5 Weeks Pregnant No Fetal Pole Or Yolk Sac

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Vavine89 - April 11

Hi, I'm 22 and this is my fouth time to conceive, I v had three consecutive miscarriages so fingers crossed fourth time lucky. My question is I'm 4 weeks pregnant and about two weeks ago I had all the pregnancy symptoms and now I only have the nausea feeling is there something wrong should I be worried? I have no bleeding but slight cramping in my stomach! Please help!!!!! I need to ease my stress any info would be greatly appreciated:)


angelbaby1211 - May 9

I went for my first ultrasound last week at 6 wk 5days and only had empty sac. My Dr was not very optimistic this will be a healthy pregnancy. Anyone experienced this and had a healthy pregnancy? I've got one precious 2 (almost 3) year old little girl and have had 2 early miscarriages over the last year and a half. I'm hoping for good news at my next ultrasound this week but also preparing for the worse.


Louiser - July 14

Please help!! I am 6 weeks 4 days pregnant I had a v____al ultrasound today and all they found was a sak no yolk sak or baby I'm so worried I have another scan I'n 2 weeks but dunno If I can wait that long as feel sick With worried . Please help


chrissyd - August 10

MY DOCTORS HAVE NO CLUE WHATS GOING ON WITH ME.... mY LAST PERIOD WAS MAY 15 .... 3 home test.. blood work and urine test came out positive.... i should be 12 weeks... went for my first ultrasound aug 2(10weeks)... no sac!.... went for another blood work.. still positive by my levels are very low.... i have another ultrasound on monday aug 15.. i really hope the see something... i have been worried for the last 3 weeks!


kailey25 - August 16

well iam supposed to be 5 wks pregnant but I'm not sure I have had 2 ultrasounds and nothing but a gestational sac and I went to the hospital ad they did hcg test and they were 5537 and a ultrasound they said they coud see something very small pea size and I'm so freaked out cause I have had a miscarriage before and if anyone hd something similar would help thank yu.


italianoogurlie1 - August 17

Kailey25, I was about 5wks also when I had y first sonagram. They saw a empty sac that was too big for the gestational age and mis shaped. I forget the name for it but my doctor figured that the baby was just never going to grow. I went and got blood work done and my hvg levels were high. So I waited it out and around 8 weeks, their was a baby in there, the sac was normal size and shape. I don't know what happened, but don't let them make you have a dnc just yet. wait it out and see if anything progresses. My pregnancy began this way with everyone thinking it wasn't going to happen and just 2 months ago I brought a beautiful baby boy into this world. I'm glad I waited it out. you can't see much this early on anyway. sometimes they make u worry for nothing. keep me updated on what you find out! :)


italianoogurlie1 - August 17

and if they already see something, even pea sized, thats good news! thats more then they saw with me!


chevygurl6 - August 23

I have been reading everything I found out friday that I was pregnant with my 3rd kid and went for an u/s today and they said i was measuring 5 weeks and 2 days but there was nothing but a sack. She said the machine could be off or the baby isn't growing like it should.... I am worried to death.


harshali - December 5

on 6th oct 11, was the date when i had last periods. on thursday(3/12/11) had home pregnancy done and got +ve. went thru u/s, it said "FETAL POLE & YOLK SAC not seen". is it ok / its something complicated. my doc says, its an early pregnancy which is the reason its not seen..! can anyone guide me?? awaiting reply.


proud me-maw - December 6

I have really enjoy reading all these post. My baby daughter is pregnant and according to the health dept. She should be 8 weeks. So we went to the Dr.last Thursday. They did an ultra sound and found a sack that measures 5 and a half wks, but no fetal pole. We have been worried and I have a__sumed the worst. I see now there is hope that everything is ok. We go back on the 15th for the second ultra sound. They did inform us that if there is no fetal pole then well we have a problem. This has helped me a lot. I pray that each and everyone of you get the results that you want. May god be with each and everyone of you.


lyn2171 - December 6

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your lo. Please let us know how it turns out.


krisceetown - January 14

I went to the doctor's on 12/19/11 and received a positive pregnancy test. Two days later, on 12/21/11 I went to the ER due to bleeding. They gave me an US and said I was 5 weeks pregnant. They also printed out two US pictures showing the yolk sac, yet no embryonic pole. I went to my first ob appt. on 1/12/12 and they gave me another pregnancy test and it was negavtive. They told me I had a miscarriage, but I am still having pregnancy symptoms. I wake up in the mornings with nausea, I have frequent headaches, and I am cravings things I wouldn't normally eat. Also, I have been feeling a pulse and/or heartbeat in my stomach - and I have NEVER before felt this. What should I do? My fiance' and I both think I am still pregnant. I am really confused! Any advice?


Tiana82 - January 15

Krisceetown: I am sorry sweety but if they did a blood test and it came out negative than you probably did miscarry. Buy another take home test and take it yourself, sometimes they do make mistakes, but the blood test counts the HCG level which tells you if the baby is growing. The symptoms may be real, that is normal when you have already experienced them and your hormones may still be all out of whack from the pregnancy. Also, you would not be able to feel the babys heartbeat at this point, what you would be feeling is your own. You would not even be able to find it with a doppler until at least 9-12 weeks. My best advice is to get the test retaken and if it is negative you can try again. Its easier to get preganant right after you miscarry or deliver since the hormones are still elevated. Good luck to you and hope it works out


waiting2see - February 2

I just wanted to thank you all for sharing your experiences. I went for a V/U yesterday at 5 weeks 3 days. They found a sac but no yolk. They said I have to come back in 2 weeks. I am a little more optimistic after reading some of the experiences here.


ambermanion - February 3

hello all, I found out i was pregnant on 1/23. i have gone in for 2 u/s now both showing Sac with no yolk or embryo. my u/s tech is very negative. This is my 12th pregnancy with just one living child. My doctor has scheduled me for yet another u/s next week. first ultra sound measured about 6 weeks. so i should be 7 weeks now and still no yolk. The sac doubled in size over the last week. Starting to freak out a little. I have a very rare blood disorder called antiphospholipid antibody body syndrome. so i have to take blood thinners to stay pregnant. I am having all the symptoms of pregnancy with no cramping or bleeding. It is a hard road. Stay positive and know that just to get pregnant is a miracle. I will keep you all posted on how it goes next week. I will get a second opinion before i schedule a d&c.


michelle1131 - February 10

ok after reading all of ur stories i know there is hope here is my storie im 29yrs old have had 8 miscarriages in the past and am now pregnant again according to lmp should be 7 wks 4 days had first u/s on feb 6 2012 and they said 5 wks and only a sac no yolk no fetal pole..still to early, here is what they dont tell you every persons cycle is different conception date and ovulation the doctors use a standard mathmatical system to determine how far along you are from your lmp not necessarily accurate. i am going for another u/s in 2 wks to check the progress i have had light spotting throughout this pregnancy and am taking the progesterone treatment as well. my hcg levels are rising on feb 2 8557 and on feb 6 12998 we will find out this afternoon what yesterdays numbers were. so stay positive i know its hard as its all that is on ur mind im with ya on that one and remember docctors are not miracle workers they dont always have the answer and dont always have the answer u want. i know from experience that if ur hcg levels are rising there is always hope and it is hard to not worry but try not to.i will post more as i know it to keep everyone updated,,, anxiously waiting for good news



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