

Hi gkristi; I am not sure about deep sleep, but I do know that when in-utero bubs are sleeping their heart-rate is lower, sometimes, considerably lower, than when they are awake and active. I found this out at one of my appointments, when my baby was also sleeping. Cramping can also be a normal part of pregnancy, but if she is having it a lot I would definitely seek the opinion of a doctor, preferably a specialist, not a GP. Could it be Braxton Hicks that she's feeling?


gkristi - February 27

JuJu: Thanks. I did get her to her OB this morning they did some test which we will get the results by tomorrow they are to due with preterm labor as well as she goes in for monitoing twice a week, because the OB is very concerned.


DownbutnotOUT - February 27

That's weird whenever I was hooked up to a monitor and the baby was definatly sleeping the heart rate would still fluctuate. I agree with JUJU I would ask for a specialist it doesnt sound right, this is my 5th pregnancy 4th baby and I have NEVER had that happen. take care


gkristi - March 2

Thank Down. I am very worried it helps that they will do monitoring weekly. She went to a high risk specialist in her 4th month we tried to get her back in but was not able they said they would only monitor her... I know this is not normal with the heart rate just due to what I have been through with all the heart sirgeries my own mother has been through,


aubjenwat - March 2

that happen to me, i had not felt my baby move in hours, and we went to the doc, and they said that he was sleeping so the put the weird thing on my belly, it made a really loud noise and like a little shock, and it woke the baby up he started kicking like crazy and it felt weird but then like a hour later he went right back to sleep, when they sleep there developing, so its nothing to worry about it is normal!!!


DownbutnotOUT - March 2

gkristi I'm sure with a specialist monitoring things will be ok :) I was actually hooked up 2 nights ago to the monitoring machine and the baby was definatly sleeping and his heart beat was jumping up and down and my thoughts went back to you and your wife. I say an extra prayer for you guys.


JuJu - March 2

gkristi; just checking in to see how your daughter is going?? I hope everything is ok. You mentioned that she went to see a high risk specialist in her 4th month....does that mean that she had complications earlier on in the pregnancy too? JuJu


JuJu - March 2

Ooops - also meant to ask; has your DD's OB carried out any fetal well-being ultrasounds recently? They check blood boold through the placenta and cord to the baby to make sure the flow/resistance is where it should be etc. They also check amniotic fluid levels, doudble-check blood flow through the heart etc. If they haven't it might be worth requesting. I had it a couple of times during this pregnancy, and it put my mind at rest. Also, does your DD feel the baby move much? JuJu


gkristi - March 2

She sis go in for the non stress test and to check the fluid lvls today. The fluids lvls are just above 15 which are good. They did have to use the little sound wavy thing to get her to wake up again as well as her labor showed up today so she goes back on Wed. They will do these test about every 4 to 6 days. They did do an ulterasound when she was in her 4th month that took a good look at all major organs and bones which was alll good, Thanks for everyones comments. Wish you all luck and healthy babies. Kristi



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