47 And Pregnant

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GG - August 6

Wow! After reading all these posts, I'm happy I've not let myself get too nuts yet. Just found out I'm pregnant at 46 for the first time. I'm going to get a blood test to confirm (although 2 at home tests said I was pregnant), then take it from there. My mom had me when she was 40, nearly 41, and she said I was the easiest to have. I'm praying that all goes that way with me, too. Please hold me (and my baby) in your prayers if you would. I am going to wait until I'm about 4 months along before telling most people -- I know a lot could happen between now and then, so I think it's best to wait. Best of luck to you, confused. Hopefully, your moniker will change to "confident" soon!


Debbie - August 11

I was 40 at the time of my first baby she is now 6 years old and healthy. There are mant test out there today to determine if your baby is healthy, take the test before you make a decision. Doctors have a job to do, so they tell you all what could happen but it can happen to anyone at any age. Life is longer now. You have plenty of time to be there and to be a good parent. Congratulations on having a happy and healthy pregnancy. Stay positive I'm sure everything will be ok.


Holly - August 11

Dear Confused- Babies are a very special gift from God. Be happy! I too am an older mom and when my OB started in about Downs Syndrome and all that I knew to trust God and I now have a most beautiful, intelligent, gifted 22 month old princess. Don't throw away a child, put your trust in your savior.


KK - August 19

Hi Confused. I wrote a while ago, but we haven't heard from you for about a month now, and I I was just wondering how things were going?


Confused - August 19

Hi, KK. To answer your question, I seem to be doing okay so far. I'm 14 weeks along. I had CVS testing at 12 weeks to check for the "biggie" chromosomal abnormalities. The readings were fine, and my husband and I learned we're having a son. However, the hospital that performed the procedure still wants me to have a detailed ultrasound at 18-20 weeks and maternal serum testing at 16 weeks. I'm not familiar with either procedure. They also brought up that because I already have one child with a developmental disability (a 16-year old son with PDD-NOS) and the cause is unknown, it can't be ruled out that it may not happen again. That son, however, is from my first marriage (obviously, from a different father than the child I'm currently carrying). Even so, I'm concerned. I felt as though my age was highlighted in big, bold letters, as though I'd be beyond lucky for everything to turn out okay. It seems that when I start to feel more at ease about things turning out alright, somebody has to throw in a monkey wrench and the concerns hit monumental proportions. I've got to admit, though, you guys have been great. You've helped me keep my sanity!


Joann - August 23

I think another issue is here. I had my 10th baby at age 45. I too have an autistic. When my husband was called up for the war I delivered at an army hospital. They tested me for everything and i never had soooo many papers to fill out saying i was informed about all the things that could go wrong. The medical profession is very thourough to protect themselves from law suits and to follow the current thinking on medical stats. I contribute my son's autism to immunization reaction. The doctors had me sign papers warning about fever, convulsions, but never autism. I am happy with all my children and my last baby is a fine healthy girl. Having this baby made me healthier, because some new little person now depended on me. After the birth, i lost weight and feel years younger. You'll never know unless you're open to the new experience what life will bring you. Don't let anyone scare you because you're older and wiser than you were 20 years ago.


joann - August 23

i would like to add to the last post, when i had my baby at 45 the docs were worried about her nuchal fold being too big and a sign of downs. They also did a sonogram on her heart in utero. My baby was born normal, and her heart is great. Doctor's are very thourough especially if you have a good insurance company to pay for it. I also lost a baby, so i guess i really had 11 . Funny thing, i'd like to have another. We are open to it. Childbirth is normal and good for us. I'm glad my mom had me.


v~ - August 24

Your story gives me inspiration. I am 42 and 11 weeks pregnant. I go for my CVS test on Monday (very nervous because I don't know what to expect) My husband and I are just very nervous, especially until we get the CVS results. Can any one out there tell me just exactly how long the test lasts, is it painful, (I'm a very big chicken) details on the procedure. I know what the test is, I just want to hear someone who has actually experienced the test. Thanks~


