3 Hours Glucose Test

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mom2be11 - May 12

Hello, I just found out that my 1-hour glucose test came back high and have to go back Monday to do the 3 hours test. Anybody know what should/shouldn't eat before then? Thanks in advance.


Mommy - May 13

You are not supposed to eat or drink anything but water before the 3 hour test. I had to do the 3 hour with my last pregnancy and it really sucked. You have to avoid all food and flavored drinks because anything that contains sugar will mess up the results of the test. Just make sure that you eat something directly after the last blood drawing session because it is so draining. Good luck to you.


mom2be11 - May 13

Thanks for your response. How far in advance are u not supposed to eat anything? like the night before the test? Did you pa__s the test?


CaliTrish - May 14

Hi mom2be11, they told me not to eat or drink anything besides water for at least 8 hours before the test. Belatedly, I found the following advice to prepare for the (3hr) glucose tolerance diagnostic test on my hmo's website: 1) Eat a balanced diet that contains at least 150 to 200 grams of carbohydrate per day for 3 days before the test. Fruits, breads, cereals, grains, rice, crackers, and starchy vegetables such as potatoes, beans, and corn are good sources of carbohydrate. 2) Do not eat, drink, smoke, or exercise strenuously for at least 8 hours before your first blood sample is taken. 3) Tell your health professional about all prescription and nonprescription medications you are taking. You may be instructed to stop taking certain medications before the test. Not sure how much the carbs beforehand help, but I failed my GTT at 11 weeks. I've been on a "no sugar/low carb" diet ever since in addition to testing my blood sugar four times a day and a half pill of glyburide at night. Definitely drink lots of water as it will help with the blood draws and bring a good book. Good luck with your test.


mom2be11 - May 14

Hi CaliTrish, thank you so much for the info. I am very nervous about the test tomorrow..I'll keep you posted.


GraphxGirl - May 14

I just had my 3 hour test a couple weeks ago.. I had to eat 2 chocolate bars a day for 3 days and on the 3rd night I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight... had to be at the hospital the next morning at 7:30 am... good luck with the results and all :)


mom2be11 - May 15

Hi GraphxGirl , did your OB tell you to do all those things? you werent allowed to drink anything even water? because I heard water was ok. Did you pa__s the test?


monkey123 - May 15

My doctor said that to get the most "accurate results" from the test, you shouldn't eat anything the night before the test. you can drink water though. if you get really hungry & see some food in your stomach...resort to something that doesn't have CARBS or SUGAR.


GraphxGirl - May 15

Nope, no water was allowed either for me... I guess they must do tests differently depending on the way your first test turns out.


GraphxGirl - May 15

Forgot to say.. I didn't get a call back so I take it the 2nd test tuned out ok.


mommietobe - May 15

I just took my three hour last Mon. and pa__sed. I failed it with my first pg. Make sure you bring a book to read and carry something in your purse to eat right after test is done. Crackers are a good choice. They wouldn't let me drink water during the test so you'll probably be thirsty too. Good luck and I hope your test comes back ok.


mishy - May 17

You have to carbo load 3 days before the test (potatoes, pasta, bread) then fast for at least 8 hrs. So try to take the test first thing in the morning, have dinner early the night before and nothing in between. I was allowed to drink water before and during the test. I have done it 3 times already over 2 pgs.. the last time I felt really off, the first 2 times not great but not bad. Definitely take something to pa__s the time, books, letters to write, sc___pbooking stuff.. anything! And head straight for a bakery after! :)


mom2be11 - May 23

I just got the result from my 3 hr glucose test and it's positive :((. I spoke to the nurse from my doctor's office and she scheduled me an appointment with the doctor who does my ultrasound( I have to go a different doctor to do ultrasound). Do u think it's weird? and the appointment is not till next month. I thought when you were diagnosed with GD you're supposed to meet with a dietician asap. What do u guys think?


CaliTrish - May 24

Sorry to hear that you failed your 3hr test. Did they give you the actual readings? They moved pretty quick for me - 1hr on Monday, 3hr on Friday, and Dietician & Blood Sugar Monitor on Tuesday. Perhaps you didn't fail the test too badly. You could call your doctor's office and express your concerns. Or you could be proactive and modify your diet on your own until your next appt. Here's the diet they put me on - 30g carb for breakfast & snacks, 45g carbs for lunch & dinner, don't go more than 2-3 hours between eating, no sugar/sweets, and don't fast more than 8-10 hours - basically equals breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, dinner, snack. One serving of Dairy (8oz 2% milk, 6oz artificially sweetened yogurt), Starch (1 slice whole grain bread, 1/3 cup rice/pasta, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes), or Fruit (sm apple/orange/banana, 2 tbsp raisins) equals 15gm of carbohydrates. Vegetables are more-or-less free and should be eaten at every meal. Eat 2-3 servings of protein (1oz meat/cheese, 1 egg) per meal. GD isn't as bad as it seems. Good luck.


Jen - May 25

Same here. I did a 3 hour and they said two of my numbers were abnormal which equals gestational diabetes. I have to see a maternal fetal specialist for further tests. They said depending on what my levels are will determine whether insulin is required or just a diet. I was surprised that I failed since my 1 hour levels were 132.


CaliTrish - May 25

Sorry to hear you failed the 3hr, Jen. Hopefully, you'll be able to control the GD by diet alone. If not, you might ask about Glyburide. I take a half pill at night to keep my fasting levels down. I *really* didn't want to give myself insulin shots for 29 weeks.


Batya - June 1

hi mom2be11. first let me say - that if you have GD or berderline GD - don't worry! as long as you are careful to keep you blood-sugar-levels even (and not high) you and your baby should be fine. i went through 4 pregnancies, did the 3hr GTT in each, and it was borderline pos only the last time. i was lucky and managed to use diet alone to control it (not alsways an option). second- if your dr is ignorant enough to send you dehydrated to a GTT, that's not a great sign- you might want to consider finding someone else to take care of you. last bit of advice - because of the huge risks of UNCONTROLLED gd (to you and the fetus) - it's really important to do whatever you need to. after my last pregnancy when i had GD i also joined a gym and took of all that extra "babyfat" that i had collected over the years and pregnancies, because the extra weight and lack of fitness are considered big risk factors for developing regular D within 5 yrs of having GD (GD also raises the risk of future GD for yourself, and D for the baby later on, even GD for your baby girl when she gets to be a mom) according to the reseach i read. sorry to sound scary, nowadays controlling GD and D is done successfully all the time, so - no worries! you should enjoy the pregnancy, do waht you need to, don't obsess about it. God be with you.



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