4th Possible Miscarriage

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hdhouse27 - December 20

I have had 3 miscarriages over the past three years. One of these was actually an ectopic pregnancy. I had to get a dose of methotrexate to absorb the fetus. I started my period on Dec 6th. It seemed to be a normal period. It lasted for about 5 days, which is normal. Two days later after it ended, I started bleeding again, bright red blood. However, it wasn't quite as heavy as a regular period, but it was heavy enough to go through a few pads a day. I am still bleeding 8 days later. I did see my doctor two days ago. He did a va___al ultrasound and saw nothing in my uterus. My hcg was 38. I'm not sure what is going on. I'm still bleeding. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant and it was just too early to see anything, or if i have miscarried or maybe it's another ectopic. Help!


ifyk - December 22

since there is no baby ,tell your Doctor to give u an injection to stop the bleeding .My doctor told me after my D/C that if i see a bright red blood i should come to emergency room immediately. Sorry for everything your time is coming


LeeAnn0925 - December 27

Hello hdhouse27, I have went through just about the same has you. I had 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy. When I had my last Miscarriage my Doctor insisted I see a fertility doctor. So, of course I schedule with a fertility doctor and they run tons of blood test and all that good stuff. I tried 3 IUI's (artificial inseminations) which were all unsuccessful and that's when my doctor told me he wanted to go in and take a look at my insides (surgery). I ended up having surgery in March 2007 and my doctor found a slight case of endomitriosis and adhesions in both of my tubes. These problems were causing me to loose my baby or it getting hung up in my tubes. Afte my surgery my doctor told me what he found and said I was has good has new and he seen me getting pregnant in 6 monhs. Well, 4 months after my husband and I started trying again I got pregnant and I am now 17w4 days pregnant. Everything looking good. All my other pregnancies ended before 6 weeks. I am so thankful that I went to a fertility doctor. There are so many things that need to be working right in order for a pregnancy to last ( hormones,ect) IF you can see a fertility doctor ASAP and they will help and it will be sooo worth it....Good luck with everything


moryanc - December 28

hdhouse27 I feel your pain. I too have had 3 prior miscarriages and am going through a 4th...I think. I'm currently awaiting my test results. What did the Dr. tell you? Have you continued taking Home pregnancy tests? If so how are they coming back?


jademaiden - December 28

Hi hdhouse27! It sounds like you are having a missed miscarriage. Make sure you get another HCG test 2 days after the first to see if the #'s are going down... If they go up, you will need an ultrasound to see if there's anything in the uterus (to make sure it's not ectopic). As LeeAnn mentioned, I would recommend getting a hystosalpinogram done to check your tubes/uterus for adhesions or scarring. Just know you are not alone :) I'm 32 now, been trying for 4 years, and I have had 4 miscarriages. I couldn't get pregnant the first year, did 2 failed IUI's, 1 failed IVF, and 1 ZIFT IVF and finally got pregnant. Lost that one at 10 wks, got pregnant on my own 3 times after that and lost those too! I have been through 4 fertility specialists - did all the tests - and I was diagnosed as "unexplained" The first one did a hystosalpinogram and found no scarring and open tubes. However, my current dr. recommended doing a hysteroscopy. He said the the small fibroid I had - which all the other dr's said wasn't a problem - was distorting the shape of my uterus. I had a myomectamy done about a month ago and I am *praying* it will solve my problems! I suppose there are still possiblities of genetic & immunological issues... but I am so exhausted!!! We start trying again next month so I just have to just wait and see! I feel like I have just been drowning in sorrow over the past 4 years... no one understands how difficult and heartbreaking it is to have multiple m/c's and not knowing if you'll have a baby (especially when all your friends are having babies without problems) Stories like LeeAnn's should give us much hope!


LeeAnn0925 - December 29

jademaiden, I know exactly how you feel. It took my husband and I 4 years to get pregnant with this pregnancy. I truely thought that I would never have a baby. I still think that believe it or not. I am only 17w6d today and still sooo many things could go wrong and I just can't see myself having a healthy baby in 5 months because of everything we have went through in the past. I pray everyday. I also was diagnosed as "unexplained". My doctor did the dye in my tubes and everything looked fine but it wasn't until after I had a Laparoscopy done did they find the adhesions and endomitriosis. Have they checked your tubes from the inside with a laparoscopy?? Also, keep me posted on how things go for you. I wish all the luck to you.


jademaiden - December 30

After everything we've been through, I imagine we won't truly believe we're going to be mothers until that baby is in our arms! We are kinda robbed of that experience of having a pure happy 9 months ;) ... worry will always be on our minds and it seems like any second something can go wrong. In a way - We are used to hearing bad news and it has made us so jaded, ya know? I did the hystosalpinogram (the dye in the tubes) 2 years ago and the dr. said everything was fine. It wasn't until I recently did a hysteroscopy (which is basically like a laparoscopy) and that's when the new dr. recommended taking out the 2cm fibroid. He looked around during that surgery since I was cut open and he said I was free of adhesions or endometriosis. I can't believe it's been 4 years!!! I have watched friends who WEREN'T EVEN DATING when we started trying go on and have babies within this time! It is soooo frustrating and heartbreaking! Kudos to you for "surviving" this far and my very *best* wishes for you, your husband, and your healthy baby :) I would love to keep in touch and hear your progress! Like I said... Your story gives me a glimmer of hope... something I haven't felt in a long time!


princesa - December 31

LeeAnn and jademaiden- I was reading your posts and they brought me to tears- I want to let you ladies know not to loose hope- no matter how hard it may seem sometimes. I have had six m/c since fall of 2003, and ranging from 6 weeks to 3 months gestation. I thought i was done and I would never be able to have another (i know, at least I have one) but that doesnt take away the physical and emotional pain of losing a pregnancy. I am now 31w3d with a baby boy. I just want to wish you all luck and i will keep you in my prayers. There is hope, keep your heads up!!! :)



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