Confused - August 24

I had the CVS testing 2-3 weeks ago. My fear of it was much worse than the actual testing. However, I'll be honest...I never looked at the needle, nor did I look at my husband to see the expression on his face. I knew it would be a long needle, but it doesn't hurt (I don't think) any more than any other needle...perhaps even less. The doctor said I'd feel a pinch when he first entered my abdomen (I had to have it through my abdomen because the placenta is at the top of my uterus), and then a cramp as the needle entered my uterus. I felt a slight pinch initially when the needle entered my abdomen, and a slight ache, not cramp, when he entered my uterus. I told the doctor, when he was done, that he was really good...that I've had gas pains hurt worse than that (I have). I'm a chicken when it comes to pain, too, despite having four children, so I figure if it went that good for me it, most likely, will for you as well. The slight ache I had after the procedure lasted for a couple of hours. The post-procedure sheet they send you home with tells you to take it easy the rest of the day, but if I didn't have those instructions, I'd have probably gone about my usual business. Best of luck to you!!!


tammie - February 22

Hello: Are you concerned about having another child on the autism spectrum? I ask because my second husband has one child from his first marriage who is mildy autisic. I have two healthy boys from my first marriage. I had super/easy pregnancies and would love for us to have our own child but he is VERY concered with the possiblity of having a second autisic child. We went to a genetic conselour and they said 92% change of having a healthy child as far as autisim is concerned. I just turned 40 and he will turn 40 in April. Any ideas? Thanks!


Lala - February 27

this thread is 1 1/2 years old. Who knows what happened with "confused" 's baby. hopefully all is well!


ConfuseD - March 3

Lala...who knows what happened to Confused (now ConfuseD) and her baby? Well, I had the most WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL son (to add to my other most wonderful, beautiful sons and daughters)! He turned 1 last month! Ladies, I have to tell you, it hurts to read my original post. I could cry buckets to think I ever even considered ending the pregnancy, because of how happy my husband and I are with our son. Even during my pregnancy, especially after I got past the 12-week hurdle, my husband and I pondered how many people DID abort because they got more scared than we from the horror statistics doctors gave them (primarily because of trying to avoid malpractice suits), and thought the odds were so greatly stacked against them they aborted perfectly healthy babies that would've made them SO happy. Of course, this is said AFTER all turned out well (despite having gestational diabetes in the latter part of my pregnancy). When you're in the thick of it, it all seems so frightening and confusing, and all you want is peace of mind. Anyway, our baby weighed 9 lbs. 2.2 oz. and was 20 1/2 in. tall. He now weighs 20 lbs. 10 oz. and is 29 1/2 in. tall (the doctor isn't concerned that his height is proportionally greater than his weight because he's such an active little guy). He walks all over the place and babbles like crazy. He adores his older siblings, as well as mom and dad. He's a total joy, and despite that my husband and I were scared out of our wits, we'd do it all over again (and have thought about it...if the Lord wishes to grant us another child). Of course, in all honesty, we'd still be a bit shaky, and I would hope not to have GD again (despite having it, I felt SOOOOOO good when pregnant). Anyhow, I still visit this site occasionally, and was surprised to see my first post from over a year ago, but am still thankful when I read the kindhearted comments you all took the time to write. I think this site is a wonderful place for us ladies to help each other out!


Lala - March 6

CONGRATS!!!!!! Good for you for standing up for your son's life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What beautiful news to hear your update! I have a 6 week son. CHILDREN ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT!


suze42 - March 6

ConfuseD--CONGRATS!!!!! What a great story! I think its a good lesson for so many of us...you can worry and worry, but a child is a gift and only God knows the plan. I am 42yo and 20 wks pg. So far so good...hopefully in 4mos I will be having a baby girl to add to my DS4. I was SO worried in my first trimester...and I still am hesitant to buy anything. But we have to have some faith. Im so happy all turned out well for you!


Shannie - March 18

I am so touched by this post. I'm so glad that everything worked out for you and I'm especially glad that faith prevailed over science and medical advice. Like Suze said, only God knows the plan. God bless you all. =D


patticake - April 3

I actually don't have an answer. I just need some advise from some who understands. I am 48. I have three children (all normal pregnancies) from a previous marriage, and I have had a two miscarriages the past two years. Every time I start my period and am so disappointed and cry. Am I crazy to want to have a baby with my current husband? Should I give up hope, or is there still a chance? I have had blood tests done-and I am not going through menapause. Any advise?



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