43 And 5 5 Weeks Pregnant Anyone Else Out There

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Kate - April 4

Hi out there. Im 43 and due on December 1. I have 3 teenagers and in a new marriage. So far my HCG levels are low but going for HCG test tomorrow then Dr's Wednesday. I had tubes untied in May 2003, miscarried at 12 weeks preg in December 2003 and have been trying ever since. Some pains in Left side took me to A&E last week although they said an ultrasound would be useless at this early stage (too small to see anything) and suggested to keep fingers crossed. 2 days later my HCG levels had doubled although still very low. Still waiting and hoping.


Frank - April 4

What are HCG Levels? my partner is 41 and due in NOV. her first time, good health and shape and weight.


Kate - April 10

HCG is the level of pregnancy hormone in the blood and the urine. The higher, the better. When I went for the HCG level two days latter it had doubled, but I misacrried 5 days later. Spose I will just keep trying.Hope everything goes well with your wife.


tory - April 11

Hi, everyone. I'm 44 and trying again to conceive with my "mature eggs". Three m/c since I was 40. I think drs. would prefer I give up and go home, but we are determined! Will try an aspirin a day as I've had problems with clots, as well as progesterone cream. Blessings.


Kate - April 11

Well me again. Got a phone call from my Dr today. i had a bllod test on the 4th day of bleeding heavy. she called to say my HCG was still up, i have to have another blood test tomorrow and if its up hiigher again I need to have ultrasound to see hats happening. this whole thiong is driving me crazy, i have pains in the left side all the time. worried now it could be eptopic. Going by my dates i would be 7 weeks if the fetus is still viable. Guess i will wait and see.


Tara-T - April 11

Kate: wow, good luck with everything...I've heard the HcG needs to be in the 1000's before anything can be seen on ultrasound. What are your numbers? I'm 42 and have had 2 mc's last year. Now seeing a R.E and feeling more hopeful (on Clomid). Anyway, best of luck....let us know..will be rooting for ya!


tory - April 12

Kate,as long as the numbers are up, there's hope. Keeping you in our prayers:)


tory - April 12

Kate, as long as the numbers are up, there's hope. Keeping you in our prayers:)


tory - April 12

OOPs, sorry. For some reason I posted twice.


Wendy - April 12

Kate, So sorry for you' re loss. I'm 42 and I miscarried on saturday. I was 10 weeks pregnant. My first pregnacy. I don't think I will try again.


tara-T - April 12

Kate: Any news? Don't give up. Wendy: So sorry about your loss. One miscarriage at ANY age is very, VERY common. 10 weeks is pretty far along (my two miscarriages happened at or around 6 weeks, they happened when I was 41, I'm now 42). Did the docs say what the cause of miscarriage was for you?


Wendy - April 12

Thanks tara-T, I'm not sure what went wrong. The Doc said the fetus stopped growing at 6 weeks. He said maybe a bad egg or sperm. Nothing my husband or I did wrong, it just happens.


Tara-T - April 12

Wendy: I know it's really hard...I was thinking of throwing in the towel after the second mis (both, by the way, came naturally, no d/c). But then I decided I had to KNOW. It can be something as simple as a hormone imbalance, or blood not clotting enough. And yes, it could have been a chromosomal mutations. Anway, we've decided to try again under the strict supervision of our reproductive endocrinolgist. Have you checked out the website I posted on the "over 40" thread?


Wendy - April 12

Tara-T, I miscarried at home, no d/c for me either. I had no insurance coverage So I just let nature take its course. The Doc advised me to go to the emergency room if I couldn't handle the pain. At this point I know it's just fear talking. I just need a little recovery time. I wish the best for you Tara-T. You seem like a strong, smart woman.


Tara-T - April 12

Wendy, not sure about what state you're in, but if you're preggos, you can usually get emergency Medicaid, and will pay for all your prenatal. Good luck with whatever you choose to do, I know it's still early and it does take time (I'm still trying to think of ways to memorialize the two little beings that didn't make it into this world).


Wendy - April 12

Tara-T, Only 2 months in my state. I looked into it. Anyhow thank you again. I just needed to talk/type to some one. I'll check out that site you mentioned.


Kate - April 14

Hi Wendy, Tara and Tory. Well its all over for me. (this time anyway). Ultrasound showed no abnormalities (no ectopic or molar pregnancy). Blood levels going up slightly were described to me as similar to your bdy temperature fluctuating and it was neither her nor there. More thatn likley the pregnancy hoemone was just slowly getting out of my system. What is this website you are talking about? Where are you all from anyway? Im Central Victoria. Please advise. Oh and good luck girls, i think we need to stick together.



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