5 Weeks Pregnant No Fetal Pole Or Yolk Sac

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J J - July 11

I too have been having some problems, My first preg. was an ectopic ending up with the removal of my right tube. 6 months later and I am 5w4d preg. Had bleeding and was admitted to hospital. They examined me and told me that I was not miscarrying. U/S revealed a sac and yolc sac but no fetal pole. From what I have read on other websites it is normal not to see a fetal pole or hb at this time. In several cases the first u/s is meant to be in the 8w. So I think that in most cases we have to be a bit patient before jumping to conclusions. I wish u all the very best


Bobbi - July 14

my update: I just had another ultrasound today and some spotting. The ultrasound showed growth from sack, but no baby or heartbeat. The dr. called to say that he was going to check my quant screens tomorrow and then he would get back to me. He said the ultrasound didn't show normal growth. It is dating me at like 7 weeks when I'm more like 11 or more. I really want a d&c and just to get if over with if I'm losing it. I've had a painful miscarrige before and I don't want to just sit around and wait for it.


Amy - July 14

update: i had u/s today and all went well seen baby and it measured 8wk5d and heart was 188bpm


cheryl - July 15

iam also in the same boat went for my scan 5weeks today they couldnt see a heart beat but my hcg levels are at 9000 iam abit worried now reading some levels of the girls hcg levels being at 15000 and 22000 is this normal me being at 9000 have no bleeding and no pains talk about confused is this normal


emma - July 18

Im so pleased theres others out there in the same situation as I am. This is my second pregnancy, no probs with my first. I went for an u/s on friday after cramping pains, according to my dates I was 6.5 weeks. There was a sac and she thinks she saw a tiny fetal pole but wasnt 100%. There was no heart beat seen. Also the sac was an irregular shape, sort of like a long oval instead of round and there was bleeding within the sac. I am booked for another u/s in 2 weeks time. The doctor said the pregnancy does not look very promising at all. Anyone in similar situation??? Please reply even if you miscaried as that is what I am expecting anyway. Good luck to all of you xx


rose - July 18

i am having the same problem i am 51/2 week pregnant and i went for my first altrasound and they asw a sac and a youk sac but no fetal pole and i am scard i had on miscarriage befor i had my son and mow i a pregnant again so i go back to the dr for a nother u/c tomorrow please pray for me that they find a fetal pole thank


k - July 25

Sorry to post bad news on this site but I think it's better to be prepared. 10 days ago I had a dating scan which put me two weeks behind my dates (I know the date I conceived) and the heart rate was 94bpm. Today I had another and the baby had only grown by 1mm and they couldn't find a heartbeat or fetal pole. Still waiting to speak to the doctor but it is pretty certain that i'll miscarry or have D&C.


rose - July 26

do not worry i went for my altra sound and in just five days from when i got my first on they saw the baby and the deart beat it was just to earliy so donot worry you will be just fine


chris - July 28

hi all.... I felt a glimmer of optimism after reading some of your experiences, Went to DR today for first visit. Should be in week 10, discovered that there is some issue in there. Dr saw what she believed to be a fetal pole and put me at about 6 weeks (if I am an optimist) However, there is a chance that it's a m/c. have to go back in a week to see if there is any change. i feel like i should be just waiting to bleed after leaving that office today. it's so frustrating.


chris - July 28

emma, how are you holding up knowing that you have to wait two weeks? I have to go back next week and I hate the wait already. It's also our 2nd pregnancy...how are you feeling?


Risa - July 28

I'm in the same boat as many of you and not feeling positive at all. I went for my first US today at what I thought was 6w2d but the doctor said I'm 5w4d, even though I tend to have very short cycles. He only saw the gestational sac and what might have been a yolk sac. They have not scheduled a second US but I really feel like they should. Is it ok to not have seen much at this stage?


chris - July 28

Hi Risa, I am going with the answer that it's to early to see things. That's the one that makes me feel a hell of a lot better. Doesn't it suck? you go in and are in a great mood. Come out and you're crying. Hang in there. When are you going back?


andria - July 28

Hi. Had a m/c at around 6 wks in January. Had a lot of bleeding throughout pregnancy. Just found out I'm pregnant again and MD sent me for a US yesterday. Thought I should be 6wks + but only dating at 5w 2d. They see a gestational sac but no fetal pole, suggestionf it may be too early. I heard a heartbeat during a few sections of the US. What was that & how worried should I be?


chris - July 28

andria, what did the dr say about the heartbeat or was it some person who then sends the results to the doctor? I think that it's too early until 8 weeks at least. Our Dr doesn't even schedule a 1st appointment until 8 weeks. Hence, I was in for a shock when they estimated i was only 6wks. Hang in there and try to convince yourself that it is too early. I left with the dr saying it was either too early or a m/c. We're going with the early thing for now. How long did it take for you to be certain it was a m/c last time? If this little "seed" isn't growing in there I want to know! I hate this waiting, I feel like I am constantly checking to see if there is any bleeding as this didn't happen the 1st time around...


andria - July 28

Chris, I was told right from the beginning that the 1st one was going to m/c because I had so much bleeeding (for days & days). Yesterday's US was just the tech. I tried to called the office but the md's staff blew me off - I was considering changing now I am! I have to try again tomorrow & see if I can get through her wall of the front desk satff.


chris - July 29

Andria, do you have any bleeding this time? If you don't then that is a positive alone and should keep you going till you get through to someone. Good luck trying to get answers. Isn't it amazing that something so small can cause so much thinking and stress? Let me know if you get through,. I am wondering if they will say it was YOUR heartbeat that they heard as something similar happened to me with my 1st... let me know. chris



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