41 And On Number 3

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gh - January 18

i just found out that i am preg again with my 3 i am 41 . eversince i had my first child 7 years ago i have heard that and amno can cause miscarrages .i this true.


Ro - January 27

When I was 29 I had an amnio and the doctors told me there is a risk if miscarriage. All the same, I went through with it and today I have a healthy and intelligent adolescent. I read in an article there is a 1% chance in 100 that you could have a down syndrome baby -- my husband says these are still good odds. I think if you are healthy and you've had healthy children, God will bless you with another healthy child. Best of luck!


Tara-T - January 28

Gh: This is such a loaded topic, and as Ro stated, there is a risk of miscarriage with Ammio and with any invasive procedure...I know many older moms who wouldn't go without having an amnio since after 40 the risk of downs and other congential disorders is pretty high. However, it seems that the question has more to do with what you would do with the infomration....if, for example, you would be committed to having your baby regardless of the outcome, then perhaps the risk, (however small it may be) is a risk you're not willing to take. On the other hand, perhaps you are committed to having the baby no matter what, but it would be important for you to know if there may be a disorder so that you can emotionally and logistically prepare for that situation. That may be reason enough to take the small risk. As for me, (I'm also in my early 40's...) my husband and I decided that since, under no circ_mstances would we terminate a pregnacy, it didn't make sense to us to take the small risk, and we would just hope for the best. There are many blood tests which can detect disorders, these days...plus, ultrasound, (whcih is not invasive) is predictive for the more visible defects. Remember that the medical community likes to push amnio for ANY women over 35....but you've every right to refuse the test, for whatever reason. Best of luck with your pregnacy.


gh - January 29

thank you girls so much for your replys but sad to say i had a miscarrage on thursday. i guess god knows best. thank you bye


Lina - September 16

HI. When I was 27, I got pregnant for the first time. Had an abortion. When I was 36, got pregnant for the second time, and was told the blood test chromosomes looked high for down syndrome. I asked my doctor "if it does have it, would there be anything I could do to change it before the baby's born?" she said no. I said, then, I'll go ahead and just take my chances. Healthy baby girl. At age 38 1/2, I had a third pregnancy. Miscarriage, which was just in time for me to take my much needed timely radiation treatments for b___st cancer. God does know what he's doing. Is it age related? My doc thought so. I had a bad fall 3 days before the miscarriage, but they all agree this had nothing to do with it. Possibly also could have been that I had to undergo some general anesthesia only 5 days after conception. So, which was it that caused the miscarriage at age 38 1/2? Age, stress, body slam on the ground, (I was running from a mosquito), or the general anesthesia 10 days after conception? Or was it God, telling me to go ahead with my radiation immediately? I may never know. YOu're not alone with anything.



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