5 Weeks Pregnant No Fetal Pole Or Yolk Sac

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sophialove - August 24

Hi Everyone, Thanks for the good vibes, they worked. I got my bloodwork back and my levels are rising perfectly. We post-poned the next Ultrasound for two weeks so I am very excited to see our little one and hopefully hear a heartbeat..maybe get a more ccurate date. :) I will keep you updated. Best of luck Tiana!


sophialove - August 24

Tiana, Thanks so much for your words of encouragement.I had bloodwork taken and my levels came back really good! Everything looks fine, i am just much earlier than I though, which is fine by me as long as I am healthy! I was supposed to have another ultrasound this thurs, but I pushed it back till next thurs in the hopes that we will see something more and possibly hear a heartbeat??? Being preggers is great and scarey feeling! Sorry for your loss Rhiannonamy. Best of luck for your furture.. you concieved once, it will happen again! :)


christiesmith83 - September 7

I have had similar concerns. I found out I was pregnant extremely early. I am starting to wish that I didn't because it feels like it is taking forever and I just can't wait until the 13 week scan comes along. I went to the doctors immediately after I found out and I was approaching 5 weeks. I found myself explaining to the doctor that i could possibly be 10 weeks just so he'd consent and ultrasound. During the ultrasound the pract_tioner said they found a gestational sac. I thought that was good until I began to read all of these online forums. We seem to ignore the positive information and focus on the negative. The next day I picked up my ultrasound and as soon as I got into the car I opened the ultrasound in search of the report. It said that they would have to do another ultrasound to confirm validity and that there was 'evidence' of a sac but no fetal pole, yolk sac or heartbeat. I immediately began to freak out because many sites on the internet said that quite often a sac will form but a yolk sac fails to develop and that means that it is a 'chemical' miscarriage. Also the pregnancy books I have been reading tell me that the yolk sac should have developed by the end of the fifth week. When I went to the doctors he said that everything was normal and seemed healthy. BUT this didn't stop my panicking. I continued to worry and when i was 7 weeks i told the doctor i was having some minor cramping without bleeding so that he would send me for another ultrasound (wow imagine what a worried mother I am going to be....it's already started). I was worried because I read that reduced tenderness of b___sts could mean miscarriage and I have had no morning sickness what so ever! I started to think. What about if it's just not there anymore? Bet everyone thinks that. So off I went for another ultrasound. And there it was, one whole centimeter long and a tiny little flash blinking away at 134 beats per minute. Yes....i cried. I am 9 weeks and 2 days today and I am still worried that when I go in two weeks time that it just might not be there. I am such a worry wart. I was just looking up the statistics for miscarriage and the great news is once you see the heartbeat and you are 8,9 weeks or more your chance of delivering a healthy baby is greater than 95 percent. That is what I am trying to focus on but I am still constantly worried that my baby is going to disappear on me. Stay positive and as long you have no heavy bleeding or extreme cramps you should be ok. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!


christiesmith83 - September 8

I also had the same problem. I went for a 5 week u/s and there was no yolk sac or fetal pole. The letter that went with the u/s even said that the pregnancy was not yet valid. They only found a gestational sac. The doctor said it was completely normal and that it is exactly what he would have expected. The books I was reading said that the yolk sac and fetal pole should have developed already. This is why I panicked. I went back for another u/s at 7 weeks because I couldn't handle waiting for the 12 week u/s. THERE IT WAS.....a fetus which was .9cm long and a flash, which was the heart beat. I am now 9 weeks and 2 days. These forums are good when you read the positive stories but the negative stories made me panic more. Think about this. We have an 80% chance of delivering a healthy baby in the beginning when you haven't seen or heard the heartbeat yet and when you do see the heartbeat we have a 95% chance of delivering a healthy baby so the odds are in our favour. I think Mums are made to worry and it doesn't start after birth......it begins immediately. Good luck


madams75 - September 30

i just went today and according to my period i should be about 8 weeks pregnant, but the u/s did not support this. they said either im just not as far along (like 5) weeks or that no baby was actually growing : ( im just worried sick and we really want a child. im going back next week for additional tests (measuring my hormone levels) and also another ultrasound. i just want so badly for everything to be ok - i absolutely CAN NOT wait until next week!


