5th Month But Still Worried

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sam - February 27

Jus wanted to ask any of you guys i get really tensed in between the doctor visits which is around a month apart. I cant feel the baby move yet so i mean how does one assure himslf that everything inside is ok. Im also so paranoid cos in the beginning of this pregnancy i was told i have had a miscarriage but then it continued. So can someone help with this do u think a foetal monitor will help?


Mack - February 27

I am 18 weeks and also had a tough first trimester (three separate episodes of bleeding - one of which was bright red blood, and lots of bad cramping). I am the same as you - I have my 19 week scan next week and am terrified! I do have a Doppler at home and I find it takes the edge off my fear. I listen to bubs once a day for about 30 seconds - hearing his/her heartbeat is very rea__suring.


ekay - February 27

I am 11 weeks after a m/c in July. I found out really early I was pg, like a day after implantation bleeding. I have been nothing but a nervous wreck and am having a hard time enjoying my last pregnancy. Everytime I see my doctor she asks if I am still worried because everything seems to be going okay. Last time she asked when I was going to finally stop worrying. My reply- "When the little bugger is out!".


monica - February 28

Hi Mack I am also 18 weeks and had a very nerve wrecking first 3 months. I have a doppler and also listen to the the heartbeat everyday. Its peace of mind for me.... I would not be able to wait four weeks to see if everything is OK. Since now I dont have pregnancy symptoms anymore I would have no idea if I would still be pregnant or not... so the heartbeat keeps me happy.


Becca - March 1

Sam, I am 24 weeks. Miscarried my first two years ago at 11 weeks. The first trimester with this one was a rollercoaster. Back and forth from the hospital with bleeding and my progesterone dropped to the point I needed supplements. Not to mention I am very high risk since I have juvenile diabetes. Doc said at the appointment yesterday that all looks well. I have "Popped" and started to feel the little ones kicks last week. A little more rea__suring. I dont have a doppler at home and wish I had gotten one earlier on before I felt the movements. They cant a__sure me even now of a happy ending, but you just have to hope for the best. Only my doc appointments make me feel better. I'd look into getting the doppler if I were you. I may even do the same just because the sound of the little heart can bring a tear to your eyes.


sunshine - March 16

Iam 5 months pregnant and iam enjoying every second.. you know why? because last year on mar 9th i almost lost my life during a horrible miscarrige due to plecental abrubtion (plecenta detached from the uterus). I swore back then that i will never get pregnant again and here iam at five months already. So my advice for all you ladies out there is count your blessings and take it day at a time and enjoy that day for what it is. I hope you all have healthy pregancies and have a happy life


Sarah - March 30

I am 18 weeks pregnant, and had a little bit of a tough time. I had some bleeding and spotting in my 2nd and 3rd month, and then everything seemed to be fine. I finally got to have an ultrasound yesterday, and the baby looks fine, but they said my placenta lies very low, which can mean placenta previa. It's still pretty much too early to tell, because the placenta can position itself up higher before delivery. I'm trying not to freak out too much-we just need to stay aware of what's going on in our bodies. I try to tell myslef that worrying all the time is not going to change everything.


To Mack & Monica - May 5

Can u distinctly hear the baby's heartbeat thru the Doppler ???? Thanks for the help. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and the doc said tat the baby is ok....but i still cant stop worrying. I am 20 yrs old, 5"1 and weigh 103 lbs, first pregnancy and have a very poor appet_te and am hence worried every second abt the growth of the baby.



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