5 Wks Pregnant Gestational Sac Small And No Heartbeat

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Janis - December 15

I am five weeks pregnant and went for an u/s yesterday. The doctor and the tech told me that the sac looks small for 5 wks (said it looks like a 3 week sac) and no fetal pole was detected. However, my hcg continues to more than double every two days. I am scheduled for another u/s in two weeks. I really want this child after going into premature labor at 24 wks two years ago and am very worried. Has anyone had a situation similar to mine? The doc particular said she is a little worried that the sac is small as this point.


matty - December 15

hi janis. i'm in a situation similar to yours only at my 5 week u/s there was no fetal pole or yolk sac detected. i went for another u/s last week (6 wks.) and there was still no yolk sac or fetal pole detected. they did note growth but nothing else. my hCG levels have risen steadily from 16000 at 5 wks to 53000 at 6.5 wks. i'm going for my next u/s tomorrow and was told that if nothing is seen then i'll need to be scheduled for a D&C. given everyone i've spoken, although things do start to develop at 5 wks., it's still too soon to worry yourself over what's there and the size of it. doctors will worry you with terminology but i would say to not worry yourself too much. try to relax for the next 2 wks b/c realisitically you just have to let your body and your baby do what they will. relax and have faith. in 2 wks. you'll definitely have more answers. there is no good that can come from worrying yourself so much. my thoughts and hopes are with you. :-)


eyebeeablessing2u - December 15

Ask for a transv____al ultrasound instead of the regular over the belly one. I am 11 weeks tomorrow and they can never get a good picture of baby by using the belly type. Also everyone is different and babies can develop heartbets at differnts days of gestation. Give it more time and stay positive.



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