3rd Trimester U S Issue HELP

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Janny - February 20

I am 35 weeks pregnant and had my 2nd u/s in as many weeks. Last week the doctor said that the head and legs measured 34 centimeters - which is in step with how many weeks I was pregnant - but he said the abdomen/torso - measured 30 c - everything else was fine. Today he said the baby has grown - but the abdomen is still behind and now there is an issue with the placenta now working at 100%. So I go in next week again for another and if things stay the same - we keep progressing - if the placenta worsens - then we will induce the 37th week. Has anyone gone through this? If the abdomen is less - what does that mean? A skinny baby? Is that bad? All organs and limbs are fine. Does anyone have any other insights?


Sabina - February 22

Hi Jenny, it may not be as bad as it sounds! When I was in my 35th week my baby was also growing normally. However the ultrasound revealed that the baby's abdomen was small and corrosponds to a 32 week baby! This was attributed to the fact that bloodflow to the uterus was at a borderline level. They also said that the liquid surrounding the baby was slightly low and the placenta bit old. As a result the doc prescribed some medicines which are uterine relaxants, also Atymin M which helps in development of baby and I was also put on a 1 day drip to increase the level of liquid. I took another ultrasound 10 days later and the baby's weight and abdomen had increased and become normal! I know my problem was slightly different but don't worry so much. As long as the weight of the baby is ok and the doc presrcibes you the appropriate medicine to a__sist in the baby's growth your baby will be fine. Make sure the food you are taking is v nutritious and always remember to take PLENTY OF FLUIDS


lunamoo - February 22

Hi Janny, I am confused, how can the head and femur measure 34 cm at 35 weeks!?! An abdomen measurement of 30 cm at 35 weeks is normal according to many fetal biometric charts I have...? I am very wary of any "inductions" when I do not fully 100% understand the reasoning to back it up...Inducing puts the fetus at risk as well! Can you be more specific about the measurements? Did he give you centiles...?


Janny - February 22

Lunamoo - the first u/s was at 34 weeks -so the head and femur were at 34 and teh abdomen was at 30. This week - week 35 - all 3 numbers were different and now he says the placenta is not functioning 100% - but the baby did grow. So now we are just going week to week to watch her progress. What questions do I need to ask? I didn't know they could give you any drugs to help out?? Thanks for your help!! ;o)



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