35 Weeks Low Amniotic Fluid

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Becky - November 3

The dr has put me on bed rest and I have to have a non-stress test twice a week. Has this happened to anyone else?


michele - November 3

Hi Becky, how did your Dr. discover that your fluid was low? I am sorry I have no advice to offer, I was wondering how it was discovered that you had low amniotic fluid? Good Luck,Michele


Elizabeth - November 5

When my mother was pregnant with me she had low amniotic fluid, I turned out fine though! I hope your baby does too.


Becky - November 6

The Dr found out because she wanted me to have an ultrasound because I wasn't measuring the way she thought I should be. Tomorrow I will find out if I have to be induced because the baby isn't getting enough nourishment.


Jacqui - January 31

I'm in the same situation - feel a__sured that at least you're in the safe part of your pregnancy where your baby is developed enough to be fine and with any luck will need no pre-natal intensive care! Good luck


FrancesST - February 9

Today is Feb 9. I am on "bedrest" as I type this. This is my third preganacy. I am in my 34 week. I went to the dr yesterday and had an ultrasound because I was measuring 32 weeks instead of 34 weeks. My fluid levels were at 11. I was told normal was between 7 & 27. My baby is little. I was told the baby ws not getting enouhjg nourishment either. It is NOT because I am not eating! I am interested to see if you have delivered, and how much does your baby weigh? Good luck!


Jennifer - March 4

I am going through the same thing. I am 35 Weeks, my last US showed that my fluid was down to 5.4 cm pocket, was admitted to the hospital for 24H IV fluids. Now its up to 13cm and doc told me to stay off my feet and drink lots of water. It's really scarry since I am not leaking fluid and have no clue where it is going. As long as your baby is doing fine, trust that everything will work out. --Jennifer


britneyhayden - March 10

Hey becky i was in the same situation as you i was about 24 weeks when my doctor found out i had low amniotic fluid it got so bad i was like 1 cm away from being in the hospital and them taking the baby then i had like 6cm of fluid in around her and but they did put me in the hospital on extreme bedrest hooked up to fluids and i got us every week and stress test it seemed like everyday when i was about 32 weeks i actually finally got out of the hospital my fluid was pretty good i actually was getting a belly lol and i could feel the baby move ALOT more then i could before and then at 35 weeks my fluid got back down dangerously low and i was actually at my doctors office appointment when my water broke and they put me in the hospital and ended up having a c-section at 35 weeks and my daughter was born at 5lbs 9oz and where she was premature her lungs hadnt fully developed and she had anemothorax when the lung collapses and the air goes into the chest cavity but thanks god in 2 weeks she was out of nicu and home with me and is a healthy 20 month old little girl and i was scared to death and i know you are too but i think you will be fine my advice stay off your feet as much as possible and drink ALOT of water thats what my doctor told me to do before i got put in the hospital although it didnt work so good i do believe it helped alot but ill keep in my prayers good luck



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