5 Weeks Pregnant No Fetal Pole Or Yolk Sac

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anaram29 - October 28

Thank you Tiana OHHH im so excited and yet scared at the same time. I love this site so much support and so much caring on this site. This is totally awesome. I know now that i am not going to worry until Nov. 16th.


Tiana82 - October 28

anaram2, good I am glad I could rea__sure you even a little. Well ladies its been a fun and interesting ride. I just got back from the dr and my blood pressure has not been looking good for the last 2 weeks and they decided I am going to go have her tomorrow. I am heading out the door once I finish this. Try to stay positive, and hope for the best, take care of you and your body, that's the only job you have to worry about right now. I hope all of you get to hold your little ones soon!


LCha__sey34 - October 29

Hi yall I am having a really rough time right now. I am sitting in the hospital for the 4th day. I came to the hospital to be admitted for high blood sugars, I am diabetic just found out on Friday that I am pregnant. My HCG level on Saturday was 2342 on Tuesday it was 2500 on Wensday it was 2800 my doctor started me on progesterone 3 times a day and my blood sugars are under control there is a yolk sac no fetal pole as of Saturday which they said that was normal. On Saturday they are going to take more blood work and test my hcg levels again. My doctor says if my levels are not where he wants them to be I am probably having a miscarriage. This is my first pregnancy after spending my whole life being told I would never get pregnant I am petrified and very scared.


starchoi143 - November 8

ok so im in the same boat. i went in for an ultra sound and they calculated me by the size of the gestational sac and they said im measuring at 6 weeks. based on my calculations i would have thought i was only about 4 weeks. during my ultra sound they told me that they only could see a sac and no baby or anything, and she said it shaped funny. im really nervous i go to for another scan on the 19th and i dont know whats going on. why would i be measuring big with no baby?


misspowerz - November 10

hi i had my first scan at 4 and a half weeks and there was just an empty sac, i had my hcg levels tested and they were doubling, went back a week later and they told me not to expect to see much as i was still only 5 nd a bit wks, but there was a yok sac and little somebody with a heartbeat :D im now just tunred 7 weeks, and still prayin my 12 wk scan will show that everything is growin ok. Dont give up hope. miracles can happen xxxx


CB78 - November 16

Hey ladies. I have been reading this post from page one. From whart I've read what I'm about to post is fairly common. But its still hard to go thru when its you. Ok here is my story. After my last daughter I had my tubes tied. Which was June of 06. Fast forward to Oct 29th of this year. I noticed I hadn't got my period for Oct yet. Just because I was late by a few days I decided to take a test. It came up positive. I was in shock. Thinking it had to be wrong I retested the next day. Sure enough another + I just started to cry because I knew it was ectopic since I had my tubes tied. I called all the OB's in my area no one could see me for a few weeks away. I decided to go to the ER. Btw, I'm in no pain but I also at this point had no clue how far along I was. I get to the ER and get checked in, blood drawn. I get u/s done. ER Dr wanted me to get a d/c right then. He said I had a empty sac in my uterus! (It somehow made it to the right spot!) He changed his mind and sent me to L/D and from there more poking around andu/s.The dr up there said it could be twins since they saw 2 sacs! (Wow 2?) But they told me to come back in 2 days to get another beta. 2 days later and the dr then did another u/s and saw a sac only. She said not to redo my HCG and get a date for a d/c because the pregnancy was no good. I asked her how far along I was and she wouldn't tell me. Infact no one would tell me. I kept asking and they said they didn't know. I knew they were full of it. That was 2 weeks ago. I called and canceled my d/c because I couldn't go thru with knowing I had a slight chance because of yalls posts. I knew I had to be atleast 4 weeks at the time of the + pregnancy test. Today I called clinic and the nurse gave me how far along I was in the ER, that know would tell me. I was 5 weeks 2 days. From reading here I may have been to early to see anything BUT a ges sac! I have a OB appt at a different hosp then where I went for the ER. Anyhow thanks for the encourgment ladies. I have done nothing but cry the last 2 weeks but I have a good feeling now. Tomorrow I'm 7 weeks. Oh my HCG was 16,933. Now I don't what it is. But I don't really care since I refuse to ever be seen at that hosp agin. Ill ask my OB dr for a scan again but I'm not going cry like have been. This baby is a pure miracle. I know he is going to make it. I had my tubes tied and he still made it to my uterus! ;D


jkbath - December 1

Hi everyone, This is my 3rd pregnancy. My first gave me a very handsome and healthy 7 yr old boy by c-section. My 2nd pregnancy I miscarried at about 11 weeks in Jan 2007. Now we found out we may be pregnant again. We had a +hpt thanksgiving weekend! Had it confirmed at the doc office. Well now I started spotting again this past Sunday :( It's been light brown for the most part and only when I wipe. Late Sunday night and Monday night I got up to use the bathroom and when I wiped there was more of an dark brown orange color with more on the toilet paper. I've had some weird mild cramps that feel like they're right on my bladder. They come and go. I just saw my OB yesterday. He had me do an u/s but the tech said she couldn't see anything and would probably see me again next week since I was at about 5 weeks.. I had blood drawn yesterday.. I go again tomorrow and then again on Saturday for hcg levels. My OB started me on Prometrium yesterday, 200mg 2x a day. He did look and said he only saw old blood, not active bleeding. I'm trying so hard to stay positive, but it's getting really hard since I went through the same thing with my 2nd pregnancy. (I wasn't put on Prometrium that tie) I've read so many of these stories and have seen such happy endings :) Has anyone experienced or is gowing through the same thing as me? I'm going crazy waiting for tomorrows blood test.. Thanks and Best wishes to all of you :)


