5 Weeks Pregnant No Fetal Pole Or Yolk Sac

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chris - July 29

Andria, do you have any bleeding this time? If you don't then that is a positive alone and should keep you going till you get through to someone. Good luck trying to get answers. Isn't it amazing that something so small can cause so much thinking and stress? Let me know if you get through,. I am wondering if they will say it was YOUR heartbeat that they heard as something similar happened to me with my 1st... let me know. chris


andria - July 29

Chris, Still no luck at the MD's office but now it confirms my need to switch. I have no signs of m/c or bleeding but I am also afraid I don't have enough pregnancy symptoms either. Although with all the worry who can tell. Thanks for you well wished & I'll keep you posted. Good wished to you as well!


Tina - July 31

I am 7 1/2 weeks and i had an u/s 3 days ago and they could only find a yolk sac. and no fetal pole. They had me take the hgc levels and they had doubled. Has any one else not been able to detect a petal pole in there 7th week?


Rebecca - July 31

Tina, I have read, at least on posts, that this can turn out to be fine. A fetal pole and heartbeat could show up next week or the week after. A lot of doctors wont even see people until week 10 (mine would not the first time I asked for an appointment, but wanted to see me earlier this time due to a past m/c). I too had no fetal pole visible at 6.5-7weeks this time. I went to the doctor on July 29. I thought I was toward the end of my 6th week based on an last period of June 12. The doctor saw a gestational sac but no fetal pole. I am going back August 15th. The Dr. wanted to give it two weeks to see progress. She offered to monitor my Hcg levels, but I said only if she recommended it. I have been there before and can't take the three day waits hoping for good news, unless she says I need to. (I had a miscarriage in May). Last time there was not even a gestational sac in my uterus so the Dr. was worried about ectopic, and we monitored the Hcg levels.. For me, a gestational sac even with no fetal pole yet is progress. I could tell that my doctor thinks this could turn out fine. She said she'll keep her fingers crossed. I have seen her deliver bad news to me before -- and though the absence of a fetal pole was not the good news I had hoped for, it was diffferent than before when she really was telling me that the pregnancy was not going to last. So I am cautiously optimistic. I think every pregnancy is different and ours may turn out just fine. Hope this helps and we get good news soon! Rebecca


Rebecca - July 31

Tina - ps -- that your Hcg levels doubled is great news. Hang in there.


marcello - August 1

You will be really lucky, to tell you, the baby in your stomach is GOD chosen. It will be of great success. All the best.


Nalyn ertle - August 1

I am 5w 4d went to doc friday u/s only showed yolk sac no h/b had levels done they went from 3000 to 6000 are those normal levels have slight cramping no bleeding had m/c before am very nervous go friday to doc seems forever away


Rebecca - August 1

Nalyn, I think the level does not matter as much as whether or not the numbers are doubling. Sounds like yours are so that is very good. Rebecca


Risa - August 1

Chris-Thanks for your response. I'm an due to go for my second u/s on Monday Aug. 8. I had my hcg levels tested Friday and they doubled appropriately to around 23,000. My estrogen levels have dropped a little bit though-I don't know the exact levels. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what could cause it? I'm having them retested tomorrow and will have the results Wednesday. All this waiting is awful!


Tina - August 1

Thanks Rebecca


Jessica K - August 1

HI girls. I just wanted to share my story. I went to the doc 1 weeks ago for a v____al u/s to find only a gestational sac, no yolk or fetal pole at 5-6 weeks (I thought). They did blood work for the next few days and my numbers doubled. I went for another v/u today and we saw the yolk sac, fetal pole and the heart beat!!! I am actually earlier than we thought, i am 5 weeks and 6 days. My due date is changed to March 28, 2006, I go back to the doc in 5 weeks. What a relief. I am still spotting every now and again but it seems okay. Just wanted to let you know so you dont worry like I did. 5 weeks is to early to see a yolk sac and fetal pole for some women so do not worry until you go back for the next appt. :-)


Larry - August 2

Last week my wife had some spotting so we went to the dr's for an u/s. Found the baby and heartbeat. The Dr. did state that the yolk sac was ABNORMALLY SHAPED, but that shouldn't be bad. Over the weekend she began to have more bleeding (RED). We went to the Dr.'s yesterday 8/1/2005 and a different Dr. couldn't find the heartbeat. They sent us to a pregnancy complication specialist with better equipment, and they agreed that there wasn't a heartbeat. My wife is "penciled in" for a D&C in two days. Could there be a chance that they missed the heartbeat, should we hold off the D&C ??????


andria - August 2

Larry, It couldn't hurt to repeat the US again prior to doing anything else. You had two different places do US and it couldn't hurt to just do another to be absolutley sure. Will keep my fingers crossed for good news.


kellie_0306 - August 2

I am new here. I feel like I could have written many of these posts!!! I had my first u/s last week July 19 and according to my mens. cycle (day 1) I was 7w but I know my cycles are more like 34 days so... who knows. The u/s showed a water bag & yolk sac but NO h/b and "it" measure 2cm. I don't think there was a fetal pole, doc made no mention of it. My OB sent me home saying it did not look good and to come back August 9th for a re-check vag u/s. She said if I began bleeding in between now and then to call immediately. I felt like I was hit by a TRAIN. My first pg was healthy and smooth. Anyway, just sharing my story, sounds simliar to many of yours!! GOD BLESS all of us!!!!!


andria - August 2

UPDATE - Just wanted to update everyone. The doctor fianlly called me at 6:45pm tonight, tomorrow being 1 week since my US. She said 1 of 2 things could be happening. Since they saw a sac & dated my at 5w 2d, she thought that according to my dates I should have been 61/2-7w. So either there is a problem & no baby is developing or my dates are off. My date of ovulation was only an estimate. She wants me to repeat it either Thursday or Friday this week. I have never been so scared in my life. She didn't ask me to repeat any blood work & couldn't answer if I should be worried or not. I can't believe I may be having to deal with a m/c again. I'm just praying for good news, we want this baby so bad.


Larry - August 2

UPDATE- My wife and I went back to the Dr. today, and he confirmed what the last 2 U/S did (no heartbeat). My wife will be having a D&C tomarrow.....my thoughts and prayers will be with all of you.........



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