47 And Pregnant

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patticake - April 3

I actually don't have an answer. I just need some advise from some who understands. I am 48. I have three children (all normal pregnancies) from a previous marriage, and I have had a two miscarriages the past two years. Every time I start my period and am so disappointed and cry. Am I crazy to want to have a baby with my current husband? Should I give up hope, or is there still a chance? I have had blood tests done-and I am not going through menapause. Any advise?


Allisonc79 - April 9

This post is a year old. I was reading it as if it was now too. Now I am disappointed there is no update! Hope all went ok.


lawlady72 - April 9

Alison update is from March 3rd, 2007 above. All went well.


ConfuseD - April 11

Patticake, I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriages. Don't a__sume they were necessarily age-related, despite the statistics. This discussion board has a lot of encouraging info for "older" moms who wish to get pregnant. Best of luck and God's blessings, to you and your husband!!


CC2 - January 9

I would personally find another doctor. or explain to the one you have "IF" you feel you would stay with them,that you understand the risks,but the choice is yours. I was 27yrs. old and had a full term D/S baby. He lived two weeks and died due to heart complications, I have three healthy normal childern now adults.I was told no more after that I did not listen I had a Perfectly healthy normal babygirl. now, I am 47 yrs. old and a possibilty i am preganat again. I have not been to the doctors yet . But Even after what i endured with the child i lost , I am willing to take my chances. I do believe that what was ment to be is ment to be . in times ago , many women older then 35 + had babys, No one thought twice. "Keep positive" that is a best to apply to life always,especially when health is concerned. Best wishes to you and Your husband and the new baby to come :-)


Dahlberg - June 24

Dear Confused, GG,and all the other women on this site.  I have just had a very similar experience with my GP.  He was doubtful to the point of almost suggesting that termination was my best option (if I was responsible).  I am only 6 weeks pregnant.  I feel very alone and extremely scard.  The day after I found out I was pregnant, I also found out my partner was having an affair in a terrible way, and all he could say was that I had 'fkd up a relationship for him'.  The next day I experienced some light bleeding and pain.  Its stopped today, but unlike other mothers, there have been no flowers or congratulations for me.  Everyones first question is, 'are you going to keep the baby'.  I guess my baby will decide.  All my life I wanted to be a mother.  I'm terrified of losing him or her, but I know there is a good chance given my age, and that 20 years ago I had an eptopic pregnancy.  It seems that there is plenty of support for teens in pregnancy, but if you are deemed 'old', there is none and its very frightening.  I check for bleeding every time I pass urine, and thank God when there is none.  Please pray for me and my baby.  I will pray for yours and all the other women who have talked on this page.  


JoMom - October 8

I'm thankful for the positive comments and stories. I just found out today, a week after my 47th bday, that I'm pregnant. I have a lot of thinking to do. I have 2 beautiful girls 13 and 15. I'm with a newer partner and we are crazy about each other but I have so many fears! I have numerous fears about having the baby, and only one fear about terminating the pregnancy, that being the fear of ending a life, half of myself and half of someone else who is special. I've never been an advocate either way... pro-life, or pro-choice. I probably lean more towards the pro-choice especially if there is a health concern for mom or baby or if the mom was sexually assaulted and got pregnant as a result. At any rate, I will try to disspell any thoughts about what my small town people would say or think, about what my ex-husband and his family might think. All I care about is what my daughters might think, should I keep the pregnancy. My youngest would be really happy. My eldest would be somewhat embarrassed and not impressed at first (she's a teen in high school, and not a huge baby lover even though she is a complete sweetheart and beautiful young woman inside and out). When I think of terminating the pregnancy I think of Joan and Mary and can't imagine my life without them in it! They are the most amazing and lovely human beings. I'm so shocked. The baby daddy is supportive but has mixed feelings as well. He would never tell me to abort. But he does have reservations about a new little one, just like I do. What a difficult thing to consider.



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