5 Wks2 Days Subchorionic Bleed Hcg Question

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overtherainbow - September 24

This weekend I thought I was miscarrying because I started to bleed (what I thought was a lot). I had an ultrasound done today and more bloodwork, and here are the results: My hcg went from 9000 on Friday afternoon to 13000 first thing Monday morning. Is that enough of a jump to maintain a pregnancy? The bleed was a subchorionic bleed. The midwife says that sometimes that can lead to a miscarriage, but not necessarily. Any thoughts? Finally, they were able to see an amoniotic sac measuring 5 weeks 3 days (which matches what I thought) and a yolk sac, but no fetal pole. However, from what I've read you can't always find a fetal pole until 6 weeks. I'm going crazy---I'm scheduled for more bloodwork in 2 or 3 days and another sonogram next week. I don't want to wait to find out if I'm still pregnant or not! Any help?


DeeD - September 24

I had a SCH also at the beginning of this pregnancy but am currently 34 weeks. My body just reabsorbed the bleed and I am soon to have a healthy baby boy. GL!


overtherainbow - September 25

Thanks for your reply Dee. I woke up this morning to more bleeding. I went in today to get my hcg levels checked, and I"m hoping that they'll either be a lot higher or decreasing, and I'll know whether this pregnancy is sticking or not. How long did you bleed for?


DeeD - September 25

That is really tough-but it can bleed out and you could still have a healthy pregnancy. Or, it may not. Good luck though...let me know!


Seashell - September 26

I posted to your other post, but I will tell you here also, that friend that I told you about, had light spotting at 6 wks then at 9 weeks had to be rushed to the ER she woke up covered in blood. She was on bedrest for 10 wks, but the bleeding went away and her healthy baby girl will be here in January, I will pray for you, stay strong!



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