Tiana82 - October 1

madams75: I know it sounds weird, but its not at all unusual for pregnancy dating to not coincide with your period. Especially if you had irregular periods. I had the same situation, you can read my story that I put on multiple posts from April this year on. But all you can do is relax, take care of your body, and hope for the best. As long as no bright-heavy-spotting just know you are doing what you can to take care of your little baby. Good luck and know we are here to listen if you need us.


italianoogurlie1 - October 15

I'm so glad I found this. I just went for a v____al u/s and she found a sac but no yolk or pole. I was so nervous. The doctor said she wanted to see my hcg levels to be positive the it's a misscarriage before she does anything. I'm hoping for the best. I have 2 girls and never had any issues with my other pregnancies.


anaram29 - October 24

I am sorry for all your losses. This is my 2nd time trying to get pregnant. We are going to have a u/s on Nov. 16th. Please pray that it is a healthy pregnancy. Last one they just found a egg sack and no baby formed.


misspowerz - October 26

so im so scared. my story is im 23, i have polocystic ovaries and since april this year i have been gettin monthly bloods taken that showed i wasn't ovulating. i saw a specialist who said if i ever wanted to fall pregnant in the future i would need help. he perscribed me metformin. i started takin it 2 weeks ago. my period was late this month and this week i found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant!the doctor was even suprised.it wasnt planned,im really scared and in shock but im still so happy. i had a u/s done 6 days ago which showed a sac but nothin else. they were concerned it might be an eptopic pregnancy so they did the hcg tests and they came back showing my hormone was doubling. i hav to go back for another u/s on nov 1st thou to check this isnt a failed pregnancy. im so so worried. has anyone one else had this happen and went on to have healthy pregnancys? i had cramps this week


christiesmith83 - October 27

Misspowerz Read my earlier post. I went for an ultrasound at 5 weeks and all they found was a sac, no yolk and no fetal pole. I was unbelievable scared that the sac would not develop into a baby. My doctor said that it's normal because it was so early. But I freaked out, especially after reading all these forums. I went for another u/s at 7 weeks because I was so stressed and couldn't wait any longer to see if I had a developed fetus and there it was with it's little blinking heartbeat. I am now 16 weeks and 3 days. Almost half way and feeling little flutters and kicks. Don't panic! try not to read too much like I did. The best thing you can do for your pregnancy is try not to stress......I know it's hard. Good Luck :)


anaram29 - October 27

Christie did you ever have a little cramping. I am super scared because I had a mis carriage the last time. I really want to carry this baby all the way through. I hate waiting im not very good at waiting. I did call the dr. They told me they will call me back. Thank you for the comfort and the support!!!


Tiana82 - October 27

anaram29: Don't put too much thought into cramping. I had it all through my first trimester and it did nothing but stress me out. Its pretty normal especially if your little one is embedding itself into your uterus. I had 5 m/c this is my 6th pregnancy, you cant always control everything, but all you can do is give this one a chance with a relaxed mama. Good luck to you. BTW I am 38 weeks now and you can read how scared I was with my story on this forum.


misspowerz - October 27

christie, thank you so much for your advice. I have my scan on monday so il let you know how i get on . Its comforting to know everythings going well for you. Fingers crossed i get a hb too xx


christiesmith83 - October 28

Misspowerz I have my fingers crossed for you. Think about this. We have an 80% chance of delivering a healthy baby in the beginning when you haven't seen or heard the heartbeat yet and when you do see the heartbeat we have a 95% chance of delivering a healthy baby so the odds are in our favour. And my doctor says after 12 weeks odds are extremely slim. I think Mums are made to worry and it doesn't start after birth......it begins immediately. Everything is suppose to happen for a reason. Good luck Christie


christiesmith83 - October 28

Hi anaram29 I had some slight cramping today and just after that I felt my baby move again so I know he/she was ok. I experience mild cramping, sort of like after you have a pap smear. Sorry that's the best way I can describe it. I have read somewhere that if you have already had a m/c the chances of another are much slimmer during the next pregnancy. Do a search on the statistics for m/c if you think it will help you settle. I am terrible at waiting too. How far do you think you are? The reason I ask is because I have quite severe cramping when I was 5 weeks pregnant. The doctor said it's implantation cramping. It sort of continued for 2 weeks but much milder. I am sorry to hear about your previous loss. My fingers are crossed for you. Try not to read too much because it just worries you more. try to read the positive stories. Like mine. Good luck. Keep me posted! I hope that you can post a positive story too to help others!


anaram29 - October 28

Thank you Tiana OHHH im so excited and yet scared at the same time. I love this site so much support and so much caring on this site. This is totally awesome. I know now that i am not going to worry until Nov. 16th.



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