5w6d Started Red Not Just Spotting HELP

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tera - April 13

im 5w5d and i started bleeding lighter than a period buit it was red but only for a few hours then it went to a light pink and spotting very occasionaly ... no cramping or back ache.. its been a lil over 48 since it started... i have a doctors appoinment today.. am i having a misscariage?


Reegsmommy - April 13

Hi. It's always better to err on the side of caution. You can wait until your appt. but make sure to tell you OB. The same thing happened to me at about 6 weeks and, not to scare you, but they did an u.s and found out it was twins! May be implantation bleeding.


Claire - April 14

Tera Normally you have to have really heavy red bleeding or red bleeding with clots or red bleeding with significant pain to be miscarrying so try not to worry but definately get it checked out. Once they see a heartbeat your chances of miscarriage go down dramatically. Although bleeding doubles your risk of miscarriage, still the majority of preganancies with bleeding proceed normally. The further along you are the less the chance of miscarriage. At 6 weeks with a heartbeat your chances of misccarying with bleeding are 33% - which decreases dramatically week by week. This means 67% have no problem so try not to worry. I had the same thing at 6 weeks and have bled since but now I 10 weeks pregnant and the baby is fine though I do have a large blood clot so am still high risk. Some people just bleed once around 6 weeks - it can be implantation bleeding so hopefully this is all you'll get. Hope everything is OK for you.


I am a Worry Wart..... - April 16

Hi Tera, I am wondering what happened at your doctor's appointment and what the outcome was. I started having bright red bleeding at about 1am on Friday morning... and was wondering what it was about. I then woke up at about 8am Friday morning and there was blood in my urine, a very small clot and now it has gone to pink. I have no cramping though and it does not feel the same as when I miscarried in the past. I was at the hospital for about 5 hours yesterday and basically they kept putting others in front of me stating my condition was not serious as I was not "gushing blood" and sent me home. I had did an u/s on April 7 where they were able to find the baby and a heart beat of 132. I am very worried as I have been having complications through this pregnancy thus far. I am now 8 weeks today and still am concerned. No one seems to want to help me and my doctor can't take me until May... I did manage to see a walk-in clinic doctor but was not really examined. She told me it could go either way... miscarriage or perhaps I am having my menstral cycle as I normally start on or around the 15th of each month... I am very regular! I have been scheduled for an u/s on Monday thanks to the walk-in doctor... but, am curious what has happened with your appt.... I am very worried about m/c because after years of trying I m/c in August and am finally pregnant again.... If anyone else has experienced this can you please lend me your thoughts? I am freaking out.



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