Tiana82 - December 1

jkbath. First stop stressing! the brown spotting and cramping is perfectly normal! I admit it freaks you out, but as long as its not bright red and saturating a pad or liner heavily its fine. I had the same thing, brown and pinkish spotting mostly when I wiped. All that lead to was me freaking out and running to the bathroom ever 5 mins to see if it was still happening. If you are about 5 weeks, it is too early to see anything on the u/s. But as long as your HCG levels are doubling until they can see something you are good to go. I am part of a big forum on another site for women who have miscarried and are pregnant and they almost all have experienced this. Its the embryo embedding itself into your uterus. You can't control if you do have a miscarraige, but while you are still pregnant what you can do is give this one a happy, calm mama and environment. Congratulations!


jkbath - December 1

Thank you Tiana82 :) I'm doing my best to stay busy, and play with my son. This waiting on the blood tests is driving me crazy though. I couldn't get anyone to call me with the first results. Hopefully after the 2nd blood draw tomorrow I can get some sort of answer. Thanks again, you did make me feel much better. [3


cynthia83 - December 8

Hello everyone, Reading all your comments has been great hearing some of the great outcomes im hoping for the same just found out I was pregnant two days before thanksgiving went to the dr last week confirmed I was pregnant about 7wks 5days from the date of last period on monday morning about 3:00 am felt the urge to urinate went to the restroom and saw some brownish spotting woke up my husband and went to E.R they ck my blood and vitals everything was fine the dr said to go home and come back if it gets worst went home a few hours later blood started getting darker and heavier mostly when I urinate Dr sent out urine and foud out i had a bladder infection also did a ultrsound saw no yolk or fetal pole just a sac said it may be to early to see anything or an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage im freaking out and playing the waiting game just had blood work done today should find out if hcg levels rise by tommorrow has anyone ever had this situation???? just super worried and stressed out hope everyone is doing well i will pray for all of you and your little ones.


katie12 - January 21

Hey Everyone, I am freaking out because I went in for an early ultrasound because I had a miscarriage in November. I think I should be about 6 weeks but when I went in for the ultrasound yesterday the doctor said the sac wasn't big enough to be able to see a fetal pole... there was a yolk sac though. He told me to come back in a week to see if anything changes.... however, he didn't sound very optimistic. Everyone tells me to stay positive but given my past miscarriage was a blighted ovum, I'm worried this will be the same way.


Nici11 - January 21

Hey everyone, I have been reading the stories on here and I feel for those who are struggling. I miscarried with blighted ovum also on December 1, 2010. I was 71/2 weeks along. I did not get a period and got a positive test on New Years Eve. I put myself at almost 8 weeks and when I went for an ultrasound on Tuesday they could see the baby's heartbeat which realived me. I had never miscarried before December and had my tubes untied at the end of August. Now my heart is racing constantly and at times I find it hard to sleep. All I can say to those of you questioning anyting is to go with your heart and your intuition, it can lead you to amazing places.


Tiana82 - January 21

Katie12: First, stop and breath. Freaking out is not going to do you or your baby any good. At 6 weeks its almost impossible to see anything at all. Thats why most doctors dont usually do a ultrasound until after 8 weeks, because there is not much to see and it just leads to the mommys stressing. I know you want so bad to see that little heartbeat, but patience and I beleive positivity is time better spent than stressing. Miscarraige is very very common, research it, making a baby and carrying it to term is not as easy as everyone thinks, it really is a miracle. That being said, the only thing you can do is take care of you and that little one to make sure they stay put :) If you look back on this forum in the last 6 months most women posted only once or twice, max, when they first found out they were pregnant and stressing. The reason they never posted again most of the time is it worked out and they had no need. I will be praying for you and all the mommies to be out there worried about their little ones. Good luck!


lyn2171 - January 25

Hi, I did an IUI cycle on 12/30. On Jan 13th the test was positive but my hcg number was 39.4. Three days later it was 53.9. Three days later it was 113 and 5 days after that it went up to 686. The last one seemed positive as it more then doubled twice in the 5 day span. Today i went for my first ultrasound. They said i am 5 weeks and 6 days along. They saw the sac implanted but no yolk or fetal pole. They have scheduled another ultrasound on tuesday, feb 1st. I called my doctor's office and they said to have them do the blood work again. I feel fine. Tired. Breasts are tender, ga__sy and gas pains. Sometime i feel like something is stretching which i guess can qualify as cramps but it is not really painful and not that noticeable. At this point it feels more like gas pains. I am not spotting. I am trying hard not to worry about anything yet but it is so hard right now . I just got to work today and its all i can think about.


WCurry - February 1

I am in the same boat as most of you. I have one healthy 3 1/2 yr old that was difficult to get. I then had an ectopic in 2008 where I lost the use of my rt tube. Last year I went through an abandoned cycle and then a failed cycle of IVF. My husband and I decided to call it quits. Then low and behold we now find ourselves pregnant naturally at 5 weeks today. Because of the previos complications, my OB wanted to do a vag u/s. We did not see anything. I have had 5 + hots, progressively getting darker. Today was my 1st Bhcg so will get results tomorrow with 1 scheduled every other day through Monday. I think that we are all just pregnant until we aren't. We should all try to enjoy the time we have and have positive thinking on our side. It's just too early to tell. Revel in the beauty of being woman.


Vavine89 - April 11

Hi, I'm 22 and this is my fouth time to conceive, I v had three consecutive miscarriages so fingers crossed fourth time lucky. My question is I'm 4 weeks pregnant and about two weeks ago I had all the pregnancy symptoms and now I only have the nausea feeling is there something wrong should I be worried? I have no bleeding but slight cramping in my stomach! Please help!!!!! I need to ease my stress any info would be greatly appreciated:)



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